Receive A “blue” Friend Airproce Aipos Humidifier Ah-200 Experience

Preface During the winter, in addition to air pollution, people may experience dry skin. When the temperature drops, moisture in the air condenses into tiny ice crystals, falls to the ground, or becomes attached to the surface of an object, so the air lacks moisture, negative ions are reduced, and the air becomes dry. Normally, humidifiers are the best solution for dryness, and AirProce, as a professional personalized ionizer, can help.

This humidifier incorporates a technology that can improve humidity and reduce mold – “centrifugal turbine water washing technology,” and its actual performance power how? Worth looking forward to. “The fusion of technology and art in “blue The design of the AirProce AH-200 humidifier can be described as incomparably chic, the color of the combination of silver and blue, blue is more metaphorical water drop color, expressing its control of humidity.

The silver appearance (front office environment) The silver appearance looks particularly atmospheric, whether placed in the home environment, or office environment, can be perfectly matched, not abrupt. The silver appearance (back) It is a simple and elegant design with no excessive elements other than the logo design on the back. The silver appearance (side) The design of the side is simple and elegant.

It is worth noting that the AirProce AirProce Storm Series Germicidal Humidifier AH-200 won the 2019 German Red Dot Award and is a star product. When compared to ordinary humidifiers, the AirProce AirProce Humidifier AH-200 provides multiple purification functions.

First and foremost, the HEPA air filter can provide better air filtration function and clean air for users; second, it has UVC sterilization technology, which is capable of long-lasting sterilization, with a germ removal rate of 99.9 percent. This humidifier does not have a remote control function, but it is equipped with mobile app monitoring and remote control function, which can control the humidity of your home anytime and anywhere.

The humidifier’s surface can be disassembled to see the internal humidification filter, the filter design is relatively clever and easy to replace. The AirProce AH-200 humidifier is designed with a large 7L water tank, reducing the need for frequent water refilling operations and allowing you to humidify throughout the night without worry, with a humidifying capacity of up to 700ml/h, which can meet the use of 30-70 area.

Humanization, it is also designed to remind the water shortage function, in the humidifier is about to run out will remind users to add water in a timely manner, safe and worry-free. AirProce AirProce black technology centrifugal turbine secret As a deep plowing of the high-end market AirProce AirProce, in addition to craftsmanship skills, black technology has also been among the top.

How can I breathe healthy, moist air? That naturally cannot be separated from the AirProce AirProce humidifier AH-200 unparalleled rigorous air duct design and professional water flow system. First, the dry indoor air will be filtered through the air filter to filter the pollutants in the air. Strict air duct is the guarantee Then it will go through the UVC lamp to remove 99.9 percent of all kinds of bacteria in the water, so that the sterilization method

We set the humidity of the AirProce AirProce Humidifier AH-200 to the highest setting of 70% and let it run for a while before measuring the humidity in the room with the humidity tester and settling at 69.9 percentRH, which is not far off from the set humidity. Furthermore, a day after opening, the overall indoor humidity increased significantly, with humidity rising to 70.5 percentRH measured a distance away from the humidifier. (Testing environmental factors, data is not stable, there will be up and down) The change of humidity in the near room The change of indoor humidity at a distance PM2.5 purification test The current environmental condition was measured in the same room of 30 using the BR-V6E air detector, PM2.5 was 38g/m3, good quality; HCHO (formaldehyde) was 0.04mg/m3, good quality.

The particulate matter produced by burning tobacco can quickly disperse the entire room, and its diameter is comparable to PM2.5.

Making PM2.5 pollutants with cigarettes After a few dozen seconds or so, the PM2.5 index rose rapidly and the air detector value changed. PM2.5 pollutant content After about 10 minutes, the AirProce Apex humidifier AH-200 continued to work, and the detector shows PM2.5 is 22g /m3. PM2.5 pollutant content after purification Wind speed measurement The air conditioner was tested using an anemometer, and the wind speed of the six gears was measured.

Six-speed wind power Noise measurement When the machine was adjusted to six speeds, the noise level was 41.8 dB, and the base ambient noise was 30.5 dB, which was almost inaudible. The noise level of the machine is almost inaudible.

AirProce AirProce humidifier AH-200 is a combination of sterilization, dust removal, humidification in one humidifier product, the noise, air volume control in a good range, improve the humidification capacity and humidification area, is definitely a rare “chop” good products.