Quickly Give Your Eyes To A Relaxing Spa Haier Electric Eye Massage Instrument Review

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] Have you ever paid attention to your eye health? As the pace of work life continues to accelerate, the computer screen at work, after work cell phone screen has become the norm for modern workers. According to the “China Internet Road Development Status Statistics Report,” as of March 2020, the per capita weekly length of Chinese Internet users online for 30.8 hours. In fact, the principle of an eye massage instrument and a neck massage instrument is similar in that they both use hot compresses and simulations of manual massage to relax the muscles around the eyes and relieve eye fatigue. Today, we’ll look at the specific performance of the Haier HTJ-E01P electric eye massage device.

I received the Haier electric eye massager in cherry pink color scheme, and at first glance, there is a “heart” feeling, pink and tender, very girly. At the same time, the Haier eye massager overall look very textured, holding in the hand is also very comfortable, whether for daily use or as a gift to others are good choices. Haier eye massage instrument body has a C-shaped curve design that can be applied to people with different face shapes and head circumferences.

The body has an adjustable elastic band behind it that makes it very easy to use. In the actual trial process, you can clearly feel the eye is a perfect fit on both sides of the massager, even if it is a long time to wear will not have a sense of weight.

In terms of internal materials, Haier eye massage instrument soft suede lining is very skin-friendly, can deeply care for the skin around our eyes, this soft suede material will be more breathable, the upper eye feel is very good. To avoid frequent use of the liner becoming dirty and difficult to clean, the product box also includes a bag of eye patch, daily use of the massager before the eye patch can be worn on top of the eyes, clean and hygienic at the same time, and convenient for other family members to use.

The body’s exterior also appears to be very simple, with little redundant design. A switch adjustment key and a micro USB socket will suffice for daily use. Furthermore, the Haier brand logo on the outside of the body is very eye-catching.

Convenience of use is also important to consider, as the Haier eye massager body is small and delicate, and with the foldable design, it can be easily put into the bag without taking up space. Travel, like regular business trips, can be done in a very convenient manner.

The appearance is important, but as a pragmatist, I am more concerned with the function. In the massage technique, Haier HTJ-E01P electric eye massage instrument equipped with holographic 3D airbag massage, through the simulation of the human approach in the airbag between the collection and release of deep kneading massage around the eyes, in order to achieve the effect of eye fatigue, deep relaxation around the eyes. Haier eye massage instrument hot compress area can cover the entire eye area, 42 °C uniform hot compress so that blood circulation becomes smooth, eye dryness, fatigue symptoms improve.

In terms of operation, the Haier HTJ-E01P electric eye massager has 5 massage modes. In the boot state, simply lightly press the power switch button to switch between massage modes. While changing massage modes, the Haier electric eye massager will also intelligently broadcast the current mode, eliminating the need to turn it off with a key switch.

It is worth noting that this Haier eye massager has a timing function, 15 minutes will automatically turn off, sleep at night can also be used with confidence.

In the course of a few days’ trial of a Haier eye massage instrument, I’d like to share some of their own user experiences with you. In the five massage modes, I still prefer the clear mode of air pressure heating compress, in this mode, I feel the most relaxed around the eyes and the temples, the airbag in the continuous releasing between the kneading massage around the eyes, while being able to accurately hammer in the various points around the eyes, in the massage time, the eyes will feel more relaxed than ever

The vitality mode’s massage force is relatively heavy; during the process, you will feel the size of the airbag around the eyes constantly wandering kneading, massage down or more cool, once in a while is also good to use. However, the vitality mode does not include a hot compress; in comparison, I personally prefer the combination with a hot compress, so that the eyes are more comfortable. As a working person, I usually use the Haier eye massage instrument sleep mode during my lunch break to massage my eyes, so that I can quickly enter the sleep state after taking off.

I believe Haier HTJ-E01P electric eye massager has attracted many users with its high value, at the same time, the body design is small and delicate, foldable design is very convenient to carry out. In terms of functionality, the Haier eye massage instrument did not disappoint, with holographic 3D airbags that simulate human massage techniques to make the massage experience more comfortable, a continuous constant temperature of the hot compress function to make the eyes more relaxed, and 5 massage modes that can bring a pleasant experience to the hectic working life.

I must say that this is a high-value, high-performance online eye massage product. Whether it is now the office workers or students, we should take good care of our eyes by using a Haier electric eye massage instrument, closing the eyes to rest for 15 minutes, and letting the eyes relax in a SPA.