Review: Dyson Lightcycle Is Worth Planting In A Desk Lamp?

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners, bladeless fans, hair dryers, and other products from the founder of Dyson – British inventor James Dyson, and James Dyson’s son Jake Dyson (Jake Dyson) must have inherited his father’s talent for invention, launching his first product – CSYS work light in 2015. Jake Dyson, James Dyson’s son, must have inherited his father’s talent for invention, as he launched his first product, the CSYS work light, in 2015. In addition to the lamp’s design, which adheres to Dyson’s consistent innovative eye-catching features, the biggest highlight is its service life of up to 37 years. In 2018, Dyson premiered the new Lightcycle table/floor lamp in China, adding a smart daylight tracking function to the CSYS, while extending its service life to 60 years, which should be enough to use for the rest of your life.

After using the Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum cleaner, Supersonic hair dryer, Pure cool purification fan by Dyson successful fan, will the Lightcycle lamp continue to make people grass?

The Lightcycle table lamp comes with the following components: a base, a lamp holder, a lamp, a power adapter, instructions, and so on. The stand is inserted into the base and secured with plastic buckles, and the main light arm is slid into the three rollers in two steps. Here are two small details: first, the main light arm and the power connector are connected to the bracket, the design is very clever, as long as the slide to a fixed position, the two can be a perfect suction; second, you only need to dial the black roller above the main light arm to fix the position, you can put in or take The straight-edged shape, crane arm-like lifting structure, and aluminum metal material exude a strong sense of industrial technology at all times.

The main arm position adjustment on the Dyson Lightcycle desk lamp is both flexible and precise, with a sense of where to point and where to hit, so you can’t help but push and pull repeatedly to feel the precision and sharpness. The bracket can be rotated 360°, plus the main light arm can be moved back and forth, essentially to achieve a variety of lighting positions. Of course, the light arm cannot adjust the pitch angle, only vertical lighting, which may be slightly inconvenient in some cases.

For the mechanical mechanism, the use of a long time naturally worried about the arm sagging or positioning inaccuracy, Dyson said, because the Lightcycle table lamp does not use the spring or pivot will wear, so the arm will not sag. The power switch is touch sensitive, and you can adjust the color temperature and brightness by sliding your finger across the screen. Of course, you can also tap to make quick adjustments.

When the ambient light sensor is turned on, the lamp will automatically adjust according to the surrounding lighting environment to maintain a uniform brightness in the work area; when the motion sensor is turned on, the lamp will automatically adjust according to the surrounding lighting environment to maintain a uniform brightness in the work area; when the resynchronization button is turned on, the lamp will automatically adjust according to the surrounding lighting environment to maintain a uniform brightness in the work area;

l Enable motion sensing, when it detects someone nearby, it will activate the passive infrared sensor to turn on the light; if no human activity is detected within 2 minutes, the light will reduce the brightness to completely shut down to save electricity; Resync is enabled when the light and Dyson Link app need to resync their positions. With the increasing use of USB-C interface cell phones, cameras, laptops, and other electronic products, this interface will be of great use in the coming years. The best light, should be the closest to natural lighting. Natural light, at any moment of the day on earth, at any location is different, while natural light and the human biological clock are closely related to the different color temperature and intensity of natural light will affect the secretion of melato.

The Dyson Lightcycle desk lamp has introduced “intelligent tracking of local daylight technology,” which is the first time this feature has appeared on a desk lamp product. The principle of intelligent tracking local daylight technology is: based on the time, date, and GPS information algorithm, so as to calculate the color temperature and brightness of daylight in various locations on earth. The color temperature of the Dyson Lightcycle table lamp was 5941K at this time in Shanghai, according to the app, with a brightness of 685 lux, which is on the cool side. The color temperature of direct sunlight around 12:00 noon is usually around 5500K.

The color temperature of the Dyson Lightcycle lamp gradually decreases over time, transitioning from a cool light source to a warm light source.

The Dyson Lightcycle table lamp has a color temperature of 3000K and a brightness of 171 lux at 5:47pm, well after sunset. Warm light is typically defined as light sources below 3300K. The great thing about using the Dyson Lightcycle desk lamp is that the change in color temperature not only communicates a change in time, but it also makes the visual transition more comfortable than in a static office or home lighting environment. Daytime color whitish cold light is easier to focus and concentrate on work; night color yellowish warm light visual softness, enjoy a relaxed state; however, the lighting brightness and color temperature will affect the image color rendering effect.

Ordinary desk lamp, even with brightness and color temperature adjustment function, the average user rarely deliberately according to the time and use of the scene to adjust, then, a constant lighting environment and intelligent adjustment of the light, how much difference in color rendering effect?Left: ordinary desk lamp effect; Right: Dyson Lightcycle desk lamp effect

Meanwhile, a layer of PMMA soft film separates the heptagonal reflective wall, evenly blending light to create a single light source and minimizing shadow interference. The lower reflective wall focuses the light to provide even illumination and glare control. Of course, in addition to automatically adjusting color temperature and brightness, the dyson link App provides more personalized options.

Brightness ranges from 100 to over 1000 lux manually adjustable, and color temperature ranges from a relaxing 2700 K warm light to 6500 K cool white light. In fact, the 60-year term does not imply that the lamp will break after 60 years, but that brightness and color degradation will occur after that time, and the degradation will naturally affect the display effect, such as uniformity deterioration, insufficient brightness, and so on.

LEDs’ poor heat dissipation is a major cause of degradation. Dyson engineers introduced heat pipe technology to extend the service life. The heat generated by the LEDs is transferred via a vacuum-sealed copper tube.

When heated, the water droplets in the tube vaporize and, in the process of re-liquefying the heat along the tube, condense back into water and return to the LED via capillary action. We used a temperature gun to test the temperature from one end of the heat sink tube to the other end and at the lamp head, and found that the temperature was controlled at less than 40°C.

Among them, the maximum heat generation at the lamp head had the lowest temperature, indicating that the heat from the LED lamp was efficiently conducted out by the heat sink copper tube in time. Power consumption, the brightness to the highest, only about 15 watts, according to 1 day of work 8 hours, using a week is less than 1 degree of electricity, do not worry about the problem of power consumption. Intelligent daylight tracking function, sounds high sounding and grounded, if you need to use a desk lamp for a long time, Lightcycle’s automatically adjustable color temperature, brightness function in a more comfortable experience at the same time, but also give people a kind of inexplicable peace of mind

Dyson’s current product line is not extensive, but Dyson always adheres to the “either do not do, or do the best” personality, whether it is the industry benchmark cordless vacuum cleaner, or redefine the hair dryer Supersonic and the newly released so that countless girls scrambled to chop the hair curlers airwrap, Dyson Lightcycle is also the case, with the only intelligent daylight tracking function and several times the normal lamp life, Dyson Lightcycle is also the case, with the only intelligent daylight If the price/performance ratio is used to evaluate the Dyson Lightcycle table lamp, it naturally does not fit in; however, if the user experience is used to evaluate, it is without a doubt the benchmark in the table lamp category. Back to the original question: will the Lightcycle table lamp allow consumers to continue planting grass? Remember how the Supersonic, which costs nearly 4,000 yuan and is several times more expensive than a traditional hair dryer, did not also become a current hot commodity?