Rigorous Workmanship With Full Materials Leiper Vt350 Dual-mode Gaming Mouse Disassembly

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel]Recently, new products in the gaming peripherals continue to assist the gods, the most dazzling than the Leiper VT350 dual-mode peripheral mouse, customized ergonomic design for right-handed users, native PMW3325 professional game sensor support, multi-position DPI adjustment, more wireless wired dual connection mode, the product listing by the user’s unanimous praise.

Removing the lithium battery is easy to see, Leiper VT350 built-in 800mAh lithium battery, normal life use up to about 5 days, 3 hours to fill. Relying on the mouse base PCB board is the core of its control, equipped with the use of PMW3325 optical sensor, up to 5000DPI, 100IPS tracking speed, and withstand 20G acceleration. As a unit of fine tuning, the driver supports a range of 200 5000DPI to 100DPI. This sensor is currently common in the 100 yuan class wired gaming mouse, entry-level gaming positioning, compatibility, and stability is not bad.

Built-in Texas Instruments professional 2.4GHz wireless solution, the main control module for CC2543, so that the mouse in wireless mode can also be comparable to the dedicated line transmission performance and stability, so that the smooth gaming is completely free of the wire constraints.

The other side of the bottom PCB is a collection of microcontroller and flash memory modules, with the microcontroller coming from Nuvoton’s NUC123LD4AN0 and the flash memory coming from Macronix’s MX25L2006EM1I-12G. Uncover the bottom PCB board, the design of the mouse base plate at a glance. Leiper VT350 PCB board is divided into three layers of structure, in the mouse on the part of the cover is

Due to the ergonomic design of the Leiper VT350 for right-handed users, there will be some deviation in the internal structure of the left and right sides, so the tension system and key posts of the left and right buttons will be somewhat different, the left button uses cross-pillar buttons, the right button is a flat-bottomed key post, the tension system parts are through the spring to accumulate force, it is a

The scroll wheel encoder is Kevlar white dot micro-action, and the front side key pillar is still a cross pillar combined with Kevlar white dot micro-action. The Leiper VT350 uses the cross-pillar keys, which are still used in conjunction with Kevlar white dot micro-action for DPI adjustment.

It is worth noting that when using the mouse, we can see the DPI value in real time through the black window on the mouse, and the PCB board is set up with three LED lights, located between the side skirt button micro-action. Leiper VT350 side skirt part of the button selection of Kaihua black point micro-action, relatively light pressure grams, feel crisp.

We gained a better understanding of the Leiper VT350 through disassembly; the internal architecture design is unique, solid materials, fine workmanship, simple and clear PCB board, and clearly marked modules combined to give us a good impression; when combined with the Leiper VT350, the overall view in the competition is a rare and good product.