Realme Spiritual Ear Review: Nearly Unbeatable Super Product At The Same Price

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel]As a “seafaring” brand, realme has emerged as a fashionable trendy product in the public eye. On October 24, realme released the realme X2 cell phone, becoming the first product to offer a 64-megapixel camera at a price in the 1500 yuan range. The realme X2 is the first product to offer a 64-megapixel camera at a price point under 1500 yuan. Following the launch, realme also brought new cell phone peripherals to the majority of users, continuing the tradition of “trendy products,” the most attention than the hand price of 149 yuan spirit ear headphones.

realme spirit ear headset also in performance and price to achieve the level, 149 yuan price and take into account the characteristics of sports, trendy sports, so that this headset by many sports-loving players attention. In comparison to true wireless Bluetooth headsets without wire constraints, neck-mounted headphones can maintain stable wearing performance even in intense sports scenarios, with an IPX4 waterproof level in line with all-weather wear.

I believe that many users are as concerned as I am about how the realme spirit ear experience will be. After all, with a hand price of only 149 yuan, the appearance of the headset’s design is still something to look forward to.

The realme ear looks familiar at first glance, and there are many similarities between it and OnePlus’ Cloud Ear 2. The unit part of the ear uses a magnetic suction design, which I believe was first used in OnePlus’s formal cloud ear headphones. In comparison to products that will not be thrown up when movement is reduced only by suction, the ear will automatically stop playing music after the magnetic suction, which can effectively reduce the headset’s unnecessary power consumption; the headset will automatically connect to the current device when it is separated and open the music, which greatly facilitates the user’s use and improves the headset’s experience.

The neckband is made of liquid non-allergenic silicone, which is skin-like and comfortable to wear for an extended period of time while avoiding contact allergies and showing no significant aging even after extensive sweat erosion. The silicone contains a nickel-titanium alloy memory metal, which provides softness and less deformation while preventing tangling.

realme offers three trendy ear color schemes: orange-red, champagne green, and yellow-black. The first color of the ear, yellow headphone cable, and black form a visually striking contrasting color clash, giving the headset a youthful vitality and trendy model. Furthermore, the headset yellow audio cable is made of high-strength pulling and twisting material to extend the service life of the headset; the longitudinal stripe treatment on the audio cable can effectively reduce wire tangling and knotting, reducing the trouble caused by wire tangling. realme offers three different sizes of silicone plugs for the ear, allowing users to replace them based on their usage needs.

The headset includes shark fin ear support to improve the stability of headphones use, which is also realme spirit ear in high-intensity sports is not easy to fall off the reason As a sports headset, the realme spirit ear has an IPX4 waterproof and dustproof design that can withstand ordinary splash and sweat contact.

The realme spirit ear control area employs a physical three-key indicator design, with a fine frosted finish that gives the headset a metallic feel while being more durable. The spirit ear control uses a blind design, but the reliability is still quite good, and the realme spirit ear headset also supports smartphone voice assistant, making operation and ease of use relatively simple and convenient.

In comparison to other products that use the Bluetooth 4.x wireless protocol, realme spirit ear supports Bluetooth 5.0, which can provide more efficient transmission, lower energy consumption, and a more stable connection. The 11.2mm bass enhancement unit can provide users with improved performance of the three frequencies. Furthermore, realme’s official website and product packaging did not include information about high-definition audio decoding, such as Aptx (HD), AAC, LDAC, and so on. This headset is more likely to use SBC basic decoding.

However, in view of the realme spirit ear unit base Excellent, 11.2mm oversized moving coil, multi-layer composite diaphragm, and Japanese Daikoku copper-clad aluminum voice coil combination, in creating bass has a high basic conditions. Although realme did not announce the battery capacity of the Spirit Ear, the headset’s endurance is still worth the user’s peace of mind. After all, there is no product in the same price range that can last longer than the Spirit Ear for the time being, but the 4-hour battery life of the true wireless headset is also left behind.

In a real-world test, the realme Spirit Ear had approximately 60% battery life remaining after 5 hours of continuous music playback on a full charge, which is roughly the same as the official claimed battery life. However, because the realme ear uses an older micro-USB interface that does not support fast charging, it takes approximately 2 hours to charge from low power off to full charge. The micro-USB interface is gradually being phased out by the public, especially with the proliferation of Type-C phones on the market.

This design will require users to have a separate charging head and line, which will be inconvenient. It is worth noting that Alan Walker, the creator of “Faded,” who has made “Faded” fire around the world, has joined realme to carry out exclusive tuning for realme Spirit Ear, so users can look forward to the sound performance of these headphones.

The first impression of listening to realme spirit ear is a smooth performance of the three frequencies, with few highlights and flaws. The headset has a certain lack of high frequency, the midrange performance is adequate, the main bass effect of the headset did not meet expectations, there is a lack of dynamics, insufficient volume, and near-zero dive strength. The sound channel separation of the headphones is general, and the sound field is not large, but after a few days of listening, the realme spirit ear sound effect has significantly improved.

The high and mid-range frequencies have improved significantly, as has the bass part, and the dynamic sense of tolerance has also improved significantly, but the dive strength remains average. Along with the improvement of the three frequency effect, the tone of the three frequencies has also been improved to some extent, and the details are relatively full, but the separation of the three products has not improved significantly.

Summary of Experience: As a positioning trend headset product, realme spirit ear product features and details have been far beyond the same price products, 30 grams of weight and humane skin-like non-sensitive materials, so users are very comfortable to use, wearing texture full points Headphones 149 yuan in price and relatively good quality, making this headset a cost-effective product in the eyes of sports users and trend players.