Perfect Lock Fresh Food God Can Be Expected Hisense Food God Refrigerator Experience Review

Preface As a food lover, eating is far from enough; not only will I eat, but I will also do in order to be a qualified “food” expert. To make the full flavor of the food, the author believes that cooking techniques and cooking skills are important, but the freshness of the ingredients, to a certain extent, determines the deliciousness of the dish, fresh ingredients no matter how to cook, the finished product will not disappoint, of course, “dark cuisine” will be another story. If you want to make delicious dishes, you need fresh ingredients, so the author of the home refrigerator freshness is very important.

Recently, Hisense’s God of Food refrigerator piqued my interest; the name “God of Food” must not disappoint in terms of freshness. It also claims to be a full-field purification system, combining sterilization, odor purification, moisturizing, and vinyl removal all in one, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this refrigerator performs. Middle word symmetry Cure your OCD In the focus on the value of today, we are not only pursuing the function of the refrigerator, but we also have a lot of expectations.

Refrigerator as the kitchen C, its appearance can fit our home decoration style is very important, which also decided the appearance of the refrigerator must be able to impress consumers. Hisense eclipse refrigerator as its name, symmetrical in the word design pleasing to the eye, curing the OCD crowd, the overall thickness of only 65cm, can be completely embedded in the cabinet, saving more space for the home.

The front side is made of a cold-touch glass panel, and the frosting process of the lingering glaze gives it a ceramic-like warm luster. Linglong glaze with brushed metal texture looks more exquisite and fashionable, and can be perfectly integrated into a variety of home furnishing environments without affecting the overall style of the home. The texture of the glass panel surface is very exquisite, as crafts, even if the appearance of greasy dirt, only a light wipe can be restored as before.

Hisense eclipse refrigerator in the glass surface at the edge of the rounded polishing treatment, so do not worry about the glass edge will affect the daily use. Another “child lock” is to lock and unlock the refrigerator button; it is worth noting that, whether it is unlocked or locked, it is necessary to long press three seconds. The overall appearance of the refrigerator is basically these; in a nutshell, Hisense eclipse refrigerator with exquisite and stylish appearance ushered in the pursuit of a more sophisticated life crowd love, in addition to the details are also very thoughtful.

We look down together because the outside is so, and the inside will not let us down. Reasonable layout Say goodbye to chaos.

As the name implies, the Hisense food God refrigerator has five doors, the freezer and freezer are open to the door, the volume of the freezer is 228 liters, the volume of the freezer is 151 liters, and the volume of the greenhouse is 41 liters. The volume is just right for a family of three. When we open the freezer door, we can see that the freezer design is neat and orderly, with the top lighting, bringing a transparent visual enjoyment, so that the bright storage of freshness at the bottom of the eyes. The shelves on both sides are reasonably distributed, so you can put a lot of drinks and get them easily and effortlessly.

We will now use Hisense Gusteau refrigerator to test the freshness of ingredients. First, we prepared two copies of the same ingredients: pears, vegetables, and through the two kinds of moisture more fruit and vegetables we can get more convincing data. We placed one in the daily environment and the other in the freshness space of Hisense Food God refrigerator to test its appearance, color, and weight change for 20 hours.

Pear changes in the daily environment Pear changes in the refrigerator The weight of the pears changed dramatically The weight of the pear placed in the daily environment decreased by 4g compared to 20 hours ago, whereas the weight of the pear placed in Hisense Food God refrigerator decreased by 2g compared to 20 hours ago, and the degree of water loss was only one-half of that in the daily environment, indicating that Hisense Food God refrigerator has a very powerful moisturizing ability in the wet zone. We will place a piece of frozen steak in the regular environment and another piece in the Hisense Gusteau refrigerator freezer for 20 hours to see how it changes.

Variation of steak in daily environment After wiping away the blood and water, the steak was weighed again, and you can see that the color of the steak thawed in the daily environment has turned into pig liver color, and there is a lot of juice flowing out, so I am afraid that biting into the steak will be difficult when it is fried again. We weighed the steak again after wiping off the blood and discovered that it weighed 4g less. The change of steak in the refrigerator environment Weighing again after wiping off the blood, we can see that the steak thawed in the refrigerator, it does not have too much juice out, indicating that most of the steak’s juices are locked in the meat, the color is bright red, and the meat is more elastic.

After wiping away a small amount of blood and water and weighing it on an electronic scale, the weight obtained almost did not change; however, in comparison to the steak in the daily environment, the weight was reduced by 4g, and the color of the meat was very dull, no longer bright red, and is not recommended for consumption.

Hisense Gusteau refrigerator purposefully set up a fruit and vegetable preservation space and wet and dry exclusive space to better store different types of ingredients. The wet and dry space on the left can freely adjust the humidity in the space, with three levels of low, medium, and high humidity, which can better preserve some dry goods, such as valuable tea, wolfberry, dried mushrooms, and so on.

As you can see, there is a clear humidity distinction between dry and wet exclusive storage space, which can meet the humidity environment needs of various ingredients. We will dry mushrooms, dried fungus, ginseng, nuts, and tea, as well as other dry goods, in a wet and dry space. Of course, babies require milk powder placed in the wet and dry exclusive space in a low humidity environment is also very suitable, low humidity environment less moisture, milk powder will not condense into lumps, can be better preserved. Fruit and vegetable preservation area humidity measured 83.3 percent, suitable for apples, duck pears, cauliflower and other fruits and vegetables of sufficient moisture.

We all know that the humidity in the refrigerator is high, making bacteria easy to breed, but the metal material is not easy to breed bacteria. The back plate is also engraved with a water moist breeze channel, and we can see that this metal back plate has a lot of small holes, with a temperature difference of about 0.3°C between two small holes, effectively reducing the refrigeration blind spot. Gusteau refrigerator achieves constant temperature preservation and hydration effect through the 328 micro-hole air, and the lower part is written “HCC purification freshness guardian,” which means that Hisense Gusteau refrigerator is to purify the odor in the freezer, adjust the humidity to preserve freshness, and inhibit bacteria.

According to the official introduction, this is the key to the God of food can clean smell, bacteria and freshness, which contains precious metals, can purify, decomposition room odor; which palladium can also remove the room ethylene, to avoid ripening ingredients; precious metal itself can effectively remove a variety of anti-bacterial ability of floating bacteria. We now close the freezer to look at the greenhouse, which has two superconducting freezing trays and nine temperature changes ranging from 5 to -20°C to extend the freshness time of ingredients and meet the freshness needs of different ingredients.

We can see a protruding sterilization device in the back of the greenhouse that says “sterilization”, “purification”, “freshness”, and below it there are many small holes, the role of these small holes and the role of the small holes in the freezer are similar, so I won’t go into detail here. The freezer has four quick-freeze spaces and two open freezer spaces, so many freezer spaces are more convenient for raw and cooked storage. In the hot summer days, the open freezer space can be placed in the mobile ice machine to make a glass of cold drinks.

The sterilization device on the freezer door is labeled “sterilization”, “purification”, “freshness”, or “freshness preservation”. Gusteau refrigerator three rooms have similar words, from here we can see that Hisense Gusteau refrigerator is very much focused on the function of sterilization, in order to ensure the health and safety of ingredients, it has sterilization, odor purification function in all rooms, to achieve the level of refrigeration, freezing, greenhouse full field purification.

The data recorded by the RC-4 professional tester was then cleared and placed in the variable temperature chamber for testing. We can see from the readings that the temperature inside the variable temperature chamber is very stable, with a temperature change of no more than 0.5°C. The temperature control effect is excellent. The constant temperature allows the ingredients to pass quickly through the ice crystal belt, keeping them fresh for a long time, and the smaller the temperature fluctuation makes them taste better and lose less nutrition! Moms and dads can use the greenhouse to store breast milk and baby food separately, so they don’t have to worry about losing protein, vitamins, and other nutrients.

As an OCD patient, the symmetrical design of the middle letter perfectly cures my OCD, the frosted texture of the lingering glaze is full of texture, and the freshness locking performance is excellent. With such a strong freshness locking performance, do we still need to worry that the stored ingredients are not fresh enough? Of course, I am most satisfied with its wet and dry exclusive space and full-field purification sterilization, with these I no longer need to worry about the tea at home not being able to be saved, finally able to hoard more tea, which I believe that every tea lover can not resist!