Overturning The Traditional New Upgrade Haier Killer Whale Z6 Floor Scrubber Experience

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] As people become busier at work, they have less and less time to spend at home. Typically, we live at home, and ground cleaning has been a major issue in household chores. The advancement of technology has finally liberated people from the burden of heavy housework, and there are now an increasing number of cleaning products designed for lazy people, such as steam mops, sweeping robots, and a wide variety of cleaning appliances gradually into the user’s home, bringing a more intelligent cleaning experience.

Cleaning appliances on the market today are also being updated at a faster rate, making them feel instantly out of date. As a result, when selecting cleaning appliances, consumers should be more cautious to keep up with the times and select a product that is more appropriate for their own family situation.

With the scrubber explosion over the last two years, an increasing number of users have begun to select this as a new cleaning appliance. Currently committed to continuously improving the quality of life, innovative lifestyle Haier has released a newly upgraded set of “suction, dragging, washing” in one killer whale Z6 floor scrubber, so that home life becomes more convenient.

According to our review, the Haier killer whale Z6 scrubber is more in line with most people’s standards, regardless of color match or cleaning ability. The main purpose of the operation is also very simple, such as working in the field all year, being concerned about the elderly at home, and having to bend down to clean up the house, which is easy to cause lumbar muscle strain.

Purchasing one to give to the elderly members of the family can be said to save time and effort.

The overall appearance of the Haier killer whale Z6 scrubber face is a simple black and white splicing with a sense of fashion, technology, safety, and reliability of the visual sensory experience, in line with most people’s aesthetic standards today. The overall look is still quite appropriate when placed in the living room or a corner of the balcony.

Here’s a look at the 600ML large-capacity water purification bucket and 550ML large-capacity sewage bucket that come with it. You can also avoid frequent water refilling and waste cleaning during the cleaning process by using these buckets. It is upgraded with enough electricity and then with a large-capacity bucket, increasing the scrubber killer whale endurance, cleaning efficiency, and convenience.

The Haier killer whale Z6 scrubber is equipped with a large intelligent screen with voice function, which can display and voice remind the scrubber’s working status in real time, allowing users to intuitively understand the scrubber’s current operation, power status, and so on. in the process of cleaning the ground, which can be easily operated by the elderly at home

The difference between previous family floor cleaning is the need to go through a number of repetitive and tedious steps such as sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and long time bending down to clean easily cause lumbar muscle strain and ground cleaning effect is not satisfactory. This time, Haier completely overturned the traditional family ground cleaning method, using the suction drag wash one mode, the traditional cleaning tools combined into one, you can open the suction, can also open the wash, can also be opened at the same time, compared to the traditional only support through the wash suction synchronous scrubber can better cope with the needs of the environment such as carpets.

When we activate the scrubbing mode, it performs deep cleaning using live water scrubbing. When we turn on the suction and wash modes at the same time, it is equipped with intelligent sensing dirt technology, which can take corresponding floor cleaning strategies for different dirty scenes, and automatically turn on the powerful mode when it encounters difficult to clean stains. Furthermore, at the time of our review, even the walls and corners of the sanitary corners can be easily handled.

Haier killer whale Z6 scrubber is equipped with intelligent self-cleaning technology, which can intelligently detect the degree of dirt mop, without disassembly and hands, only need to be put on the charging stand, a key can complete the self-cleaning, not only to meet the needs of “lazy people” to free their hands, but also to improve cleaning efficiency, to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

When we open the box, we will also find a bottle of Haier’s cleaning agent, which is a nano-silver disinfectant. It can destroy the structure of bacteria, inhibit bacterial regeneration, and has a fast, long-lasting anti-bacterial ability of nano-silver disinfectant, allowing for rapid ground sterilization with a sterilization rate of up to 99 percent. At the same time, the nano-silver disinfectant itself is extremely safe, non-toxic, and non-chlorine, and the use of the process will not cause harm to human skin and the ground, and will not produce irritating odor, affecting the normal life of users.

The most surprising thing is that the Haier killer whale Z6 scrubber is designed to separate wet and dry garbage, unlike most of our users’ previous scrubbers, which after cleaning the wet and dry garbage mix will breed a lot

We also conducted an experiment for this test because the Haier Killer Whale Z6 scrubber has a strong 15Kpa suction power. It was discovered that it can instantly remove common dirt on the ground such as dust, shells, paper dust, hair, and other common dirt on the ground, as well as dried oil, soy sauce, coffee, and other stubborn stains in the kitchen.

Overall, the Haier killer whale Z6 scrubber provides a good overall experience; the appearance is a black and white splicing of simple collocation, providing a fashionable technology, safe and reliable visual sensory experience that is in line with the aesthetic standards of most people today. Cleaning ability, set suction, dragging, washing in one, suction, wet and dry waste cleaning ability is also very good; for daily handling of household chores, this is an indispensable small ability. Take advantage of the Double Eleven promotion, and hurry up and buy one for your parents!