Red Devil 3s Gaming Review: Air-cooled X Liquid-cooled New Upgrade Snapdragon 855 Plus Performance King

[The Red Devil 3S is still the first hand game experience, with a 90Hz high refresh rate screen, upgraded ICE2.1 dual multi-dimensional cooling system, and equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus flagship processor, which has a set of performance standards at the top of flagship phones according to brand data, which also makes the Red Devil phone top the performance score list again.

Air Outlet In addition, the Red Devil 3S has a more scientific adjustment to the shape of the previous generation’s air inlet, compared to the larger air intake, air exchange can be increased by 10%, and the cooling effect of the built-in fan is also more powerful.

The Red Devil 3S weighs 215g and has a 6.65mm edge, which makes it stable to hold and evenly distributes weight when held with one hand. However, as a gaming phone, the Red Devil 3S is held horizontally with both hands during most games, and the diamond-shaped back design remains comfortable to hold for an extended period of time.90Hz High Refresh Screen The Red Devil 3S uses a 6.65-inch 90Hz high refresh rate AMOLED screen with 1080*2340 resolution and 19.5:9 ratio, supporting 100 percent DCI-P3 color gamut and HDR visual effects, providing richer and more detailed screen colors.

The key difference between the Red Devil 3S and ordinary cell phones is that the screen refresh rate is 90 frames per second, which is 50% higher than the frame rate of ordinary cell phones; additionally, the Red Devil 3S raises the screen touch report rate to 120Hz – 240Hz auto-adjustment, which allows the cell phone to be directly pulled full in any game or daily use with the finger degree. This feature is especially noticeable in FPS games like “Peace Elite,” which require instant response.

The Snapdragon 855 Plus professional gaming processor with a 7nm process and an octa-core design powers the Red Devil 3S. The Red Devil 3S ensures performance for multitasking in parallel and fast reading of internal files with a 15% performance increase over the Snapdragon 855, 8GB / 12GB of optional memory with LPDDR4X and 128GB / 256GB of high-speed storage with UFS3.0 as standard.Running Score The Silver Storm Edition (8GB 128B) Red Devil 3S has a score of 492,000 in Rabbit and 483,000 in Lu Masters, both of which are at the top of the list In terms of memory reads, 1450MB/S sequential reads and 224MB/S sequential writes ensure fast storage requirements for large media and increase loading speeds across the board.

RedMagic OS 2.1 Game SpaceIn terms of software, the RedMagic 3S runs RedMagic OS 2.1, which is fully optimized and customized for Android 9.0, packed with gaming elements, and redesigned and optimized for each system icon. With a single click, the exclusive gaming key on the top left of the body unlocks a new gaming space where performance is fully unleashed and gaming-grade optimization, including professional-grade hardware adjustments, is achieved. In terms of gaming performance, we tested the more popular “Wild Ride 9” and “Peaceful Elite,” both of which we turned on the highest special effects and extreme frame rates, with “Peaceful Elite” also turning on game shadows and lighting. The end result is undeniably silky smooth and visible to the naked eye, as well as a very pleasant operating experience.

Poorly performing phones tend to have operational response delays (games can’t keep up with manual responses), but these issues simply don’t exist in the face of the Red Devil 3S’ powerful performance. The high main frequency of Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus ensures core response speed; the 90Hz high refresh screen accelerates the phone’s timely information to the human eye; and the 240Hz touch refresh rate undoubtedly makes the phone more accurate and fast for manual operation; and even in terms of network speed, the Red Devil 3S incorporates a network gas pedal to enhance the experience. So, in the Red Devil 3S gaming experience, I only need to focus on the game battlefield itself, and I can leave the rest to the Red Devil 3S with peace of mind.

Capacitive touch buttons

In the real world, there are not only capacitive touch buttons on the side, but also fingerprint touch buttons on the back. To make the gaming process more “exciting” for gamers, Red Magic has also developed a series of eye-catching features to enhance the gaming experience, which will be carried over into future models. The Red Magic 3S has a five-finger operation with bezel touch and back fingerprint, which maps different keys on the screen, and each virtual button supports a custom switch, allowing it to be controlled with two, three, four, or five fingers depending on user habits.

Simultaneously, the Red Devil 3S two ultra-linear dual-speakers to form a 3D surround sound, in the game can hear the sound to identify; in the “QQ Speed” and “Peace Elite” game, you can also open 4D game vibration, so that the immersion is again upgraded; another AI voice noise cancellation, LOGO back RGB dazzling light band, as well as the new uncle into loli “a hundred magic sound After a game, Red Devil will automatically generate short videos of “kills” and “killed” to help players review the highlights and reflect on operational issues, as well as record the entire game video.