Performance And Thinness At The Same Time! Honor Magicbook 16 Pro Dragon Edition Experience

[Bestbuy618 Notebook Channel] Glory has been committed to providing users with high-value laptops since the release of the first MagicBook in 2019. During National Day, many friends asked me if there is a thin and light performance book that is recommended for both gaming and portability to meet all needs at once. The Gloria MagicBook 16 Pro Dragon Edition, which was released at the end of September, is a good balance of performance and thin and light two core needs, and is naturally a good choice for friends.

The MagicBook 16 Pro Dragon Edition is upgraded with AMD’s Dragon 7 5800H processor, 144Hz gaming ideal screen, and Nvidia RTX 3050 discrete graphics card to ensure that the MagicBook 16 Pro can output strong performance. Furthermore, despite having such a high specification configuration, the MagicBook 16 Pro Sharp Dragon Edition weighs only 1.87kg, making it easy to carry.

So, how is the experience of using the MagicBook 16 Pro Dragon Edition? I have experienced the MagicBook 16 Pro for nearly a week, here is a look at the experience. Appearance and design As I mentioned earlier, the MagicBook 16 Pro Dragon Edition weighs 1.87kg, making it the thinnest product among the laptops with R.

Honor designed the ultimate in size as a notebook with a 16.1-inch screen, with a 368mm 236mm 18.2mm body size that can easily fit into a variety of backpacks.

The Honor MagicBook 16 Pro Sharp Dragon Edition maintains Honor’s classic full-screen design, with a 16.1-inch screen with an 87.3 percent screen-to-body ratio and only 5.1mm of extremely narrow bezels, making it visually very effective. The Honor MagicBook 16 Pro Sharp Dragon Edition features a classic 16:9 screen with a 1920*1080 screen resolution, a wide color gamut of 100 percent sRGB (typical), a 1000:1 screen contrast ratio, and a maximum brightness of 300 nits. In practice, the color reproduction and brightness performance of the screen are quite good. Another significant benefit of this screen is the gaming-grade refresh rate of 144Hz, which provides a silky smooth experience for both daily viewing of high frame rate videos and gaming.

As an all-around laptop, the Honor MagicBook 16 Pro Sharp Dragon Edition has a more subdued design with a unibody metal body to showcase the premium quality. The A-side of the laptop uses a dark gray frosted process, which is very comfortable to the touch, and the “HONOR” logo in the middle adds a premium texture to the A-side, which is visually very good. The C-side of the keyboard is a traditional laptop keyboard layout, with full independent keys and a full backlight design, to ensure typing accuracy in low-light conditions.

Typing and gaming are both very comfortable with moderate key travel. The 2W array dual speakers on each side of the keyboard support Nahimic gaming-grade sound, which can virtually include 5.1 or 7.1 channel output for a stereo sound effect, and the round fingerprint unlock 2-in-1 power button is cleverly integrated into the right speaker.

This button not only combines fingerprint recognition and power-on functions, but it also allows for one-touch fingerprint unlocking and logging into computer accounts while the device is turned off, significantly improving usage efficiency.

Honor equipped the MagicBook 16 Pro Sharp Dragon Edition with a large touchpad capable of handling daily office tasks. Furthermore, glory in the touchpad integrated NFC unit, glory cell phone touch the touchpad, you can achieve the phone and computer interconnection. The D side of the laptop uses a large area of heat dissipation design, the bottom into the air, from the screen and the body of the spindle part of the export, can quickly drop the body inside the heat away. The three large rubber feet on the bottom ensure the stability of the Honor MagicBook 16 Pro, which will not slide even after long hours of office work or gaming.

The left side of the body has two USB-C ports (USB 3.2 Gen1) and an HDMI 2.0 interface; two full-featured USB-C ports are available for charging, video output, and data transmission; and the right side of the body has two USB-A ports (USB 3.2 Gen1) and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The graphics card is the latest generation of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Laptop, with built-in 16 groups of 2048 CUDA, matched with a capacity of 4GB, 128-Bit bit width, 11Gbps rate of GDDR6 video memory. In terms of storage, the Honor MagicBook 16 Pro Dragon Edition comes standard with 16GB DDR4-3200 memory, I learned through disassembly, memory from SK Hynix to provide CJR particles, The cooling fan employs a high-density S-shaped slim fan blade, which enables the notebook to better control temperature and reduce noise.

After reviewing the hardware specifications of the Honor MagicBook 16 Pro Sharp Dragon Edition, I chose CineBench R15, AIDA 64, 3Dmark, and AS SSD to test the performance. In the CINEBENCH R15 test, the CPU’s multi-core score was 1940cb, while the RTX 3050’s OpneGL was 150.3fps. Memory, AIDA 64 dual-channel DDR4 3200 MHz memory measured read speed of 46811MB / s,

The Honor MagicBook 16 Pro Sharp Dragon Edition’s RTX 3050 Laptop graphics card scores 10130 and 4465 in 3DMark’s Fire Strike and Time Spy tests, respectively, and 855 single-threaded and 6183 16-threaded in the CPU Profile test. The Honor MagicBook 16 Pro Sharp Dragon Edition can be switched to high performance mode by pressing the Fn P keys. I used FurMark in high performance mode to perform a single bake test on the graphics card, and the RTX3050 power consumption of the entire card is stable at around 55W after nearly 30 minutes of testing.

The maximum temperature of the graphics card is 61 °C, indicating that the overall situation is not overheating. Honor MagicBook 16 Pro Dragon Edition is equipped with a 144Hz refresh rate gaming screen, and I chose “Shadow of the Tomb RaiderDark Shadow” for testing.

The screen was set to 1080p ultra-high quality. In the hardware performance test, the Honor MagicBook 16 Pro Sharp Dragon Edition average frame rate is 52FPS, smoothly playing 3A without pressure.

To fully unleash the CPU and GPU performance of the Honor MagicBook 16 Pro Sharp Dragon Edition, Honor includes a 135W USB-C charger, which can not only fast charge the Honor notebook, but also fast charge the Honor phone to meet the use of multiple devices.

As Honor Ecology’s “killer app,” MagicBook 16 Pro Dragon Edition will also support this cutting-edge technology. Multi-screen collaboration bridges the gap between Android and Windows, achieving true interoperability. Users can achieve seamless collaboration among laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other Gloria products using Gloria’s multi-screen collaboration technology to share resources across devices, collaborate on operations, and significantly improve work efficiency. As I mentioned earlier, another feature of the touchpad is the NFC module prepared for multi-screen collaboration; users only need to touch the cell phone and tablet NFC that support multi-screen collaboration.

In addition to sharing the clipboard, users can open three mobile applications on the computer screen at the same time, allowing one main and two secondary windows to work simultaneously. Users can also drag and drop images, videos, and other files between phones and computers at will, eliminating the need for time-consuming preparation. It is also worth noting that Glory will be releasing the glory MagicBook 16 Pro sharp dragon version of the collaboration function upgrade in November this year, when the PC and Pad, PC wisdom screen will be able to collaborate, which is something to look forward to.

Experience Summary As a performance product positioned as a thin and light book, the Honor MagicBook 16 Pro Dragon Edition is a good balance of thinness and portability and strong hardware performance. 1.87kg is a very light weight for a notebook with RTX 3050-class graphics, and the ultra-narrow bezel design ensures that it is as portable as 15.6-inch products.

The exclusive multi-screen synergy, Rex 7 5800H, and RTX 3050 discrete graphics make it simple to meet gamers’ needs. The 16.1-inch 1080P, 144Hz refresh rate screen is easy to handle for both FPS games and 3A titles, and its pricing of 7299 yuan can be described as cost-effective in the face of such an all-around laptop; interested partners can purchase from the Glory Mall, a major e-commerce platform.