Professional Color Master Skyworth Oled Tv S82 Review

Introduction to the review

[Bestbuy618 South China Home Appliances]Skyworth TV held a 2021 autumn new product launch in Beijing on September 23, launching the latest flagship product of the S series – Skyworth 0.86 high color accuracy OLED TV S82. Skyworth TV’s S series represents the pinnacle of picture quality, sound quality, quality, and industrial design. According to industry insiders, the Skyworth S series, SONY A series, and LG C series can be referred to as “the world’s OLED TV three flagship series.” And this time, the new S82 delivered a slew of unexpected highlights.

Skyworth OLED TV S82 has a 4K 120Hz OLED screen body and uses Skyworth 30 picture quality tuning and other self-developed technologies to achieve E 0.86 high color accuracy, 1.5 million:1 ultra-high contrast ratio, and 99.17 percent DCI-P3 wide color gamut, elevating the large-screen audio and video experience to a professional level.

Skyworth S82 has a Skyworth acoustic built-in bass drum, 1.2L net volume large cavity, and total bass power up to 20W. Main channel has two large volume (sound cavity) speakers, a full-range tweeter with a 20mm silk diaphragm, and magnetic steel with aerospace grade magnetic fluid.

The Skyworth S82 is Skyworth’s fourth OBM product and the first to use Skyworth’s front-thin OBM technology, which employs the LGD V21 OLED panel to boost luminous efficiency by 3% over the previous generation. “This reduces the module structure and improves heat dissipation performance by 25%, reduces average temperature by 5 degrees Celsius, and extends the service life of the entire set, making it more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.” Furthermore, thanks to Skyworth’s self-developed one-piece stamping and folding process, the S82 body is more robust and compact, with an overall module thickness of 3.9mm.

The design of the Skyworth S82 is inspired by the “sea and sky.” Every wave shimmers and rhythmic due to the sea’s breathing. Skyworth S82 includes Skyworth mood ambient light, which can change depending on different modes of power on, power off, and full-time AI voice assistant, giving the sense of technology a more animated charm. The Skyworth S82 has a four-sided bezel-less full-screen, a flat one-piece rear shell, a starry back panel, and a square base, giving it a modern, technological, and fashionable appearance.

Skyworth S82 OLED TV

Skyworth S82 is equipped with a TrensAI® EYE all-time AI bright eye high-input light agile AI camera that supports “intelligent eye” security. The former has a large F1.8 aperture and can achieve 45° horizontally and 25° vertically to meet user demands for remote calls and panoramic family photos. Based on the development and customization of the cool open system, the “intelligent eye” can be deeply linked with the wisdom of the system, to achieve intelligent voice call, multi-way display, picture-in-picture display, AI motion tracking, AI noise detection, intelligent message push, and other intelligent visual products home scenarios, to provide users with care for the elderly and young, intelligent warning, entertainment interaction, and so on.

Services that are diverse.

Skyworth OLED TV S82 is available in four sizes: 55, 65, 77, and 83, with the 55 and 65 models currently on the market. Skyworth South China Home Appliance Review Room recently reviewed the 65 S82; here’s a detailed look.