Real Paper And Screen With Painting Faster Iskn Slate2+ Hand Drawing Board Review

[Bestbuy618 Digital Channel]Because digital works are more liberating to create, easier to store and display, and many painting enthusiasts can “peripheralize” their original works through digital painting, it has become an unavoidable trend to gradually shift the creation position away from paper and toward digital devices. However, because the creation of digital boards differs fundamentally from that of paper, a lengthy period of time is required following the change in painting form. As a result, iskn, which won the gold medal in the French Digital Innovation Competition, launched the Slate series of products, which combine real handwriting and digital creation, with the Slate2 hand-painting board retaining the traditional way of drawing. Simply attach a matching magnetic ring to the pencil or ballpoint pen you prefer, and while creating on the Slate2 hand-painting board with paper, it can be synchronized and accurately converted into digital works on computers, tablets, and other electronic devices, and it supports offline storage without screen, so you can record the inspiration of the moment without connecting to a screen when traveling or on business trips.

The product packaging is in the form of a drawer, and includes a Slate2, a USB cable, a pencil and a ballpoint pen, a magnetic ring, two paper clips, product manuals, and a hand-drawn sketchbook. The size of the Slate2 is 266mm*186mm*7mm, which feels thin and light, and the drawing area is A5 (about half the size of A4 paper). The tablet’s top has two physical buttons: one on the left side (with a mark) to save the current painting content and create a new blank sheet of paper, and one on the right side (without a mark) to create new layers and use the calibration brush.

After seeing the basic packaging and appearance, the following to feel what it is in the functional use of the highlights

“Drawing on paper and screen” is supported by Slate2. For those who enjoy drawing on paper, you don’t have to force yourself to change your drawing habits; simply attach an inductive magnetic ring to the pen you normally use, and Slate2 will capture and analyze the pen tip movement data via magnetic spatial positioning and speed sensing. Whether you’re using a sketching pencil, colored pencil, syringe pen, or ballpoint pen, you can freely create on paper while accurately capturing and analyzing the change of strokes.

If the paper is too thin or not adapted to the drawing form of the board, it may result in redundant lines during the drawing process, which can be solved by using a few more sheets of paper or lowering the sensitivity, which is also a good way to quickly get started and adapt to the drawing form of the board.

Off-line storage for light sketching Many painters enjoy taking their sketchpad sketchbook on the road to write a life, draw a sketch, and record the unusual scenery they come across. The Slate2’s powerful screenless offline storage feature is very thoughtful; it can be used as a sketchpad without connecting any device; the drawing is saved; 4G memory can be loaded with 400000 pages of work; airplanes and trains can also be recorded at will for inspiration creation.

Note that the lines automatically recorded in screenless mode are ballpoint pen strokes by default, which are better suited for quick sketching and spontaneous sketching of outdoor landscapes than pencil strokes, which are better suited for depicting local details with a richer sense of layers.

Slate2 retains the traditional board drawing creation mode; simply use the Tip pen designed specifically for Slate to create freely without the use of a pen and paper. Slate2 can not only create in the exclusive Imagink drawing software, but it is also compatible with other mainstream drawing software such as PS, AI, Sai, and so on, making it suitable for both professional work and recreational hobbies.

Slate2 has three connection modes: USB, Bluetooth, and screenless offline. USB mode connects to Windows and Apple computers, Bluetooth mode connects to mobile devices such as tablets or cell phones, and screenless mode does not require any device to be connected and can be used directly to paint with Slate2 to automatically save painting files.

The Slate2’s highlight is its support for paper and screen, which allows for a quicker start for those who are more accustomed to drawing on paper and makes digital drawing as satisfying as drawing on paper. It is simple to use and can be used in a variety of situations, including office meetings, design professionals replaying their creative process, new painters copying their work, and outdoor sketching to capture inspiration.