Oppo Watch Free Review: The Must-have “super Sleep” Smartwatch For Young Trendsetters

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]Smart watches have become commonplace in today’s market, but the quality is mixed and very confusing, making it difficult for users to fully comprehend the performance of a smart watch in all aspects, making it relatively difficult to select the product. I recently received a new smartwatch, the OPPO Watch Free, and I’d like to go over its basic functions with you.

The first impression of a product is very important from the user’s perspective, and the appearance is the first impression the product gives to the user. Its overall appearance, like the name OPPO Watch Free, appears light and compact, with two vibrant and trendy color schemes of quicksand gold and silent night black. The one I’m holding is in the Silent Night Black colorway, and it has a simple and stylish black appearance.

The dial has a 1.64-inch AMOLED screen made of 2.5D curved surface reinforced glass, which is scratch and wear resistant. With a pixel density of 326ppi and a color gamut of 100 percent DCI-P3, the screen can display rich colors in a clear and detailed manner. At the same time, the OPPO Watch Free has 150 colorful dials that can be changed at any time to suit the wearer’s preferences.

When users change their outfits, they can take a full-body selfie with their phone, and the watch will intelligently generate a fashion dial that matches their clothing style. As the trendsetter style, this is to control the fashion between the wrist, hand, and foot.

The OPPO Watch Free strap is made of a delicate leather texture that is not only visible and stylish, but also very comfortable to wear. The main point is that the OPPO Watch Free weighs only 33 grams, which significantly reduces the burden of the watch on the wrist and ensures that users do not experience discomfort when wearing it for an extended period of time.

In terms of functionality, the OPPO Watch Free is a “super sleep watch” with the OSleep full-scene sleep monitoring feature. It can remind users to go to bed earlier to avoid staying up late, and when sleep mode is enabled, the phone’s screen will change to a grayscale display to warmly care for users’ eyes. During sleep, the watch will monitor deep and light sleep, rapid eye movement sleep, real-time blood oxygen per second, heart rate variability monitoring, and many other indicators, and after waking up, it will link to the phone to complete snoring monitoring to form the user’s exclusive sleep report and snoring risk assessment, to help users understand their own sleep conditions from a professional perspective.

It’s worth noting that the OPPO Watch Free is a full-scene, all-weather sleep monitoring watch that can track even brief naps, making it a true “super sleep watch.”

Another advantage of the OPPO Watch Free is its abundance of intelligent connected features, such as gaming mode, real-time cross-screen, and convenient multi-platform payment. Especially appealing is the gaming mode, which supports a variety of popular hand games such as King’s Glory, Peace Elite, QQ Speed, and Crossfire. When the user is playing, the watch can show the resurrection countdown and also check the message reminder, which is a great way to improve the user’s gaming experience.

Other basic functions such as caller ID, reject call, watch find phone, music control, red packet reminder, sedentary reminder, and water reminder are almost all available on the OPPO Watch Free, making it convenient and practical.

In terms of sports, OPPO Watch Free supports 100 sports modes and automatically detects and records users’ sports status in four modes: running, walking, rowing machine, and elliptical machine. When users need to run, its built-in professional running tutorials can assist them in reaching their fat-burning, exercise, and other training objectives. Furthermore, the waterproof level of the OPPO Watch Free reaches 5ATM, allowing users to use it for swimming, diving, and other underwater sports, making it more diverse in terms of sports functions.

Battery life has always been an issue with smartwatches, but the OPPO Watch Free has a large 230mAh battery that can last for about 14 days under normal use. According to official data, 5 minutes of charging can be used for an entire day, 20 minutes of charging can be used for an entire week, and a full charge only takes 75 minutes.

OPPO Watch Free is lightweight and simple in appearance, but does not sacrifice fashion sense; in function, it supports sports, sleep, heart rate, quick payment, and many other functions, making it convenient and practical. In terms of battery life, fragmentation charging and ultra-long battery life Overall, the OPPO Watch Free is a must-have fashion item for young trendsetters because it is not only simple and stylish in appearance, but also relatively powerful in performance.