Oribe T1 Smart Door Lock Experience: Fingerprint Recognition Accurate Support A Number Of Intelligent Protection

[Bestbuy618 Home Appliance Channel] Door locks are essential furniture for every family, and their security factor appeals to a wide range of customers. With the advent of intelligent door locks, many home users will be able to solve the problem of opening the door without a key in a safe and convenient manner. Smart door locks differ from ordinary mechanical locks in that they can be opened by fingerprint, touch screen, cell phone WeChat, and intelligent induction card, among other methods, making it easier to use, especially for the elderly and children.

Many users who have used smart door locks agree that “compared to key unlocking, the fingerprint of the smart door lock is more convenient to open.” Ordinary door locks can only be opened with a key; if the key is lost or forgotten, consumers will need to find a locksmith and spend at least several hundred dollars to unlock the door. However, if the user forgets to bring the key to the smart door lock, the user can open the lock using the recorded fingerprint. Smart door locks, in addition to fingerprint unlocking, also support cell phone Bluetooth unlocking, iris unlocking, and password and other unlocking methods, so that users have a lot less worries after closing the door, smart door lock can guard the door court for the user.

Once a violent lock picking is detected, the smart door lock will issue an alarm sound scare to remind users at home, but also to scare away lock picking; some smart door lock have a network connection, but also through the app for the user to promote the door lock security information, so that users promptly alarm to reduce losses; there are high-end smart door lock has a security system, through the smart gateway to support multiple external sensors, for th At the start of the security anti-cloth function, the user can view the status of the home entrance camera, smart doors and windows, smart speakers, and other smart products via the cell phone app at any time.

However, there are numerous brands of smart door locks available on the market, with prices varying. How to determine whether a smart door lock is good, safe, or not is a problem for consumers who want to purchase smart door locks. So, what kinds of smart door locks work well, and how will they perform in actual use? Next, Bestbuy618 review laboratory to e-commerce hot selling Oribe T1 smart door lock, for example, from the product’s value, unlocking mode, intelligent features, and security performance test four aspects of the smart door lock for detailed evaluation experience, interested partners may wish to understand.

Open the black box, inside and outside the two lock bodies are SMART LOCK and Oubre English names, all other accessories are well organized in the sponge partition, the left box is the lock cylinder and guide plate, On the right side, there are eight and five batteries, a power plug, a smart gateway, a data cable, emergency keys, and various installation accessories. The workmanship of the Orebo T1 smart door lock is still good, the door lock feels very textured, the accessories are also more humane, in addition to instructions, keys, but also with batteries, when the after-sales installer arrives, easy to install and use.


Oribo T1 smart door lock: with 304 stainless steel lock body The O-Ribe T1 smart door lock body has a very high face value. The inner and outer door handles are made of German super B grade pure copper lock core with austenitic 304 stainless steel C grade lock body, which can achieve financial grade explosion-proof and anti-pry ability, and the security level exceeds that of traditional lock cores. The overall appearance is very upscale due to the use of pure gold plating treatment on metal handles and black panels.

This time, Bestbuy618 Review Lab installed the smart door lock by itself, from unpacking to installing the lock in a relatively short period of time, most likely due to the frequent installation of smart door locks, in the installation of Oribe T1 smart door lock more smoothly, think it is easy to install.

The door lock is simple to install; however, users are advised to have professional after-sales installation performed when purchasing. The door handle feels good and comfortable when lifted or pressed after the lock is installed in the simulated door frame. When the Oribe T1 smart door lock fingerprint recognition module is installed in the front door handle, the operation of opening the door or adding a lock will be very smooth.

The opening and closing life of the Oribe T1 smart door lock has been estimated to be more than 300,000 times, according to official data.

The lock is made of stainless steel, which is stronger and anti-corrosive, and the touch panel of this door lock appears to be very textured; the black glass panel is physically grade deep tempered and 3D polished, and the hardness reaches the artificial diamond level. It employs a nano-level vacuum plating oleophobic layer process that effectively eliminates finger marks and keeps the door lock as shiny and clean as new. The body and panel fit together perfectly, and the full-plate alloy frame with super 500 hours of salt spray testing is extremely corrosion-resistant, smash-proof, and anti-collision, with strong anti-damage ability.

The back of the Oerlikon T1 smart door lock demonstrates that the Oerlikon T1 smart door lock with 5 batteries installed on the back will be able to open the work The black glass panel is responsive when touched. The back can accommodate 5 pairs of No. 5 AA batteries The Oribe T1 smart door lock requires only 5 batteries to function properly. This door lock has an exclusive ultra-low power technology patent that has been specifically optimized for smart door lock power consumption, and it has a lifespan of more than 500 days.

Under normal conditions, the installation of ten batteries will last at least a year without the need for battery replacement. However, it is recommended that you change the battery once every six months for safety reasons, because the battery is prone to leakage over time, and there is a risk of corrosion of the smart lock’s components.

The USB port at the bottom of the door lock can be temporarily powered, and when there is no power, it can be charged through the USB port for emergencies, to avoid things like not being able to open the door.

Ourabox T1 smart door lock includes a bio-live fingerprint sensor with high fingerprint recognition. OREB T1 smart door lock includes more than eight groups of built-in sensors for dual protection both indoors and outdoors. These sensors include: anti-violence disassembly sensor, front and rear handle detection sensor, door slit status sensor, anti-lock status sensor, bio-live fingerprint sensor, spare key unlock sensor, spare key unlock sensor, spare key unlock sensor, spare key unlock sensor, spare key unlock sensor, spare key unlock sensor, spare key unlock sensor, spare key unlock sensor, spare key unlock sensor, spare key unlock sensor, spare key unlock sensor, spare key unlock sensor, spare key unlock sensor, spare key unlock sensor, spare