Pay Attention To Your Concerns Suning Extreme Small Biu Smart Camera Review

Suning Smart Retail’s new species “Suning Extreme,” adhering to the concept of “tribute to the good life,” Suning Extreme has a comprehensive three-dimensional interpretation of the word “extreme” is one of the few domestic e-commerce companies that have taken the boutique route to build their own brands. The term “pole” has been interpreted broadly and in three dimensions, and many products in the line have been well received by customers. Suning intelligent products 2019 spring conference in March this year, Suning brought a new member to the small Biu family – Suning small Biu smart camera, designed for small families to create a full range of AI high-definition care artifact, 24 h all-round guarding your home, attention to your concerns. Suning small Biu smart camera packaging uses a minimalist design style, white background color symbolizes the senior and technology, but also gives a pure visual effect.

The front of the box primarily displays the product, with the Suning Group label in the upper left corner. The main features and product logos are printed on the back of the box.

The slogan of Suning small Biu smart camera “attention to your attention” is printed on the side of the box. Suning small Biu smart camera adopts a lovely egg-shaped design, relying on the concept of bionics, the appearance of frosted spraying and elegant white can be better integrated into the home. Accessories are relatively simple, mainly charging cable, manual and base accessories, whether placed on the desktop, windowsill, bedside, or hanging on the roof, wall, can easily cope with, to meet the various directions of indoor guarding. In addition, the product includes a 940nm light pollution-free infrared fill light.

Users no longer have to worry about visible infrared light disturbing their sleep, and the camera’s night vision capability has been greatly improved, so that even in the dark, they can enjoy a clear night vision picture, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Above the main camera is a light sensor, and below it is a microphone.

Suning small Biu smart camera is equipped with a breathing light in the center of the machine, when the product is used and connected, there will be different color light effect to remind, while the bottom is the rotating head, support 360 degree panoramic view, can realize the horizontal 360 ° rotation of the product, the camera up supports 50 ° down 10 ° adjustment, also has a wide angle of view of 110 °, even if you do not move the camera can realize the full ra

The lower half of the product has a Biu label on the front and a speaker on the side, with the only thing exposed on the Suning small Biu smart camera being the power connector, which is set on the lower back of the product. The bottom of the camera is equipped with four non-slip feet to facilitate the product’s solid placement, and the middle is the corresponding product logo.

You can download the Suning Smart APP by scanning the manual or the QR code on the back of the box, and after installing the APP, you can connect the Suning XiaoBiu smart camera. After successful connection, you can see the new smart camera products in My Devices on the main page of Suning Smart APP, and you can also know whether the camera is online or offline in real time, and click into the corresponding settings and monitoring screen of the small Biu smart cam.

On the mobile side of the smart camera, the screen is divided into three main blocks: the product category at the top, the corresponding function setting collection page on the right side, the real-time camera shooting screen in the middle, and the main function point at the bottom. It is also worth noting that the Suning XiaoBiu smart camera supports two-way call function, which can be accessed by simply clicking the microphone icon at the bottom of the interface. Experience Suning small Biu smart camera equipped with 1080P HD camera, support HD shooting and video, from the cell phone side of the real-time screenshot screen is easy to see that the monitoring screen performance is still relatively good, the picture is clear and bright, color reproductivity is good.

To ensure the smooth operation of the monitoring process, the product also supports three types of picture quality monitoring: smooth, standard definition, and high-definition, in order to meet the guarding needs of different network environments.

Suning small Biu smart camera is equipped with a rotating PTZ base, users can easily achieve 360 ° panoramic monitoring through the APP, the APP page direction control and monitoring screen sliding can achieve the camera position adjustment. Suning small Biu smart camera also supports fixed-point timing cruise function, set the location of home monitoring points in advance, the product is equipped with a rotating PTZ base, users can easily achieve 360 ° panoramic monitoring through the APP, the APP page direction control and monitoring screen sliding can achieve the When performing humanoid movement tracking, the product can also effectively reduce false alarms caused by pet activity, window fluttering, or light changes, demonstrating its intelligence.

Suning small Biu smart camera also has a cry detection function, intelligent recognition of baby cries, can be the first time to parents push notification, timely solution to the baby’s needs, but also to play personalized children’s songs on the baby’s emotions to appropriate soothing, rich personalized children’s songs for users to choose at will, to meet the different styles of song selection. Suning Extreme adheres to t in the video recording Suning small Biu smart camera using AES symmetric encryption algorithm, using HTTPS for key transmission, 128-bit NAL encryption of the video encoding stream, symbol encryption, abnormal login alert and other multiple security mechanisms, so users can use with peace of mind. Small Biu smart camera with powerful features and excellent quality assurance, making its listing that it has become a new product of great interest, with a large wide-angle lens, infrared night vision, cry detection, AI human detection, panoramic cruise, 1080P ultra-clear shooting and other features, enough to have enough competitiveness in the field of smart cameras, and the 199 yuan price is enough to move you to add a smart care for the home Camera.