Reno5 Pro+ Charges In 5 Minutes So That You Can Continue To Carry The Whole Field And Do Not Drop The Chain Of The Real “thigh”

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] Beginning in late 2019, 5G cell phones will be available one after the other. 5G phones have more antennas than 4G phones and must include the corresponding 5G network modules, and the higher data transfer volume is undoubtedly a higher requirement for range. Many consumers believe that 5G phones will inevitably be worse than 4G phones in terms of battery life; even if battery capacity is increased, charging time will also be increased, so whether it’s the battery life experience or the charging experience, it’s not a very good experience for consumers. The VOOC flash charging technology, as an important product mark of OPPO cell phones in recent years, has become one of the core indicators of the experience that many consumers expect.

OPPO, in particular, introduced 65W SuperVOOC super flash charging, which can be completed in just 35 minutes. Then, with the popularity of the 65W SuperVOOC Super Flash Charge, more consumers have had the opportunity to experience a faster charging experience. Aside from the technical accumulation in the process design, to ensure that the phone life at the same time, the body is still thin and light, so that consumers can hold in their hands for a long time without pressure.

The 5G portrait video phone Reno5 series, the final train of 2020, is a new masterpiece of OPPO, which not only has a qualitative leap in image quality, but also has a very good battery life and charging speed. The Reno5 Pro “Super Cup” model is used for this battery life and charging test. The Reno5 Pro not only “stuffs” a large 4500mAh battery in a thin and light body, but also supports 65W super flash charging, which reduces the weight and thickness of the 5G phone. To be honest, OPPO’s cell phone life and charging can be assured, self-researched 65W super flash charging has an extremely efficient blood back efficiency, with the popularity of 65W super flash charging technology, OPPO let more people experience Reno5 Pro was charged after 10 minutes of resting with only 1% of power remaining, and was charged to 46 percent of power in 10 minutes, with the power showing “charging complete” in about 32 minutes.

I used the navigation to test it in order to simulate the real-world experience of using the phone. After 7 hours and 42 minutes of continuous uninterrupted use, the remaining power of the phone is still 23 percent, indicating that the battery life is properly no problem in the state of 100 percent power, the hotspot, GPS, Bluetooth on, volume to 60 percent. Not to mention the daily operations such as micro-blogging, shaking, catching up on TV series, boiling phone porridge, and playing king, the super battery capacity and intelligent power saving mode support the super battery life.

So, next, we’ll see it through the eyes of a short video.

Many gamers will encounter the phone pop-up box while playing the game, prompting the words “phone battery is low, please charge as soon as possible,” most smart phones will turn off the phone after the charging prompt box does not take long. After the “Only 2 percent of phone power left” box appears during the game, the OPPO Reno5 Pro can last for more than 10 minutes.

After your teammate’s phone shows “offline,” you can give your teammate 5 minutes of support first. After all, Reno5 Pro has the support of 65W super flash charge, 5 minutes to charge to 24 percent of the power, fast blood back to the battlefield “sweeping a thousand troops,” so you can continue to carry the whole field without dropping the chain of the real thigh! The Reno5 Pro also includes full software support for power consumption management, such as power saving mode, intelligent power saving scenarios, one key power saving, and other features to help you improve the phone’s battery life, as well as power consumption details to help you better understand the power consumption situation. The power consumption details can help you understand the power consumption situation better.

OPPO has made every effort to promote the development of flash charging throughout the cell phone industry, and is dedicated to ushering in the era of universal flash charging. Now, with the extremely fast charging speed of the OPPO Reno5 Pro, we can make full use of the fragment time to charge the phone, and we don’t need to be concerned about battery life even in an era of rapid growth in 5G power consumption. We believe that OPPO will continue to surprise consumers in the future.