Oppo Reno7 Pro Hero League Hand Game Limited Edition Hands-on: Storm Loli Jinx High Energy Warning

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]Cross-border co-branded custom has become a cell phone industry fashion, OPPO whether the subject matter or custom machine design and production are “YYDS,” and some netizens jokingly referred to it as “OPPO hand-me-down factory.” The OPPO Find X3 Pro is the most well-known and well-liked device of its kind. Whether it’s the OPPO Find X3 Pro photographer’s edition or the OPPO Ace2 Gouda edition, they’re all very appealing, but the Reno series of limited editions, from the OPPO Reno5 Pro artist limited edition to the OPPO Reno6 Pro Detective Conan limited edition, are all very impressive. In addition, with the release of the Reno7 series, a limited edition has been arranged. And, in contrast to the previous romantic and beautiful image of the customization program, OPPO this time launched OPPO Reno7 Pro League of Legends hand game limited edition to break the OPPO Reno series of custom machines romantic and beautiful image, selected the personality of the shooter hero storming Lori Jinx as a custom machine design inspiration, in the package design, appearance design, UI design, game experience level to br Unlike the normal and serious outer packaging box, the outer packaging ID of the OPPO Reno7 Pro League of Legends limited edition is the super death missile, which restores the special “super death missile” that Jinx stepped on in the CG animation of her first appearance, so that the visual effect of this shark graffiti missile explodes with Jinx’s style.

Combination Furthermore, this “missile” includes leather and chain elements combined with a strap, is the box, but also a trendy item that can be carried out of the street ah!

This chain is made by restoring the necklace around Jinx’s neck one-by-one and concealing the cell phone pass-through pin in the necklace, giving the impression that you’re digging for eggs and surprising people every time. Unscrew the bottom of the missile to reveal the hidden cell phone pass-through needle. In addition to the practical needle function, but also as a cool necklace accessories, a full set of equipment out on the street is the most beautiful boy. Open the missile and look inside, there are custom graffiti case, charger, creative instructions, cell phone pendant, DIY graffiti stickers, and a full set of equipment out on the street is the most beautiful boy.

First, let’s look at the graffiti case, which was created using Jinx’s iconic graffiti elements, with the pink “Jinx” graffiti serving as the case’s most prominent role logo; the charger will be “super inquisitive Shinigami missile” as a silkscreen, not only has a Interestingly, OPPO has explained the two eggs inside the package (the steps of assembling the back strap of the super inquisitive Shinigami missile and the creative process of unveiling J It has been transformed into a good luck prana Jinx cell phone pendant, which hangs on the phone and is extremely cute. Inside, there are DIY graffiti stickers that allow users to DIY their own phone based on their preferences and wishes, making the phone unique. Let’s take a look at the protagonist of this limited edition – OPPO Reno7 Pro League of Legends handheld limited edition, the front is the same as Reno7 Pro, the back cover design can be said to create an exclusive equipment belonging to the summoner.

The back cover of the OPPO Reno7 Pro League of Legends limited edition is inspired by the two sides of a red and blue duel, incorporating the iconic blue and pink elements of Jinx to create a collision gradient border, and OPPO named this iconic element design after Jinx’s classic skill “Guns Symphony.” The back cover has three hidden dark lines taken from the three marching routes in the canyon, and the diamond-shaped dark line in the middle restores the list of honor symbols in the game, plus the back cover of the limited edition is optimized for light and shadow effects on the crystal diamond surface, so the phone’s back cover shows different light and dark effects at different light angles and feels more delicate.

Looking up, the lens area is surrounded by an exclusive two-color star ring breathing light, and there are two kinds of light effects, blue and purple, which will have a customized effect when communicating, notifying, charging, and entering and leaving the game. In the phone’s highly textured metal frame, OPPO has finely engraved the classic league mark “LEAGUE of LEGNDS” with the blue color of Hexus energy on the phone.

Icons, wallpapers, and so on are also heavily customized; even third-party icons include some characters or logos from the game. For example, the smart home icon incorporates the avatar of a steam robot, the mobile security manager icon incorporates the element of the justice giant Gario, and the album icon incorporates Jinx’s close-up design with a photo frame design, among other things. They all provide users with an “immersive” League of Legends experience.

As we all know, Jinx is a very strong long-range output hero at the start, with extremely strong output and more prominent line clearance ability, the skill effect is very superior, and the damage is basically a group effect, known by players as “mobile arsenal,” high explosive damage and unrestrained character makes her popularity endure. The OPPO Reno7 Pro League of Legends limited edition is built with the Tiangui 1200-MAX flagship chip, TSMC 6nm period process, A78 super core flagship architecture, UFS 3.1 flash memory technology, and up to 12GB 256GB memory combination, giving the phone powerful performance and lower power consumption he Tiangui 1200-MAX has two built-in features in addition to its strong performance: 90FPS extreme frame stabilization and Super Lightning Start 2.0, which can open the game in seconds and skip the loading animation. Intelligent power consumption load judgment, as well as an output adaptive frame stabilization model, greatly improve the overall gaming experience.

At the same time, the new game space is not only more refreshing, but also better distinguishes each game; the functional area is also more beautiful and neat; and, surprisingly, there is a game space assistant, support full immersion mode, game voice change, game filters, anti-touch and game forum, and other functions, so that the player’s game experience is not only more interesting, but also more rich; and OPPO also customizes the kill sound for a limited version of the system notification. “Double kill,” “penta kill,” and other double kill, three kill, and five kill sound effects can be heard in WeChat message alerts, SMS notifications, and so on. Of course, for many heavy gamers, cell phone heat dissipation is also very important, as it determines the continuity of the player’s gaming experience, and in order to have a gaming-grade heat dissipation performance, the OPPO Reno7 series is equipped with a 3D constant cooling central cooling system in hardware, using a larger area of ultra-density graphite sheet and VC liquid cooling structure, which also makes the phone’s heat dissipation performance.

In terms of charging and battery life, the OPPO Reno7 Pro League of Legends Mobile Limited Edition is the same as the Reno7 Pro, with a large built-in 4500mAh battery with 65W super flash charging, fast “blood” in this aspect of the pinch. Overall, the OPPO Reno7 Pro League of Legends Mobile Limited Edition lives up to expectations, from the appearance of the package to the UI design and game optimization, to achieve a comprehensive depth of customization from the form The OPPO Reno7 Pro Hero League Mobile Limited Edition, like the powerful Lori Jinx, is a fully developed and sincere customized cell phone for the general public.