Presenting Beautiful Music Jbl Wave 300tws True Wireless Headphones Review

[Bestbuy618DIY Hardware Channel] Because of their wireless and portable qualities, TWS true wireless Bluetooth headphones have become the entry device for the majority of users to embrace the wireless audio experience. A TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset with both quality and sound quality is equivalent to indirectly improving the quality of life; with the release of Bluetooth version 5.2, connection stability is guaranteed; and high-quality Bluetooth protocol, which was once the most confusing “anti-interference” ability is considered a good solution.

JBL’s latest JBL WAVE 300TWS true wireless headphones use Bluetooth 5.2 technology to provide users with a more exciting daily life, beautiful music without interruption. JBL WAVE 300TWS true wireless headphones charging compartment with a frosted texture, flat square charging compartment outer box design is different from other brands, more distinctive. In comparison to boys’ e-cigarettes and girls’ lipsticks, the JBL WAVE 300TWS has a rounded and compact appearance, making it easy to store in a small bag or pocket.

The charging compartment has a nice feel to it, it’s delicate and compact, it’s smooth, and the damping of the opening lid is good. Charging via Type-C interface, the included wire also uses the JBL exclusive orange, front and back as you wish to plug, very convenient; even at night when the light is poor, you do not have to worry about inaccuracy; open the charging compartment, the headset is also made of frosted material, and magnetic ground is very solid, to prevent falling, causing unnecessary damage. JBL WAVE 300TWS is extremely accommodating to friends with both small and large hands.

JBL WAVE 300TWS and earbud type headphones differ in that they do not take the earbud set, but instead have a semi-open structure, with a circle of silicone only in the outer ring to increase friction, not invade the ear canal, more comfortable to wear; to ensure a certain degree of sealing, while enhancing friction, wear more stable. Sound quality, the new 12mm dynamic coil upgrade, with JBL enhanced low frequency sound, natural sound, rich in detail, clear and pleasing to the Tuning fully exploits the advantages of a large dynamic unit, making it loose and natural, but low frequency volume and texture performance are excellent, making many tracks very soothing and beautiful.

In the auditioned tracks, for example, Billie Eilish’s raspy airy voice and pop music are ideal for this, and the bass effect is very noticeable. Furthermore, Michael Jackson’s signature sound, which is uniquely penetrating, has a sense of envelopment from the volume of low frequencies, and the sound also adds a slight flavor to the mid and high frequencies, bringing a better artistic and emotional appeal and providing the same clean and airy listening experience.

In terms of other features, the official range data has significantly improved over the previous generation, with 6 hours (headset life) and 20 hours (charging bin life) respectively. These days, every morning and evening commute takes less than two hours, in addition to the first full, and after that does not charge, the general use of a week’s worth of problems. JBL WAVE 300TWS true wireless headphones with IPX2 waterproof anti-sweat, can withstand daily exercise and light rain weather; Bluetooth 5.2 technology, the connection speed and stability are good, the first time after a good connection can be quickly connected; dual connection, the left and right headphones can be used separately, single binaural switch is also fast, not missing every note is also more power saving

JBL WAVE 300TWS true wireless headset operation is touch, the function default is any headset click to pause, double-click to answer/hang up, fast forward, three-click fast back, etc.