Osie Ultra-clear Visual Effects Help Oppo Reno Open A Visual Feast

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] I’m not sure when it started, but daily brushing short video became one of the ways for everyone to entertain themselves. Despite the fact that the 1080P screen has essentially become the standard for smartphones, HD movie and picture content has significantly improved people’s visual experience. However, the current short video visual effect is still a little off, causing significant problems for the user experience.

For example, when users open the short video software from the clear and bright system desktop, they can only see the blurred and dark video content; or when users open the small video sent by friends in the high-definition WeChat conversation page, they immediately feel the lack of brightness and color, and the visual imbalance will bring great disparity to the user experience.

How to Enable OSIE Ultra HD Visual Effects

To begin, open the settings, find ‘Display and Brightness,’ click on it, and then drag it to the bottom to find ‘OSIE Ultra HD effect,’ users can turn on OSIE Ultra HD effect, and there will be a small tip to tell the user to support OSIE Ultra HD effect. When you turn on OSIE Ultra HD effect, the video will be much higher definition and more colorful than the original video. Apps that support OSIE Ultra HD effect include Jitterbug, Volcano, WeChat, Weixin, Foton, and Meipai, and when you turn on OSIE Ultra HD effect, the video will be much higher definition and more colorful than the original video.

Of course, users can open the short video software through the system on the right side of the quick sidebar switch, where you can see the OSIE ultra-clear video effect on the option, open the effect is not a simple and brutal jump directly, but from left to right to gradually optimize the contrast between the effect before and after the opening effect, after opening the system will prompt “to enhance the picture quality, the film more clear “.

Steps to Enable OSIE Ultra-clear Vision The OPPO Screen Image Engine, which is OPPO’s self-developed visual optimization technology, is used to enable OSIE Ultra-clear Vision. It inserts algorithms from the bottom of the system to improve the visual effect using OPPO’s self-developed innovative algorithm, and OSIE can render video content in real time while ensuring power consumption. OPPO’s OSIE ultra-clear visual effect is the first in the cell phone industry to support ultra-clear visual effect for short videos, such as WeChat, Jitterbug, WeTV, Racer, Volcano, and Meipai.

The short video that users see after activating the super-clear effect will be brighter and clearer, as well as more vivid and transparent, effectively addressing user experience pain points such as being unable to see the video and the color being dull and light.

In fact, after a long list, you may believe that with today’s technology, watching videos with a blue light, short videos should not be blurred to the point of being unwatchable. However, if you look at the following comparison of the author’s short video in the case of not opening OSIE ultra-clear visual effects and opening OSIE ultra-clear visual effects, you may disagree.

OSIE Ultra HD effect is not enabled (left) OSIE Ultra HD effect is enabled (right) These two comparison images are screenshots taken after I opened a short video with no effect applied. When the phone does not open the OSIE ultra-clear effect, the video screen color is dark and blurred; and after opening the OSIE ultra-clear effect, you can notice an obvious improvement in the picture quality, especially in the brightness of the screen, changing the original short video scene to a more dim view, while the color and sharpness are increased to varying degrees, making the picture look more fine and vivid colors.

The OSIE Ultra HD effect is not enabled (left). The OSIE Ultra HD effect is enabled (right).

In fact, the operating principle of the OSIE Ultra HD video effect is relatively simple to grasp. The encoding stage of the process of uploading videos recorded by users to the platform server is the root cause of poor video display. The simple explanation is that all small videos are blurry, not because the user’s resolution is insufficient, but because the encoder’s encoding bit rate is too low. However, as the bit rate increases, so will the required bandwidth and storage space.

A 1080P video, for example, has a frame size of 6MB. This is the first time the network bandwidth has been exceeded, and the platform’s server has been unable to handle such a large amount of data.

And, to be clear, the reason to brush the short video is also because there is free time to brush. Is there a need for this if you spend most of the traffic brushing the short video? There are bottlenecks in encoding, but the bigger challenge is the decoding process, which is also the perspective of OPPO technology entry. Because the playback side must contend with the various formats of sources on the content provider’s server, and these sources originate from a wider range of terminals, as well as the encoding problem, sensor problem, and user shooting problem, all of which will eventually be expressed in the playback side.

OSIE technology solves the problem of video source quality differences caused by differences in the content provider’s server, differences in the hardware of the encoder and sensor of the cell phone, and uncontrollable factors such as video shooting conditions. OSIE technology addresses the issue of video source quality differences caused by a combination of content provider server differences, hardware differences such as mobile encoders and sensors, and uncontrollable factors such as video shooting conditions. At the same time, the intervention in the video synthesis position means that regardless of whether the video platform uses its own software decoding (Jitterbug, Racer) or hardware decoding (WeChat), OPPO is well positioned to handle it.

To summarize, turning on OSIE Ultra HD Visual Effects allows your phone screen to display more brilliantly, with clearer details and a better sense of vision naturally. Although the OSIE ultra-clear visual effect can improve the visual effect, users should avoid staring at the phone for long periods of time. The phone outside the landscape is also very good.