Q Cute And Lovely! Leiper M650 Tencent Daily Love Elimination Co-branded Version Hands-on Experience

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] With the release of the player’s personality, the keyboard, mouse, and other peripheral equipment began to diversify, beginning with cool RGB lighting effects, and then Q Meng, women, and other market segments, to enrich the user’s choice of space. Leiper recently collaborated with Tencent daily love elimination, releasing M650 co-branded custom models, in the round and lovely mouse to add Q cute cartoon elements. I received the Leiper M650 Tencent daily love elimination co-branded wireless mouse as a prototype today, and the following to see what changes in this mouse. Leiper M650 Tencent daily love elimination co-branded wireless mouse to M650 as a prototype, joint Tencent daily love elimination for customization The mouse adheres to the classic version of the Leiper M650 compact design style, employing a more portable flat design that is very easy to transport.

Tencent daily love elimination sent four warm and cute IP masters as a co-branded custom model: meow star, fruit fruit rabbit, Qiqi bear, and yellow doudou. Leiper for the mouse to carry out special color scheme design in order to better fit the four warm and cute masters. For example, the yellow doudou model using the main color of orange, with yellow doudou orange cartoon image, cute version of the name LOGO, so that the mouse on the visual coordination of natural Furthermore, the dreamy purple meow stars, warm brown Qiqi bear, and fresh green fruit fruit rabbit, all with the same originality of the cartoon elements and color scheme integration, provide excellent visual ornamentation.

The skin-friendly material used in the Leiper M650 Tencent Daily Love Elimination co-branded edition provides a warm and comfortable hand feeling. The rubber scroll wheel has a moderately damp feel and smooth sliding. The mouse’s left and right buttons use quieter silent micro-motion to reduce the noise generated when clicking the buttons, making the Leiper M650 Tencent Daily Love Elimination co-branded edition suitable for use in quiet environments such as libraries and offices. The Leiper M650 Tencent Daily Love Elimination Edition weighs 60 grams without the battery, and the battery can be controlled at around 80 grams.

The top of the mouse is protected by a magnetically removable top cover, which players can easily open to replace the battery and remove the wireless receiver. Because of the use of a more energy-efficient optical sensor, a No. The mouse’s wireless receiver is designed with a USB Type-A interface and supports 2.4G wireless connection, which can be directly connected to the computer when in use.

5 battery will allow the Leiper M650 Tencent Daily Love Elimination co-branded version to use for about 9 months. Furthermore, the mouse does not necessitate the installation of any additional drivers or software.

The bottom of the mouse incorporates a switch and a Bluetooth button; in order to connect to the wireless receiver, the switch must be opened. To connect to other devices, long press the Bluetooth button for approximately three seconds to enter pairing mode.

Bluetooth and wireless 2.4G connections are supported by the Leiper M650 Tencent Daily Love Elimination co-branded version. Bluetooth provides two connection protocols, 5.0 and Bluetooth 3.0, which can connect three terminal devices at the same time. A short press on the Bluetooth button is all that is required to quickly switch to the previously paired device when switching between paired devices. The mouse can be connected to multiple devices at the same time, but it can also be switched quickly with a short press on the Bluetooth key, which is very convenient for device users.

Leiper M650 Tencent daily love elimination co-branded version with up to 1300DPI optical sensor, with high-precision addressing engine, mobile positioning is quite accurate, daily office or part of the game has not bad performance. And the mouse can be used smoothly in leather, cloth, paper, resin, and other material surfaces, and it can also be used very well in scenes without a mouse pad.

Summary of Experience: For personality users, the Leiper M650 Tencent Daily Love Elimination co-branded version is an excellent choice, with a colorful and vibrant color scheme that is ideal for fashion players who adore Q and Meng. The mouse is well-suited for use in daily life, the workplace, entertainment, and other settings.