Redefining “laser” Dyson V12 Detect Slim Hands-on Experience

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel]Lightweight has become a major trend in the vacuum cleaner industry, and Dyson continues to bring innovative technology while creating lightweight designs, and today Dyson is back to “make things happen”! The new V12 Detect Slim is known for Dyson’s most powerful and intelligent lightweight design to date, and the green laser in the official trailer makes people won’t believe it! Today, this Dyson V12 Detect Slim guest Bestbuy618 appliance review room, let’s see what makes people praise the black technology? According to past practice, the beginning of the general will introduce its appearance, but not today, I can’t wait to experience its “laser detection function” I believe we also vaguely guessed that part of its function from the trailer, but the effect of personal experience, so we are more bright. Unlike most LED headlights on the market today, the V12 Detect Slim’s laser detection function not only illuminates the ground, but also allows you to hide the dust in the area where it is illuminated. Some particles that are normally difficult to detect with the naked eye become clearly visible under the green laser, and can be swept away with strong suction.

Dyson engineers integrated the green laser diode into the laser slim soft velvet suction head, the laser angle is precisely adjusted, 7.3 mm from the ground, and the ground to form an angle of 1.5 degrees. The laser lens is the most important component of the laser detection function, and it is Dyson’s most expensive component to date in terms of price per weight.

It weighs only 0.11g and has been designed over 500 iterations. The green laser is scattered outwards through the specially designed lens, forming millions of laser rays at all angles that can precisely illuminate the front of the suction head to form a wide 90° field of view, just covering the 25cm width of the main suction head, illuminating and making visible the fine dust in front of the head. The laser detection function allows the user to see where cleaning is required, avoiding repeated cleaning and increasing vacuuming efficiency.

And, when compared to the normal lighting state, is the effect more obvious? The author conducted a comparison of this. First, we sprinkled some edible salt on the light-colored wood panel to simulate the normal state of dust, and we discovered that the edible salt is almost invisible through the following chart under natural light illumination. The performance of edible salt under normal light We then turned on the phone light to simulate the LED lighting of a regular vacuum cleaner.

Finally, we activated the V12 Detect Slim’s laser detection function, and the salt instantly became visible, so that even the smallest particles were no longer visible. Performance of edible salt with the laser detection function Before and after suction At the press conference, when asked why the green laser was used as the light source, the engineer stated that the brightness of the green light far exceeded that of common light sources like red and blue, ma

Families with children and pets may be concerned about whether the laser light source will cause eye damage, but there is no need to worry because the Dyson V12 Detect Slim uses the highest safety level green laser, which will not cause eye damage, so families with children or pets at home can use it with complete confidence. In addition to laser detection, the Dyson V12 Detect Slim is also equipped with a piezoelectric acoustic sensor, which is the first ti The sensor converts the vibration information from the dust into pulses and measures the size and quantity of dust using an algorithm that Dyson has been developing for five years.

The number and type of dust detected by the piezoelectric acoustic sensor are calculated and will eventually be displayed on the vacuum cleaner handle’s LCD screen. The simple user interface displays the number of dust particles of four different diameters as different colored bars. The piezo acoustic sensor can detect and classify fine dust larger than 10 microns (0.01 mm), including allergens of the same size class (e.g. pollen, etc.), and also detects a maximum dust size of 2000 microns, and when the bar value no longer grows, it indicates that the dust has been cleared.

(Note: The four major dust types and main sources are as follows: greater than 10 microns: allergens, pollen; greater than 60 microns: invisible fine dust, dander; greater than 180 microns: dust mites, fine sand; greater than 500 microns: sand sugar, fleas) After dust absorption The piezoelectric acoustic sensor is known to monitor particles up to 15,000 times per second and the chip The Dyson V12 Detect Slim can automatically adjust the suction power level based on dust concentration in automatic mode. When the piezoelectric acoustic sensor detects a higher level of dust, it activates suction sensing and increases suction power automatically; when dust levels return to normal, suction power is reduced to the previous level, resulting in a longer run time. It is worth noting that, with the exception of narrow slit heads, automatic suction power adjustment is currently available on electric suction heads.

And whether it’s sensing measurement, sorting statistics, or automatic suction power adjustment, it demonstrates the intelligent side of Dyson vacuum cleaners, which is the performance of the most intelligent lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner mentioned earlier! Many brands promote the anti-tangling function of the suction head throughout the vacuum cleaner market, but this is not a complete solution. Some manufacturers incorporate anti-tangle hair tools into the main suction head for floor cleaning, limiting the cleaning scenario, while others incorporate horizontally opposed blades into the suction head, which is also very effective! However, the Dyson V12 Detect Slim effectively solves the tangling problem, and the anti-tangle spiral suction head has been tested to suck up long hair and pet hair directly, efficiently, and quickly.

The Dyson V12 Detect Slim comes with an anti-tangle spiral head, a new Dyson anti-tangle accessory for human and pet hair. It takes advantage of the natural tightness of the hair, with the progressively narrower diameter of the brush bar allowing the hair to move to the narrower end of the bar, and is equipped with an anti-tangle tapered brush bar that works on the same principle as the Archimedes spiral pump. The tapered brush bar and specific angle of the bristles allow the hair to “migrate” away from the brush bar, allowing the hair to be sucked directly into the tip of the brush bar and thrown into the dust collection tube, with Dyson’s powerful vacuuming capabilities to prevent maximum tangling of hair and strong suction without loss.

The direct-drive carpet suction head simulates large particles of dust cleaning GIF The narrow slit lighting head, like its predecessor V11 series, is capable of deep cleaning at corner crevices. Crevice cleaning GIF Additionally, the Dyson V12 Detect Slim comes with nine different head accessories, including a bottom conversion head and a mini dusting brush, to deal with different cleaning areas.

The last of the cleaning, naturally need to mention its daily cleaning and maintenance, Dyson V12 Detect Slim dust cartridge, filters, and other components are removable design, the filter does not need to be replaced, do not worry about the secondary consumption of supplies, cleaning is also relatively simple, an open that down, cleaning the dust collection canister is easy and quick GIF

Detachable battery If the user is concerned about the endurance, the Dyson V12 Detect Slim uses a removable seven-cell lithium battery, which can continue to run for 60 minutes in energy-saving mode. The battery removable design also greatly increases the endurance time, users only need to have a few more batteries to extend the working time, and then a large area it can easily handle!