Photography Academy: Taking Pictures Too Stiff? Tianji Net Editorial Teach You How To “natural Pose”

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] “Move to the side again!” “Don’t be so stiff ah, smile a little!” “Why are you so unphotogenic……” Since it is taking pictures, it is best to show your true self. If they are happy on the line, we do not feel embarrassed. If you are truly embarrassed, Bestbuy618 Xiaobian will teach you a few more “natural” poses.

Photographic equipment: an OPPO Reno2 Who: The person taking the shot, the photographer Location: Anywhere is fine Serious frontal photos can no longer meet everyone’s photo needs, but they are also too single, so you can shoot our rarely “photographed” back photos. Of course, shooting people can pretend to walk or run, it is best to choose an uphill location to take pictures, remember to straighten the legs, the photographer can stand below the shooting, and to shoot vertically, or the camera is likely to shoot people who are short and round, such as the sample picture below.

OPPO Reno2 shooting sample photos Once you’ve mastered the ability to take a back photo, it’s also a good idea to practice taking a side photo. The side shot can be used to avoid these flaws, and there are numerous ways to take one, such as pulling your hair back and exposing your side face, or using your hair or hat to cover your face, making it appear smaller. But the most important thing is temperament; the side shot will be the shoulders, with the back shot also down; if the subject hunches back, shrinking shoulders, there is no temperament; therefore, the side shot must be head up straight back. However, when shooting the more petite shooting characters, it is best to squat a little lower, so that the shooting characters are more friendly; models standing sideways do not require too much action, holding the chest against the wall is very natural, of course, you can also choose some cute, arms forward a little swing is also possible, such as this.OPPO Reno2 shooting samples To get a sense of long legs, you must have a visual progression of auxiliary objects, and the subject’s feet must be at the bottom of the framing, so that the subject’s legs will be visually long.

The subject must also be as far as possible (hard!) toe To reach forward, so that visually will also feel long legs.

OPPO Reno2 sample imagesOPPO Reno2 sample images

If you really can’t avoid frontal shots, try only taking half-body photos, which are also good for managing expressions and enriching body movements.OPPO Reno2 sample photos You can let the photographer capture, capture is very natural, but it is possible to capture a thousand pictures and not find a normal photo, such as the sample below, who knows what the lady saw at the time?

In fact, the frontal half-body photo can avoid the shortcomings of the subject to shoot out, but if the scene allows it, you can still take a full-body photo, but the scene area must be larger. When taking a half-body photo, the shooter should be higher than the subject, but when taking a full-body photo, you can’t shoot like this, you’ll get a dwarf look in minutes. If you like to squat in a corner to take funny pictures, like this model lady, you need to squat sideways to shoot, legs can be naturally bent, you can also make a little longer to stretch forward, hands really don’t hold the chin

Of course, this is due to the combination of the OPPO Reno2’s 48-megapixel HD main camera 13-megapixel telephoto lens 116° ultra-wide angle black and white style quad-camera. The 48-megapixel HD main camera has an F/1.7 large aperture and OIS optical stabilization; the 116° ultra-wide angle can accommodate a wider range of scenery and also supports wide-angle anti-distortion; the 13-megapixel telephoto lens is an upright telephoto lens; the three cameras with different focal lengths work in tandem to complete the hybrid optical zoom from ultra-wide angle to telephoto up to 5x, 20x digital zoom capability, similar to Takumar. When the OPPO Reno2 intelligently recognizes the environment for the state of low light, the phone will automatically enter the night mode, and through the AI algorithm for single frame / multi-frame Raw format photo optimization, the final output will be a brighter image, which you may not imagine if you have not seen the real environment. Despite the fact that not many features are used in this article, the image strength of the OPPO Reno2 is still very powerful; if you take a selfie, you will gain more insights, and all kinds of expressions of letting go will appear in your own phone.

The front camera on the OPPO Reno2 is equipped with a 16-megapixel AI intelligent beauty lens, after the beauty effect of the portrait face rosy, fair skin, look very eye-catching characters; new portrait mode 2.0 OPPO Reno2 can make the camera shot focus on the subject more prominent, the background image will be defocused, more layered, simply do not need a third-party APP selfie

In fact, we all understand the reason, but we just can’t take good-looking photos, if you’re interested, you might want to try a few of my recommended “natural pose” method, but the above is a serious nonsense, pure entertainment, should not have the same.