Review: Equipped With Self-research Chip Hisense U8e Tv Can Pick Up The Picture Quality Beam?

Preface On March 12, 2019, Hisense officially released the Hisense ULED ultra-quality U8E TV, as a new product of the U8 series, Hisense ULED ultra-quality U8E TV (hereinafter referred to as “Hisense U8E”) brings a new appearance design structure, the addition of Hisense Xinxin H3 picture quality chip, 3.5mm ultra-narrow BM area and so on, so how the actual experience, today let me talk with you about His In the current TV industry, only Sony, Samsung, and Hisense have chip production capacity, because Hisense officially compared to industry giants Samsung and Sony, and became the only Chinese TV company with its own high-end picture quality chip.Hisense Xinxin H3 image quality processing chip

Hisense U8E is outfitted with Hisense Xinxin H3 picture quality processing chip, which employs 24 patented Hisense technologies developed independently to achieve higher contrast, high definition, wide color gamut, and smoothness via AI super picture quality engine. In terms of contrast ratio, it reaches 200,000:1, resulting in a more moving picture in terms of picture level. Furthermore, this chip supports picture quality enhancement through AI through the characteristics of the scene in the picture to ensure that each picture presents the best viewing experience. Overall, Hisense Xinxin H3 picture quality chip solves the problems of insufficient dynamic range, low color gamut coverage, un-smooth picture, and high energy consumption of traditional 4K TVs, realizing high dynamic range, high color gamut, high definition, and high motion syncing.

When playing 4K HDR video, Hisense U8E will automatically detect HDR and turn it on, after which the dark details in the video can be well restored, while the original exposure of the highlights can also present more details. Hisense U8E TV with this Hisense Xinxin H3 picture quality chip, so that its overall picture quality to further improve, like a picture of the “editor” refined, I think the most appropriate description of the “poetic as a picture”. Although we often say that appearance varies from person to person, most people will be unable to resist looking at more than a few things that look good. For example, Hisense U8E appearance will be a seamless combination of simplicity and high-end luxury, a glance, a whole black screen impact on my eyes, which is a good interpretation of what is “simple with substance.” And these high-end design products, whether placed in the TV cabinet or hung on the wall, provide the ideal rest screen aesthetics.

The front speaker with panoramic Dolby sound technology is located beneath the screen, the gold color scheme and the black screen appear to have some kind of tacit understanding, the overall look does not appear to be divided, but rather a sense of beauty embellished with each other, and there is also a breathing light hidden under the Hisense logo in the middle. Looking further to the left, the ULED Hi-VIEW PRO logo appears as a light spot, and when I took the wipe cloth to wipe So Hisense U8E support hidden front USB port or very user-friendly, and the base part is very easy to install, requiring only four screws to be firmly installed. The golden suspended base design, with straight lines highlighting the beauty of the perfect lines, and the design of the herringbone stand feet to improve the stability of the TV support

Furthermore, Hisense heavily invested in the suspension screen laminated glass process (Corning optical glass), and lens assembly standards to construct the TV, and in the edge also polished the high-gloss effect of the chamfer, highlighting the temperament. Light up the screen, ultra-high screen-to-body ratio makes people’s vision more comfortable, low reverse full-screen, bringing a new experience of thinner, narrower, and purer clinical visual, the picture is also more th

The remote control is also new this time with the TV upgrade, the overall light gold color scheme low-key highlighting the class, the back and similar star embellishments, the design is still quite trendy. Mom, my ears are pregnant The current mono, dual-channel stereo, or 5.1, 7.1 surround sound is based on the channel of the two-dimensional sound field, whereas Dolby Atmos is a three-dimensional sound field, which can bring a more sense of envelopment, more realistic

With the use of “AI” by major manufacturers over the years, the current stage of combining artificial intelligence technology with smart TVs has entered the promotion period. Essentially, all functions that require voice recognition, image recognition, and natural language processing, TVs with AI functions have the ability to learn and formally become a good helper in our daily lives. Hisense U8E inherited the previous generation of VIDAA AI system and upgraded the underlying system to Android 8.0, which can bring benefits such as faster running speed and background restrictions, as well as better compatibility with third-party software.

The overall system operation is consistent with Hisense’s other TVs and is simple and easy to understand. We can still use the voice button on the remote control to wake up the voice control; when you long press the voice button, “Xiao Ju” will appear to answer or solve some problems for you.

For example, if I’m going to Shenzhen tomorrow, we can use this function to order tickets to Shenzhen directly from Hisense U8E, which is very convenient. Of course, it’s also very easy to find some TV series or movies; simply name the movie you want to watch or the TV series or movie you want to watch with a specific star.

In addition, by scanning the QR code, we can connect the phone to the TV and operate directly on WeChat. Once connected, you can choose the movie you want to watch directly on your phone, or you can turn your phone into a remote control and perform voice control on your phone. In terms of sources, Hisense U8E primarily covers the most popular movies, variety shows, and TV series on the market, in addition to children, games, and other fine content for users to choose from; resource content has always been one of Hisense’s strengths.

In order to improve the voice control experience, Hisense U8E TV has added a far-field voice control function in comparison to its predecessor. Hisense and the domestic first intelligent voice R are examples of software. In terms of wake-up sensitivity, in standby, when we wake up by waking up the word “Hisense Xiaoju”, the breathing light under the Hisense Logo will be prompted to remind the user that the TV is currently receiving the voip.

I do not believe that television development has reached a stumbling block; today we saw Hisense U8E whether the value and workmanship have reached the top level of current domestic TV, and in terms of picture quality, with years of technical accumulation and this Hisense Xinxin H3 picture quality chip to bring more exciting picture quality performance. In addition to the visual shock, the auditory is supported by the Dolby Atmos effect, and I personally believe that this is the first one of the most deserving of our television since the beginning of 2019.