Redmi Automatic Wave Washer 1a Experience

As a smartphone leader, Xiaomi has eaten its way through the 3C digital industry over the years, developing and incubating a number of brands. Consider Redmi, a Xiaomi sub-brand with excellent marketing, and Redmi phone sales in China are also very promising. The company’s products are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, but what about the Redmi Automatic Wave Washer 1A? How well does it work? Can it wash clothes well? To answer these questions, the Bestbuy618 review team recently conducted a more realistic experience of the Redmi Automatic Wave Washer 1A, beginning with the product’s appearance and technology, and ending with the product’s performance. The product experience is as follows.

Appearance: good craftsmanship and simple installation The Redmi Automatic Wave Washer 1A has a simple design and is well-made. It has an anti-corrosion metal body with an overall white color, and it is simple and easy to use. To prevent bacteria growth, it supports drum self-cleaning and drum air-drying modes. This washing machine has a variety of washing modes to meet the needs of users on a daily basis.

Display of the Redmi automatic wave washing machine’s outer packagingRedmi automatic wave washing machine unboxing details

As you can see from the touch button panel, the Redmi Automatic Wave Washer 1A has 10 professional wash modes, 10 water levels, and independent rinsing and stripping. It also includes a child lock button. When you press the “water level” and “program” buttons at the same time, the child lock function is activated, and all buttons except the power button are locked, and the display alternately displays “CL” and the remaining time. The design of such a function is very practical for home users.

Display of the cylinder of a Redmi automatic wave washing machineRedmi Automatic Wave Washer Cylinder Detail

Redmi Automatic Wave Washer 1A cylinder in the washing tank is made of stainless steel, the product life is longer than the plastic drum, and the smooth surface of stainless steel, the stains generated by the laundry process will not be adsorbed on its surface, mold and mildew without breeding ground, due to the high strength of stainless steel, can make the machine more efficient dehydration.

The Redmi Automatic Wave Washer 1A has two modes: drum self-cleaning and drum air-dry. In the drum self-cleaning mode, the high-speed water flow cleans the inside and outside of the drum where dirt tends to accumulate, and in the drum air dry mode, the air flow removes residual moisture inside the drum, keeping it dry to prevent bacteria growth. The use of high-speed water flow can help with cleaning to some extent, but if users are concerned, they can hire professionals to clean the inside of the drum after using the Redmi Automatic Wave Washer 1A for a while.

Redmi Automatic Wave Washer back detail display As the manual indicates, the Redmi Automatic Wave Washer 1A has an 8KG washing capacity, allowing it to wash more clothes at once. 8KG can wash three sets of four-piece bed sets, three 1-meter-wide floor-to-ceiling curtains, or 36 shirts and ten pairs of jeans, according to official data. Its laundry performance will be described in detail during the laundry session, so we won’t say much here.

Redmi Automatic Wave Washer is a Tier 3 energy efficient product. Front display of Redmi Automatic Wave Washer

The overall performance of the Redmi Automatic Wave Washer 1A is still good, despite its 8KG capacity, three levels of energy efficiency, ten washing modes, wide water voltage design, drum self-cleaning, and drum air-drying.