Re-create The Pinnacle Of Ai Honor Magic2 Slider Phone Review

Honor cell phone released this year’s strongest flagship phone – glory Magic2 – at the end of October, the phone from the previous generation of AI artificial intelligence again evolved, regardless of the value of the face, performance strength have a significant increase. Honor Magic2 incorporates nine global black technologies, including the intelligent lifeform YOYO, Magic Slide magic full-view screen (butterfly five-track sliding screen structure), intelligent brain Kirin 980, graphene heat dissipation technology, 40W Rheinland certified safe super fast charging, the world’s first AI dual-band intelligent navigation, and 1.7 Gps Wi-Fi download speed, as a reflection of Honor’s continuous exploration in cutting-edge technology.

First and foremost, the appearance, full of hands-on charm of the butterfly five-track structure, a move to break the cell phone industry for several years of aesthetic fatigue, of course, this structural design has a little nostalgia, reminiscent of junior high school era Nokia 6120 slider phone, but the difference is that the glory Magic2 slider push open the way the screen is pushed down, whereas the old slider phone is sliding up. Honor Magic2 this time has three colors to choose from, respectively, gradient black, gradient blue, gradient red three optional, at the time of the launch, glory CEO Zhao Ming said, glory Magic2 did not start what very fancy color name, this I agree (althou

Honor cell phone has a 6.39-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2340 1080, a screen ratio of 91.5 percent, and a screen ratio of 19.5:9. The screen color is bright and beautiful, but the lack of OLED material is unfortunate. The glory Magic2’s high-end version has 3D structured light unlock and graphene heat dissipation, but it costs 5799. However, this is also the only one with both 100 percent full-screen in-screen optical fingerprint 3D structured light full-screen solution, which, according to the words of glory, is the world’s first AI sliding screen full-screen phone.

Then the back color, gradient black (I got the phone color), fades from the gray-black bottom desktop up, presenting a very advanced sense of art. When you show it to a talented friend, he will say: glory Magic2 future charm from the 3D curve and the nano-level vacuum coating process, using optical nano-level vacuum coating technology, precise control of light propagation path on each layer of coating, through the layers of nano-level wave texture film, the light beam will produce a wonderful diffraction interference and refraction, as if contains the code for walking through sand (This is, after all, the official statement 23333.)

In the mid-frame part of the body, and glory Magic2 mirror back cover overlap fusion, there is a very suitable for the grasp of the phone curvature, the normal process of playing, hands both addictive, especially the soft slide cover structure, almost everyone on the hands will be unable to resist rubbing two hands together. The glory Magic2 soft slide cover structure is compared to the Xiaomi MIX3 magnetic power slide cover structure, the glory Magic2 in the process of sliding, the boost is not as large as Xiaomi MIX3, is the most fundamental difference. Which is better is a matter of personal preference.

The pure mechanical build sliding screen structure brings the real touch operation experience, making the phone sliding screen operation more ritualistic, accompanied by a sensational mechanical sound screen moves with the hand, an open slide, convenience and practicality are stronger. The sliding screen structure of Honor Magic2, similar to ZIPP0 lighter, provides the user with a long-lasting enjoyment in the operating experience. You can enable the screen slide down to start 3D structured light for face unlocking in the system settings, and the slide screen structure work supports customization.

At the same time, the sliding screen serves as an AI interaction portal, with a slide to wake up the intelligent life form YOYO. It is worth noting that the optical fingerprint module hidden beneath the full-view screen considers the user’s fingerprint unlocking operation habits and body unity. When compared to other screen fingerprints, its touchable recognition area appears larger and easier to locate, and it can be unlocked in approximately 0.5 seconds when the screen is turned off.

Furthermore, when the screen is turned off, it can use AI to detect our gestures and intelligently display the unlock area, which is especially useful in low-light situations.

In terms of system configuration, the Honor Magic 2 has a Kirin 980 processor and 8GB of super memory. Kirin 980, Honor’s most powerful AI processing chip, improves performance by 46 percent and energy efficiency by 178 percent over the previous generation. The most powerful end-side AI computing power, 2.2 times that of the Kirin 970 The updated Honor Magic2 AI wisdom engine is the highlight of the new product, Honor Magic2 has exclusive noise reduction technology, even in a disturbed voice environment, can still be isolated through the MIC noise reduction technology to isolate the environmental sound, accurate identification of the user’s voice.

The phone can send out actions based on voice commands, or you can program voice commands and the resulting phone behavior in advance.

When users need to navigate by car, YOYO can serve as a helpful co-pilot. Simply ask YOYO where you want to go, and it will take care of the rest, almost as if you were saying the name of a specific location to navigate directly. And, like a co-pilot sitting beside you, YOYO will intelligently recognize your status and listen to the user’s voice throughout the process.

At the moment, YOYO has been built-in with navigation, music, communication three areas of 20 wake-up-free vocabulary, the user said YOYO will reach, simple and fast. Photo, glory Magic2 set ultra-wide angle AI triple camera main camera: 24 megapixel RGB black and white image sensor, F/1.8 aperture; secondary camera: 16 megapixel RGB color image sensor, F/1.8 aperture; ultra-wide angle lens In addition to the high pixel black and white lens, a 16-megapixel ultra wide-angle lens has been added to improve image quality and the dark light photo experience.

At the same distance, the Honor Magic2 can achieve 117° ultra-wide angle framing, which is nearly double that of standard phones.

Overall, the glory Magic2 upgrade progress is visible to all; the so-called wisdom phone is not only reflected in hardware performance, but also includes system deployment, AI combination, user pain points to discover whether the efforts behind this are worthwhile to push. As a pioneering leader in the industry AI cell phone, glory can be said to define the direction of AI cell phone development this year, and the slide design is more like a rebirth, for the industry to inject new blood. Let us look forward to Magic2’s market glory as a result of their outstanding performance.