Real-world Shooting Experience Fuji X-t100 Review (below)

[Bestbuy618 Digital Channel] Continuing from the previous review, a camera is useless if you don’t use it! Fuji X-T100 review (above) This article reviews the actual shooting of the X-T100 camera; all photos in the article are X-T100 shooting samples. Street sweeping is a great hobby for many photographers. You don’t need to think about too many external factors; just bring your camera and your first heart, and the simplest way to record the scenery in front of you.

As a small Shanghai native, I have a different affinity for Shikumen and old houses. When I think back to my childhood, I remember shuttling through Shikumen alley with my playmates or climbing over the walls of the old houses many times to find out what happened (of course, most of them failed).

However, as Shanghai’s urbanization has accelerated, many commonplace scenes have become miniature models in museums, backgrounds in yellowing photos, or occasional references to the past in the mouths of the older generation. So I decided to “travel back in time” on this trip to experience the unique charm of the old buildings; it is one of the most concentrated areas of independently finished garden houses in the center of Shanghai, as well as an important part of the Fuxing Road Historical and Cultural Landscape District on Hengshan Road. It is also an important part of Hengshan Road’s Fuxing Road Historical and Cultural Landscape District, and after preservation and renovation, it has a new cultural look by organically combining modernity and tradition.

The camera used for the shoot is, of course, a Fuji X-T100. We have a general understanding of this camera’s performance from the previous review, but street sweeping, in addition to the basic performance, the following three points are also advantages of the X-T100 when shooting outside: The X-T100 weighs about 448 grams, and whether in the bag or hanging around your neck, it will not make you feel heavy.

The second effect, Fuji’s color has always been a personal favorite, from the film camera era has a very good imaging effect, X-T100 continues Fujifilm’s technology for more than 80 years, the photos can be taken almost straight out. Three endurance, mirrorless cameras, unlike SLR cameras, use optical viewfinder and shoulder screen (some professional mirrorless have shoulder screen), so endurance has become a headache for many people, X-T100 is equipped with a 12 hour battery.

Furthermore, the X-T100’s EVF (electronic viewfinder), three-way folding LCD screen, handheld anti-shake function, wireless transmission, and other useful features make it my go-to camera for street sweeping. As I previously stated, the Shikumen has a special meaning for our generation. As a result, it was natural to stroll around the alleyways along the street before arriving at Sinan Gongguan.

When I stepped through the big black iron gate, it was as if I had opened the door of time in the face of the familiar and unfamiliar surroundings, the Zhang grandmother picking vegetables at the door, the Li uncle building a stove, and my childhood playmates laughing and playing.

Without consciously pursuing composition, exposure, and other factors, sometimes shooting is a feeling; when you feel it, press the shutter. When I’m working, I’ll shoot in M (manual) and leave the tedious parameter adjustments to the Fujifilm X-T100. By setting the mode dial to SR, the X-T100 automatically recognizes the current shooting scene and calls up the in-camera preset parameters to achieve the best image results. Black and white photos are essential for capturing the feel of old photographs.

It is very easy to switch to black and white mode with the camera’s film simulation function.

The “appetizer” flavor is almost finished; hurry to try the “main course.” I arrived at Sinan Mansion after reluctantly leaving the old alley. As expected, there aren’t many people here during the day on a weekday, and I occasionally run into other photographers who feel the same way. I was relieved to see them struggling with their professional SLR cameras, and I was relieved that I had wisely chosen the lighter X-T100. Moreover, because of the chic retro design of this camera, several college-aged girls approached me during my shoot to inquire about the brand and model of the camera.

The good or bad shape of the camera appears to be included in the assessment criteria when sweeping the streets in the future. The remodeled Sinan Public House is an organic combination of modern and traditional elements.

Underneath the literary exterior is a fashionable heart, where I plan to shoot in a more standard and vivid mode. Fuji’s color performance is excellent; blue sky and white clouds, red flowers and green leaves, brick and stone walls; the X-T100 will render the qualities of each element perfectly. The X-T100 was a great way to get the most out of the camera, so after carefully selecting nine photos, I quickly transferred them to my phone using the camera’s Bluetooth function and uploaded them directly to my friends without editing.

The subsequent adoration made me a little tired of shooting to rekindle my glow.

When it comes to exhaustion, I have to blame the kitten in front of the store right now. The original is nearby to select the scene, and I was drawn in by a bell sound. I was looking for the bell when I came across the “master,” who was lying on its side at the door, taking care of its hair.

The best way to capture the spirit of the cat is to shoot it close up. Although it is not afraid of life, a variety of uncooperative people cause a lot of headaches. So I chose to use the X-T100’s three-way folding screen for framing; flipping the LCD screen up will allow for easy low angle framing.

Then, with one hand, place the camera on the ground and slowly approach the kitten, while the other hand attracts the kitten’s attention. It didn’t take long for a one-handed handheld photo of the “master” to come out, thanks to the X-T100’s anti-shake function and the ability to shoot at 5cm close range.

It took a lot of energy to adjust, so I ordered a drink to find a shady place to rest. Excluding lunch, the shooting took less than five hours.

People are tired, but the X-T100 battery is still strong, with the red battery indicator mark not jumping. But, regardless, charge it with a rechargeable battery first to ensure that it will work after the shooting.

The shooting day was quickly coming to an end. This time, I benefited greatly, not only by reliving the good old days, but also by deeply feeling that unrestrained shooting is one of the best things in the world. If you want to shoot at your own pace, a mirrorless camera like the Fujifilm X-T100 is the best option.