Redmi 7 Hands-on Experience: A Thousand-dollar Machine With No Slots For Elders

[Bestbuy618IT news channel]Tianmei did not have high expectations for a thousand yuan machine, and my qualified standard is “can use it.” After all, there are basically only two kinds of demands for a thousand yuan machine for modern people – a standby machine or a senior citizen machine. What does “it works” mean? It means that the appearance isn’t too bad, the photos aren’t too bad, and the call quality is adequate. The Redmi 7 is also aimed at the elderly.

How does the Redmi 7 compare? From the looks of it, there is nothing wrong with the Redmi 7. “The Redmi 7 is the ideal thousand yuan machine,” said Lu Weibing at the press conference, adding that the thousand yuan machine should be beautiful as well.

The Redmi 7 has a waterdrop screen design, and the bezels around it aren’t particularly thin, but they’re adequate for a $699 phone. The Redmi 7 is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 5, with a quad-curved gradient color rear shell design, and the quad-curved design feels good in the hand, despite the fact that it’s not an ultra-thin body.

The day sister got this is the Phantom Night Red color scheme, the new color looks very eye catching, easy to remind people of the sunrise and sunset sky, the new color is very eye catching and reminiscent of the sunrise and sunset sky, the new color is very eye catching and reminiscent of the sunrise and sunset sky, the new color is very eye catching and reminiscent of the sunrise and sunset sky, the new color is very eye catching and reminiscent of the sunrise and sunset sky, Although the Redmi is positioned as a standby or senior citizen machine, when spring arrives, the most popular thing for grandparents is to take the phone to the park to photograph cherry blossoms and magnolias and send them to friends; at this time, the photo function is essential.

The Redmi 7 has a 12MP 2MP AI dual camera, with a 12MP main camera with the same specs as the Xiaomi 6 and an 8MP beauty camera on the front; based on sample photos, the 12MP can also take care of the details very well, and the AI camera adds to make the flowers and grasses more vibrant without looking overly distorted.

More samples. The depth of field in the photo is well controlled and does not appear overly vignetted or unnatural.

The Redmi 7 is powered by the Snapdragon 632 mobile platform, which includes four cores and four small cores from the Kryo 250 architecture CPU. I believe that few people expect to use a thousand-dollar machine to play pesticide or chicken, but for the elderly who only brush the circle of friends to see the web, this processor is really enough to use. Furthermore, in terms of battery life, the 4000mAh power configuration, even for heavy use a day, is not a problem. The battery life is a highlight for light users who only browse the web and use WeChat.

The Redmi 7 is also a “seniors’ phone,” but it has a number of thoughtful features. It has a TUV Rheinland certified eye protection screen, which is the highest exemption level for photobiological safety and is free of UV radiation, effectively suppressing harmful blue light and protecting the eyes from visual fatigue. It’s simple to enable; simply navigate to “Settings” – “Display” and enable the eye protection mode.

Font size: jumbo Redmi 7 also comes with a new “Jumbo” mode, which is even bigger than the Jumbo font. With the Jumbo font enabled, you can avoid the need for the elderly to use a magnifying glass to view the phone. For call volume, super volume is undoubtedly designed for the elderly; after all, the elderly are still more accustomed to phone calls, even if sending WeChat, and are also more likely to send WeChat voice messages.

The elderly benefit from extremely loud volume.

FM radio capability Although the number of people listening to the radio is decreasing, most of them are just driving as a hobby, but you can often see grandparents walking through the park with a small radio in their hands. The inclusion of this small feature in the phone for the elderly can be regarded as very considerate. 18-month warranty The warranty, which is 18 months long, will make the elderly feel more secure.

Consider this: if you tell the elderly that they don’t have to worry about misusing the phone because it’s all covered under warranty for a year and a half, will they be less rushed to use it?

Overall, the Redmi 7 is a “$1,000 phone,” and there is nothing to criticize. Given the Redmi branding, the Redmi 7 is also a good value for money. If you’re in the market for a new phone for an elderly member of your family, you might want to take a look at it.