Prepare For The Rainy Season And Humidity To Say Goodbye Philips Air Dehumidifier De3203 Experience Review

The southern region is frequently affected by humidity throughout the year. Every year, from March to April, the southern part of South China is affected by the return of southern weather, which includes cloudy weather and high air humidity; from mid-June to early July, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River experience the rainy season, which includes continuous cloudy rain and increased humidity. Humid weather causes many inconveniences in daily life, such as clothing that cannot dry, moldy furniture, and home appliances that are easily damaged by moisture.

More importantly, excessive humidity will have a negative impact on health, such as easy to breed mold, mold can easily cause nasal congestion, sore throat, cough, eye or skin inflammation. Research shows that the most suitable humidity range for human body is 40 percent-60 percent, and the humidity in the rainy season is usually above 80 percent, so dehumidification becomes a top priority for areas affected by the rainy season. As a result, some people use newspaper to absorb moisture, salt water mopping, or placing moisture inhibitors, activated carbon, and other methods, which can play a role in dehumidification, but the effect is very limited, because these moisture-absorbing materials can accommodate a very limited amount of moisture, and it is easy to saturate.

Now, most air conditioners also come with dehumidification function, the principle of air conditioning dehumidification is: when the air conditioning The moisture in the air is condensed into water when the room air is sucked in by the fan of the indoor unit and passes through the evaporator, which then sinks into a drainage pipe and leads to the outdoors to be discharged. Air conditioners specialize in cooling and heating, and dehumidification is not their specialty. So air conditioning dehumidification has obvious disadvantages, such as air conditioning evaporator heat absorption causing the room temperature to drop, in addition to water vapor condensation into water beads attached to the walls, furniture, and often several kilowatts of air conditioning, dehumidification energy consumption is high.

Furthermore, if the independent dehumidification function is activated, the repeated opening and closing of the compressor can cause damage to the compressor, reducing its service life.

Dehumidifiers are far more professional when compared to dehumidification less, low efficiency of air conditioning. The fan will be inhaled through the humid air dehumidifier machine, after the filter, through the heat exchanger, and the heat exchanger surface contact exchange heat, then the water molecules in the air condensed into water droplets, gathered in the water container, after the heat exchanger treatment of dry air out of the machine, so constantly cycle, to achieve the purpose of dehumidification. Philips recently released air dehumidifier DE3203, the official claim of daily dehumidification capacity of up to 25 liters (30 °C RH80 percent), the maximum applicable area of 63 square meters, and fast dehumidification ability, 50.6 minutes to complete 30 living room dehumidification, 25.3 minutes to complete 15 bedroom dehumidification. And with a fast drying function, you can solve the problem of not having enough underwear to wear during the rainy season.

It is worth noting that the dehumidification speed of dehumidifiers varies depending on the temperature and humidity levels. A third-party laboratory tested the dehumidification performance of the Philips Air Dehumidifier DE3203 according to the GB/T19411-2003 standard, which is based on a room of 30 cubic meters, 90 percent to 60 percent relative humidity, and a temperature of 35°C. Theoretical analysis The results may vary at different temperatures due to the presence of factors such as natural ventilation, moisture release, or absorption.

Philips Air Dehumidifier DE3203 So, how does the Philips Air Dehumidifier DE3203 actually perform and can it cope with the upcoming rainy season? Is the cumulative dehumidification capacity enough? How about the dehumidification speed? And, finally, is the dry clothes function good?

Cumulative dehumidification capacity testDehumidification rate test (90 percent down to 60 percent)Dry Clothes Test The results of our series of tests are comparable to or better than the official claimed data, regardless of the cumulative dehumidification amount or dehumidification rate. Can be measured in the home environment to produce such results, proving that Philips air dehumidifier DE3203 dehumidification strength, dehumidification performance is still very powerful. Test one: 1 hour dehumidification ability test Philips air dehumidifier DE3203 dehumidification capacity of 25 L / day (30 °C, RH90 percent) The size of the dehumidification capacity is determined by the machine’s performance, but it is also affected by the ambient temperature and humidity.

The higher the temperature and humidity, the greater the dehumidifier’s daily dehumidification capacity. Let’s begin with a 1-hour dehumidification capacity test.

Close the doors and windows in a 15-person bedroom. To meet the temperature and humidity requirements of the test, use the air conditioner to raise the temperature to 30°C and then the humidifier to raise the humidity to 90 percent.

Turn on the dehumidifier, set the humidity to 40%, and the wind speed to 3 gears (the highest grade). At this time, the dehumidifier LED light ring display is red, indicating that the difference between indoor humidity and preset humidity is greater than 15. After 1 hour of dehumidification operations, the water tank has been a lot of water, poured into the m Because our test was conducted in an airtight environment, the test results will be slightly deviated because there is air circulation in the real environment.

We continued to test the cumulative dehumidification capacity of Philips Air Dehumidifier DE3203 for 3 hours and 6 hours, and the test data statistics are as follows. This is a little faster than the official claim of 25.3 minutes can be 15 bedroom humidity from 90% to 60%.

We also discovered that the humidity dropped quickly from 90% to 70%, while the 70% to 60% phase took longer. Test 2: Bathroom test In a bathroom of about 7, close the windows and doors. Turn on the bathroom bath and hot water, and the humidity in the bathroom quickly reached 30.4°C and 90.6 percent, proving that the Philips Air Dehumidifier DE3203 could reduce humidity in a 7-person bedroom from 90 percent to 60 percent in 11.8 minutes. According to the official description, the data was tested by a third-party laboratory in accordance with the GB/T19411-2003 standard and was based on a room of 30 cubic meters, 90 percent to 60 percent relative humidity, and 35 °C conditions for the test of theoretical calculations.

When the temperature and humidity reached the standard after turning on the dehumidifier for testing, the target humidity was set to 60 percent, and the wind speed was set to 3 gear. We will pour the water in the tank into the measuring cup, resulting in a dehumidification amount of about 160 ml. If you are in an environment with a drain, such as a bathroom, you can drain the water directly to the drain using the hose that comes with it.

Test three: actual checkroom test Finally, we chose the checkroom with the smallest space (approximately 5 m2). Again, we used the air conditioner to raise the temperature to around 30°C, and then we used the humidifier to increase the humidity to around 90%. This part of the test was to see if Philips’ claim of 8.4 minutes to reduce the humidity of a 5 bedroom from 90 percent to 60 percent could be met. When the temperature and humidity reached the standard after turning on the dehumidifier for testing, the target humidity was set to 60 percent, and the air speed was set to 3 (maximum gear).

After the actual test, the humidity in the checkroom was reduced to 60 percent after 8 minutes 09 seconds or so. Dry clothes test environment for 30 minutes in a closed space with a humidity of 60% and a temperature of 25 °C.

We wet a white T-shirt with a weight of 252g (pallet weight 471g) and then wrung it out, adding about 82g of moisture. Dry T-shirt Damp T-shirt Switch the Philips Air Dehumidifier DE3203 to dry mode and hang the clothes above the air outlet. After a period of time, when the clothes are dry to the touch, they are weighed again, at which point the electronic scale shows a weight of 709g, close Common sense dictates that in the rainy season without the sun, a piece of clothing requires at least two to three days of natural drying time.

And it will take at least one day if it is not raining. The drying effect of the Philips Air Dehumidifier DE3203 is still impressive.

The Philips air dehumidifier DE3203 body is white, with a black top touch panel and air outlet. In terms of appearance and design, it is very similar to the Philips air purifier. The overall structure adheres to the logic of simplicity, with no physical buttons; at the top are touch control buttons, and from left to right are power switch, auto mode, dry mode, manual mode, humidity setting, light switch, auto wind speed, and timing. The display is in the center, and it displays the current ambient humidity in real time.

When you turn on the dehumidifier, the wind guide plate opens, with a 0-90 degree adjustable range, and you can push it to the bottom of the drying rack when you need to dry clothes. The wind speed can be adjusted from 1-3 levels, and the humidity level can be set to 40%, 50%, 60%, or 70%.

The aromatherapy box is set at the air outlet and can be taken out separately, putting in the replaceable aromatherapy filler pads and adding 2-3 drops of essential oil to add a pleasant fragrance to your home during the day or night. When performing bathroom dehumidification, the aromatherapy function can remove odors, and when drying clothes, the aromatherapy function can make the washed clothes also carry a comfortable fragrance. The back is divided into two parts, the upper part is the air inlet, the external removable back cover, can effectively block dust, and the bottom half is the water tank, you can see the water level display without opening.

Water tank in the form of a drawer with a capacity of 4 liters When the water tank is full, the machine will beep and the display’s indicator light will illuminate. In the rainy season with high humidity, it should be dumped at least 2-3 times per day. The excessively long power cord can be wound up. Because the net weight of the machine is 13.84KG, it will be more convenient to move using the pulley.

The Philips Air Dehumidifier DE3203’s actual performance is very close to the claimed time from the bedroom, bathroom, and checkroom tests. The 1 hour dehumidification performance is excellent, and the rated dehumidification capacity is adequate; additionally, the practical drying function can effectively solve the rainy season’s number one problem, no longer having to worry about not having enough clothes to wear.

The machine comes with a roller and a 0-90 degree adjustable louvered plate to provide a convenient dry clothes. The aromatherapy box design, so that the aroma with airflow quickly spread to the entire house, in addition to dehumidification, can also remove odors; the simple white design is very compatible with the home environment, smooth body lines, a small footprint, in addition to dehumidification, you can even ignore its existence; The LED color light ring provides an intuitive dehumidification results display, and the design is very similar to Philips air purification.

The Philips air dehumidifier DE3203’s entire mission is probably to dehumidify quickly and easily. The rainy season has arrived, and a dehumidifier that is not a false standard can help you not only say goodbye to humidity, but also safely navigate the dilemma of not having enough underwear.