Realme Q3s Experience: The Ultimate Price/performance Ratio Brings Distinctive “over-the-top” Performance

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel]realme has always been a manufacturer with a distinct brand tone, extremely youthful design language, and brand publicity style, making realme cell phones popular among today’s youth. The Q3 series, realme’s entry-level product line, has released a slew of low-cost models, and today we get the series’ most recent addition – realme Q3s. Can this new model maintain the excellent cost performance of its predecessor after the hardware iteration? Let’s take a look. The color scheme of the realme Q3s in my hand is “Nebula,” and the body is printed by high precision gradient offset printing, forming a unique texture under the superposition of a 10um or less ink dot.

The actual look and feel of this color scheme has an elegant satin-like curved surface, and with the flow of light, the body will change from a nebula-like lavender to a transition from pink to powder blue, very similar to the color change of the horizon at sunrise or sunset. This weight is considered normal for a typical 5G phone, but when you consider that this is a phone with a massive 5000mAh battery, the weight becomes unquestionable.

The realme Q3s has a 6.6-inch 1080p display on the front of the body, which is made of LCD. In this price range, I continue to believe that an LCD screen is the better option. This is due to the fact that the prices for excellent OLED screens are still high, and in the case of cost constraints, using an OLED screen means compromising, affecting the user’s sense of use.

On the contrary, the mature LCD process can provide excellent display effect, which we can feel in realme Q3s, with overall color transparency and color reproduction that is not significantly deviated. The screen also has a 144Hz refresh rate, which realme claims is variable. The q3s screen can match the refresh rate for different types of content.

In the 60FPS and below frame rate video-based B site, I briefly tested the realme Q3s to refresh the screen at 60Hz. Reading and some games that cannot exceed 60FPS on this machine (such as Elite Peace) use the same refresh strategy, while system sliding is handled by the Q3s at 90Hz.

It is worth noting that when the body is touchless for a brief period of time (about 3 seconds), the screen automatically reduces to 60Hz operation, which is equivalent to entering a power-saving mode.

The benefit of this screen refresh strategy remains obvious, namely the ability to control the power consumption of different scenes in order to achieve the effect of power savings. If the user does not like the phone sometimes cannot “full blood full frame” operation, you can also choose to directly open 144Hz mode, feel the ultimate smooth feeling of this screen. realme Q3s is priced at 1500 yuan, the most important configuration is still performance, this time Q3s is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G SoC, with 6nm advanced process technology, in terms of core architecture, Snapdragon 778G SoC uses four 2.4GHz large core four 1.8GHz According to the data, when compared to the previous generation of the same level of Snapdragon 768G, its CPU and GPU have nearly 40% improvement. In my actual experience, realme Q3s overall smoothness is satisfactory, whether from daily use, or to “peace elite” such as large games, basically no lag, the actual performance cannot find any slot.

Because of the increased power consumption brought by the network as we enter the 5G era, battery life and charging will inevitably become the most critical aspects of the cell phone experience. This time, realme has directly stuffed a massive 5000mAh battery inside the body, laying a solid foundation for battery life. At the same time, the Snapdragon 7 series SoC’s consistently excellent power control helps the phone save more power.

To verify its actual battery life, we performed a set of classic 3.5 hours battery life tests on realme Q3s with the following test contents and conditions: 1 hour of “Peace Elite” game with ultra-high frame rate HDR HD image quality

1 hour of Bilibili online video with 1080p picture quality 1 hour of Shake Video with video switching every 10 seconds 30 minutes of video recording at 1080p 60fps

The above test content is controlled at 50% of the screen brightness. This set of test results shows that the realme Q3’s final remaining power is still at 77 percent, and the author measured the longest battery life. A closer examination of the four test items reveals that the power consumption of realme in each item is very average, with the exception of the game, which consumed 8% of the total, and the others consuming about 5%.

So this is a phone for everyone; no matter what the user’s primary scenario with the phone is, the realme Q3s will be able to do a full day’s work very well. Let’s see how long it takes to fill up this massive battery after draining it. This time, the realme Q3s includes a 30W fast charge, which is in line with our expectations at this price point.

I began charging at 1% near the shutdown, and by 30 minutes, the Q3s had been charged to 55%, taking 63 minutes to fill. This charging speed is still quite good, after all, I have previously measured the same power, but more powerful models, the total charging time is even greater than the Q3s, indicating that Q3s is doing a special treatment in the control of charging heat to maintain the peak power for a longer period of time.

In terms of image performance, the realme Q3s comes with a 4800W pixel main camera and two 200W pixel “tactical lenses,” but no ultra-wide angle lens. Of course, given the price of this machine, I’m embarrassed to ask for anything more. As you can see from the sample photos, the realme Q3s main camera performs well in daylight scenes, with accurate color reproduction and the ability to retain rich highlights and dark details.

The realme Q3s is able to perform 2x digital zoom without any significant degradation in film quality, and the overall resolution and sharpness are notable.2x zoom shot by realme Q3s main cameraIn night scenes, the realme Q3s is able to maintain a good picture purity, while the overall exposure is also more in line with what the human eye can see. However, in terms of highlight suppression, realme Q3s falls short, and the multi-frame synthesis algorithm could be improved further.

Shot with the main camera of the realme Q3s The realme Q3s is a very unique phone. realme has a low-cost Snapdragon 778G SoC and a battery and screen that are not available in most models at this price point, making it ideal for users who need a long battery life and occasional gaming. When it comes to this user segment, the realme Q3s has an almost unrivaled price/performance ratio.