Oppo Reno5 Pro+ “travel Card” Please Take It!

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]In recent years, we have all had a very obvious feeling that many things do not require us to personally go to the office to deal with, and that using the phone can solve many trivial problems. The mainstream smartphones on the market will have NFC function, which I believe we will be familiar with; usually, users only need to turn on the NFC function, and you can recharge the traffic card through the NFC function, as long as there is a network, you can recharge the bus card anytime and anywhere, but you will also save time queuing for recharge. Of course, the introduction of QR codes into the public’s lives has reduced the likelihood of using physical transportation cards significantly, but this has also given rise to virtual transportation cards.

To respond to the constantly changing payment environment, the OPPO wallet in ColorOS 11.1 is based on the popularity and application of NFC technology, allowing Reno5 Pro to serve as your portable card bag. At the moment, OPPO wallet supports 350 city transportation cards, such as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei card, Shenzhen pass, Lingnan pass, and more than 40 public transportation cards, which is very convenient. The OPPO Reno5 Pro has been on the market for a while, and there should be many users who are still enamored with the new machine’s design, particularly the artist limited version.

In addition to its trendy and fashionable appearance, Reno5 Pro has many special “grounded” travel small features, which you will receive along with this Reno5 series travel small card.

The identification efficiency of the NFC traffic card is equivalent to that of the physical bus card, and it does not require the opening of small procedures and other processes, and it is far more convenient and faster than the brush two-dimensional code, and it can “secretly” tell you that the NFC traffic card can also enjoy the same benefits as the physical transport card. When the bus card does not have enough money to recharge, the use of NFC can be directly recharged, eliminating the need to visit a convenience store or subway station to recharge, which is not only convenient but also saves time.

Users can open OPPO Pay and bind their bank cards to swipe cards, recharge (including phone bills and traffic recharge), international Internet access, apply for credit cards, taxi travel, and other functions. It should be noted that OPPO Pay can be used to complete payment transactions and ride the bus and subway at POS machines with the “UnionPay Flash” logo. After verifying the wallet payment password or fingerprint, the user simply needs to touch the phone to the POS machine to pay. You don’t have to worry about security because the OPPO cell phone operating system will automatically detect the security of the payment environment, but it will also provide users with hardware security storage technology for bank card information, high-level security password verification, and fingerprint verification technology to make the payment more secure.

People frequently carry multiple cards and keys when they go out, but OPPO Wallet supports NFC access cards, e-ticketing, mobile identity, and other functions, so you can enjoy the convenience of swiping your phone to open the door when you go out, and of course, there is a digital identity system such as eid electronic identity backed up by documents to achieve identity authentication and information exchange in some application scenarios. OPPO Pay’s virtual bank card enables worry-free “clothing, food, housing, and transportation.” However, not all community access control are currently supported by this operation, so I cannot demonstrate it once. However, I believe that we will soon be able to achieve a quick operation with the phone to open the door.

The OPPO NFC function also enables file sharing (Android Beam). Of course, as long as smart phones have the NFC function, they can be used to transfer files in a convenient and quick manner. Simply bring two phones close to each other and follow the device’s instructions [click to transfer] to share pictures, contacts, web pages, and other application content on the device. Even if the signal outside is poor, as long as both OPPO phones open the Android Beam function, you can quickly transfer f You can transfer files quickly.

The correct way to open the Android Beam file transfer function is very simple: users find [other wireless connections] in the settings – open [NFC] – click [Android Beam] below – open [Android Beam]. Breeno is an innovative product that recognizes text and images and can quickly provide information services such as address, food, movie, express, flight, car and Amoy password, and sports events. It also allows you to bookmark articles, videos, and product detail pages in each application, which you can see on the “Free Favorites” card in the Breeno Quick View on the far edge of the desktop.

Simply put, if you see something that piques your interest, the system will extract and provide you with the corresponding information after you press the corresponding information according to how your phone is configured. I don’t know how to buy New Year’s Eve goods online at a lower price? How to find out the song you like when you hear a video? How to read articles and return messages with one mind? Just long-press with one finger to bring up Breeno, and you’re all set!

When users open the Breeno screen, they can use the thumb press, single-finger press, or two-finger press operation. The press area can also be adjusted, but I believe the system default size is adequate. Currently, the applications that can use Breeno screen knowledge include some film and television APP (Akiyip, Tencent, Youku, etc.), Jitterbug, e-commerce platforms (Jingdong, Taobao), social software (QQ, WeChat, etc.), UC browser and cell phone albums, information content, and, of course, if you need to add other applications, users can slide to the bottom of the page “other applications ” It can be said that OPPO smartphones offer greater convenience in clothing, food, housing, and transportation, for example, in document backup, city services to bring faster payment methods, as well as intimate exclusive “butler” for the assistant, so that OPPO users can find the corresponding information more quickly to better meet the needs of daily life. It truly is a “one machine fits all” machine.

Let’s explore some of the Reno5 Pro’s tips for getting out of the house together.