Review: The Launch Of Oppo Watch Can Be More Than Just A High Value So Simple

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] In addition to smartphones, the market for smartwatches is still quite large, and as one of the early entrants into the Internet of Things era, many domestic manufacturers have entered the ranks of smartwatch production. Not long ago, OPPO held an online conference, in addition to the launch of the new OPPO Find X2 series of cell phones, but also brought its first smart watch – OPPO Watch series, including OPPO Watch Steel Edition, OPPO Watch 46mm, and OPPO Watch The next review by Bestbuy618 is the OPPO Watch 46mm version, if you are interested in this watch, you may want to take a look at this article. The 1.91-inch dual-curved screen in the OPPO Watch is innovatively arranged, demonstrating the importance OPPO places on its first smartwatch.

The watch screen is curved downward on the left and right sides to provide a more complete view effect, and the multi-arc curve used to create a unibody case provides not only a more delicate display effect, but also a rounded feel.

The navigation key and the function key are the two physical buttons on the right side of the watch. The navigation key incorporates the “call out screen” and “back button” functions; the function key has a notch in the center for blind operation and is painted green. This design is identical to that of OPPO’s smartphone, demonstrating OPPO’s ability to handle small details with care. Furthermore, the function keys can be set to click or double-click shortcuts, such as click to evoke heart rate and other quick applications; double-click to evoke wallet or Alipay quick payment.

One of the OPPO Watch’s highlights is the variety of dials to choose from, which is similar to selecting a desktop theme of your choice. OPPO Watch has three dial changing modes: “Discover,” “Wear,” and “Photo,” which can be changed via your phone. Among them, “Discover” dial built-in fun, art, efficiency, health, traditional 5 types of style theme a total of 28 dials; “Wear” as the name implies, users can use the phone “health”After entering the dressing option, the phone system will prompt you to take a picture, after finishing you can circle the area you want and click to generate the dial; “photo” is to select a picture in the album to form a unique dial, so the rich and diverse dial

It is worth noting that OPPO has independently developed a one-button quick-disassembly strap function, there are two buttons on both sides of the back of the watch, easy to press to quickly disassemble the strap, OPPO also provides a choice of multi-material multi-color strap, only children do the choice, mature people buy it right. When connecting with an OPPO cell phone Bluetooth, make sure the phone system is ColorOS 7.1, and you can sweep the pairing after the Bluetooth link is established. ColorOS Watch supports pairing with Android 6.0 and above devices, and other brands of phones (including ColorOS 7 and OPPO phones below ColorOS 7) can download the “HeyTap Health” app from the app store. The “HeyTap Health” app (or “Health” app in ColorOS) is available for free download from the app store.

Of course, the OPPO Watch also supports the iOS platform, but the functionality isn’t quite there yet; you’ll have to wait a little longer.

With the addition of eSIM, the OPPO Watch can share a number directly with the cell phone terminal, as well as make independent calls and access the Internet. Of course, OPPO Watch, like Breeno, is a “soul assistant” that can still actively suggest scenarios to users, flight and highway itinerary reminders, movie scene reminders, help set the alarm clock, and so on, while always providing attentive service. Furthermore, the OPPO Watch supports NFC cards for public transportation, as well as the Alipay sweep code function, which eliminates the need to open the phone’s Alipay QR code; simply raise your hand and press the shortcut key, and you can immediately make a sweep code payment.

The system interface and interaction are simple; the interface slides down to reveal the function menu, and slides up to reveal the notification panel, where you can see unread messages, reminders, or sports reminders.

If you believe that “because the smartwatch is so small, the battery capacity must be insufficient, and the battery life must be insufficient,” you are mistaken. According to OPPO’s official information, in order to meet the needs of users in more scenarios, OPPO independently developed the dual-engine power endurance architecture, which uses Qualcomm Snapdragon and Apollo dual chips, taking into account the needs of high performance and low power consumption, and bringing two modes of use: intelligent mode and long life mode. The OPPO Watch has a 430mAh capacity battery, which provides a full range of intelligent experience and endurance.

Battery life is extended. According to actual experience, in a fully charged condition, carried out health, heart rate, sports, listening to music, Alipay payment, and sleep records, the watch power still has 47 percent of the power, of course, functions like sports, listening to music, sweeping code payment are not always running, so in a comprehensive way, OPPO Watch is no problem to charge once a day.

It takes approximately 70 minutes to complete the charging process. Charging takes approximately 70 minutes.

When the battery is less than 20%, OPPO Watch will remind the user to turn on the “long battery mode,” and if the user does not turn on the “long battery mode,” it will remind the user again when there is only 10% battery left. If you do not enable “Long Battery Mode,” you will be reminded when the battery is only 10% charged.

After activating this mode, you will only be able to see the notification, time, pedometer, NFC brush subway bus, and sleep monitoring. You will not be able to call, but there will be a vibration reminder function. According to OPPO’s official information, after a single charge, the OPPO Watch can be used for 21 days after switching to “long battery mode.”

The OPPO Watch has a 4-channel optical heart rate sensor at the bottom of the watch that monitors the user’s heart rate around the clock. In addition to measuring the daily resting heart rate value, it also monitors the exercise heart rate in real time and will alert you if your heart rate is too high or too low to reduce the risk of accidents; however, it would be preferable if OPPO Watch could include an emergency contact function or an emergency alarm option to avoid missing the best time when an accident occurs. When the button is pressed, vital information such as time, location, and heart rate value are sent to the contact person and rescue center, allowing the patient to be rescued as soon as possible. The rescue center can also set up an emergency alarm system for the wearable device, which can distinguish the patient’s current status.

The OPPO Watch series analyzes users’ daily activity status across four dimensions: steps, consumption, exercise time, and active times, and the four indicators form an “X” plan. OPPO Watch can also monitor the length of deep sleep, light sleep, and awake time every night, so users can clearly understand daily sleep quality, and sleep data for sleep improvement guidance. Furthermore, OPPO Watch offers “sedentary reminder,” “breathing to reduce stress,” and other health features. In the sports mode, OPPO Watch offers 8 types of physical running, 5 km easy running, 5 minutes easy fitness, fat loss running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, swimming, training assistant (including yoga and fitness), which must be used with the cell phone APP.

It should be noted that OPPO Watch supports waterproof mode, including OPPO Watch Steel Edition 5ATM and OPPO Watch 46mm support 5ATM waterproof, OPPO Watch 41mm support 3ATM waterproof, whether sports and fitness sweat or swimming and playing with water, but due to the impact of water temperature on waterproof ability, it is not recommended that people wear it in the shower.

However, due to special circumstances, I chose to do fat burning training indoors, but OPPO Watch does not provide pure fat burning exercise, but to record with fat loss running, so after about half an hour of fat burning exercise, OPPO Watch will record the time, running distance, heart rate, and consumption value together. Users can see the graph of their heart rate through the phone, and the average heart rate, resting heart rate, minimum heart rate, maximum heart rate, and maximum heart rate. If you no longer require this mode, simply exit it by pressing and holding any key.

OPPO Watch, OPPO’s first smartwatch product, has good workmanship and hardware and software configuration, providing several core scenarios such as message notification, sports health, and communication, allowing users to experience the convenience brought by smartwatches. OPPO Watch, as an independent system created by OPPO for the smartwatch, is aligned with the ColorOS system used by OPPO cell phones in terms of interactive visuals, and the functions are also linked and optimized with the cell phone system. So, for some consumers who wonder why OPPO Watch uses ColorOS Watch instead of WearOS, it can provide a richer APP ecology, such as Alipay, QQ music, and other software that domestic users use most frequently, can be downloaded and installed on OPPO Watch, WeChat currently supports information pushing, you can see that both from the final presentation of the interactive interface The independent ColorOS Watch can bring users a more unified experience with smartphones, both in terms of UI and functionality.

Finally, OPPO has gathered cell phones, wireless headphones, and smart watches, implying that the OPPO IoT intelligent terminal ecosystem pattern has been completed. It is clear that the more you travel down the path of “seeking new things in stability,” the greater your responsibility, and I believe that OPPO will continue to surprise you in the future.