Oppo Reno5 Pro Hands-on Review: The Most “crystal” Beautiful 5g Portrait Video Phone

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel]As one of today’s most important carriers of social life, video socialization has become a buzzword that pervades people’s daily lives. Along with the deep development of mobile Internet and video socialization, the 5G era cell phone image application scenarios continue to enrich, and the public for the video shooting experience put forward higher requirements, such as night shooting, anti-shake, portraits, and other technologies involving photography algorithms increasing demand. Taking the video mobile terminal industry as an example, OPPO pioneered the concept of “video phone,” beginning with the Reno2 series released last year to launch this category and continuing with the Reno3 series and Reno4 series of video phone products; and with OPPO’s self-developed i.e.

The software side, represented by OPPO’s self-developed Soloop (APP), has a wide impact on young people, which not only greatly reduces the professional threshold of video recording and editing, but is also one of the important tools to stimulate the creativity of public video production. Of course, video technology and smart devices continue to upgrade and iterate, while people’s demand for video shooting is growing to the core elements of pe After many days of preparation, OPPO officially released the OPPO Reno5 Pro portrait video phone on the evening of December 10, which will make additional efforts in the field of portrait shooting and bring makeup artist-level beauty effects to the majority of users.

We might as well take a look at the OPPO Reno5 Pro to see how the video experience of the new product is. The video strength of the previous generation Reno4 series can be said to be impressive, not to mention the daily life shooting, even outdoor sports shooting can output “stable as a chicken head” type of picture.

The OPPO Reno5 Pro has a 32-megapixel water lens on the front and a 64-megapixel main camera on the back, as well as the industry’s first FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system based on such hardware. Based on the FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system and the Reno water lens as the hardware foundation, the OPPO Reno5 Pro is not only optimized in the video stabilization function, but also has a more powerful portrait video capability.

The OPPO FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system is simply a video portrait optimization system, with the two engines of perception portrait and image quality enhancement aimed at portrait shooting the human subject and overall picture optimization. Perception portrait can make people more beautiful, while image quality enhancement will bring exquisite shooting effect, thanks to the synergy of the two engines, whether it is a single person or multiple people. Face Separate White Balance, AI Skin Tone Detection, AI Zoned Peel, Face Triangle Model Reshaping, and AI Makeup are some of the key points that allow users to make subtle changes to their features. Simultaneously, Reno5 Pro will optimize facial imperfections and skin texture, as well as details like skin tone, covering almost all skin areas that are exposed when shooting portrait videos.

In short, when users shoot portrait videos in the future, it will not be due to makeup and other issues caused by the problem of makeup skin tone disharmony. Take a look at the actual portrait video shooting results, which have been optimized and improved, and the still photo performance is also noteworthy.

As evidenced by the real-world sample photos, the Reno5 Pro’s main camera can record fine details while also having good tolerance and dark light shooting strength. Its ultra wide-angle lens appears to be ideal for shooting in large environments, and the scenery details in macro shots appear to be very well rendered.

The front camera is one of the most important considerations for anyone purchasing a cell phone, and some users have very high expectations for it, not only to look natural and beautiful, but also to be able to “roll over.” When traditional cell phones are used for multi-person photos, the beauty mode is always applied to all the faces, and all the faces of both boys and girls are small with big eyes and sharp chins, and even the makeup is the same, so the personality and merits of their faces are not shown at all. The OPPO Reno5 Pro will recognize the user’s gender from the bottom and optimize the beauty of male and female users in different dimensions, so that men no longer have to worry about using the same set of beauty or even makeup as girls. It is also worth noting that the OPPO Reno5 Pro’s front camera supports AI Glow Video Beauty and AI Video Enhancement, which can automatically detect gender and provide various levels of makeup beautification.

The optimization of the overall picture (scenery, environment, etc.) is another image quality enhancement engine. The AI video enhancement is a combination of video Super Night View and LiveHDR, two features optimized for shooting in low light and strong light (such as backlight), respectively, to improve the brightness of video images taken in low light, but LiveHDR can provide a more natural and clear, and more prominent portrait video effect even in strong light. Reno5 Pro has upgraded the video super anti-shake algorithm, adding the scene judgment and motion trend judgment algorithms, and can continue to output stable images; the front has also added super anti-shake, making the video shooting scene more comprehensive, and selfie can also have a stable picture. The video super anti-shake now also applies to front video shooting, giving bloggers better video shooting results.

However, the front video super anti-shake can only be used in 720P/30fps resolution with video bokeh, filters, AI image quality enhancement, and beauty overlay, not in 1080P.

The OPPO Reno5 Pro has a large battery and 65W super flash charging, but the thickness of the body is only 7.6mm and the overall weight is 173g, which is unusual for a 5G phone. The OPPO Reno5 Pro is available in three colorways: Star River Dream, Aurora Blue, and Star Wish Red. The 173g weight is extremely thin compared to most 5G phones currently available, and the curved curvature behind it fits the palm of the hand to create a “deceptive feel,” both visually and in the hand.

The star diamond process is brighter and more translucent than the crystal diamond process used in previous generations of products, displaying different colors depending on the angle and light source used. The color of the Reno5 Pro is equivalent to having all of the Reno5 Pro’s colors, and because of the star diamond process, the body will shine under the light source, just like a star twinkling, very nice.

What’s more surprising is that OPPO has creatively added a luminous material to the camera module and the “Design for Reno” on the top of the body, which can emit a firefly-like glow in the dark after sunlight exposure. The glow-in-the-dark effect is being used for the first time in the cell phone industry, but only in the Starry Night Dreaming color scheme. OPPO Reno5 Pro’s 32 million water mirror front camera is placed in the upper left corner, equipped with the sixth generation of under-screen fingerprint not only faster unlocking, while further improving the screen ratio; the screen is a 6.55-inch dual-curved flexible perforated screen, touch sampling rate of 180Hz, lower latency,

OPPO’s new 5G cell phones for this year are equipped with their own flash charging technology as well as thin and light body characteristics. OPPO can be said to have found their own balance in the 5G cell phone thin and light and the problem of life, and in all grades to popularize 65W super flash charging, so that more users enjoy the “charging 5 minutes, brush drama 4 hours” flash charging experience. OPPO self-researched 65W super flash charging has extremely efficient blood back efficiency, with the popularity of 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 super flash charging technology, OPPO let more people experience the conv The charging speed of Reno5 Pro is visible to the naked eye in the editor’s actual charging test. After using the phone to automatically shut down, it can be charged in 10 minutes, charged to 45 percent in 10 minutes, and the phone shows “charging complete” in about 35 minutes (charging test are actual charging results, the results may differ, and do not represent the official OPPO charging data).

OPPO also set up 5 core protection and 5 protection for the power adapter, wire, and cell phone end, as well as a specially customized intelligent control chip to the full line control voltage control flow control temperature, so in the safety of every detail to do the best, which also allows OPPO to dare to rest assured that the bold super flash charging technology to do more pro-people, so that the majority of users rest assured that charging, rest assured that use. The actual test confirmed that in the WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth open state, with the volume set to 50%, using Reno5 Pro online music playback for an hour consumed 3% of the power; continuing to watch an hour of television series only consumed 8% of the power; Jedi game for an hour consumed 10% of the power; if you are a user who likes to take pictures, one hour of continuous taking pictures (or taking videos) consumes 10% of the power. Such a battery life performance, after a day of heavy use, no longer have to worry about the phone running out of power, a day a charge without pressure, coupled with 65W super flash charge, no longer have to worry about the phone running out of power (Note: the above tests are actual tests, do not represent official test data).

At the moment, the number of OPPO global flash super-flash users has surpassed 100 million, and OPPO will 65W super-flash technology full popularity, taking care of a much larger number of 5G market users, assisting them to get a thin and light and flash charging in one 5G experience, significantly alleviating the user’s cell phone power anxiety. While improving the competitiveness of its own products, it also promotes the development of the field of cell phone fast charging, which benefits the vast majority of consumers. The OPPO Reno5 Pro is equipped with the world’s leading 5G technology, allowing users to enjoy 5G high-speed connectivity at all times.

The OPPO Reno5 Pro continues to strengthen its power consumption control, providing the most comprehensive 5G energy-saving and power-saving solution, bringing ultra-low 5G power consumption, with the OPPO Reno5 Pro’s Super Power Saving Mode, which effectively improves the battery life of daily use scenarios through intelligent power consumption control of different APPs. To accelerate game launch and transitions, the intelligent load regulation engine can intelligently adjust CPU, GPU, and memory resources.

With the new ColorOS 11.1, Hyper Boost 4.0 technology adds GPA technology to allow the phone to run in high frame rate mode for an extended period of time, as well as effectively improve system resource utilization, reduce power consumption, and ensure the game process while stabilizing system performance.

Simultaneously, ColorOS 11.1 introduces the “Anti-Stall Engine,” which addresses four application scenarios: resource scheduling, resource mining, resource anti-aging, and exception optimization. ColorOS 11.1 also includes an upgrade to the Quantum Animation Engine 2.0, which simulates real physical movements through rich animation detail compensation to make system animations and interactions smoother and more natural. Furthermore, ColorOS 11.1 includes a complete solution for high refresh rate, the anti-lagging engine with Quantum Animation Engine 2.0, and a more comprehensive and smooth experience with double assurance. As the most important part of OPPO’s soft power, ColorOS is now playing an increasingly important role, and the development of ecological integration is an unavoidable trend in the long run.

Users can not only operate OPPO TV, OPPO watch, and other devices more comfortably in phones equipped with ColorOS 11.1, but the ColorOS team has also created many humanized features from the perspective of user experience, such as answering phone calls on the watch, hiding private information on the TV screen, and so on. ColorOS 11.1 provides a better experience when integrating multiple ends due to the careful polishing of details. ColorOS 11.1 is even better in multi-side integration, and in order to create a seamless experience of full-scene integration, ColorOS 11.1 includes a brand-new feature called “Flash Window,” which can instantly call out the small window mode by using the upward sliding gesture, and can further realize a more convenient hover window, allowing APPs to switch between different states of full screen, small window, and mini window to achieve Multi-tasking in parallel.

Users can also freely move files through the floating window via the sidebar, releasing them from the constraints of Windows. Users can also open more window applications in the sidebar and drag and drop files through the floating window to create a seamless perceptual experience with full-scene integration. Breeno, ColorOS’s built-in intelligent assistant, evolves alongside ColorOS iterations.

Breeno Know Things, Breeno Quick View, Breeno Know Screens, Breeno Voice, Breeno Suggestions, Breeno Driving, and Breeno Space are now supported, as well as customized itinerary services for business trips and travels.

The 5G era is one of short video bursts, but it is also a test of cell phone video shooting capability. People are beginning to propose new requirements for cell phone video shooting in addition to still photos. The single shooting mode of smartphones no longer meets the needs of the majority of users, and we can only create more outstanding image products by repeatedly experimenting from user experience and introducing more outstanding and interesting products and functions, from which users can also feel a more outstanding image experience. Of course, an outstanding 5G phone must have outstanding highlights in all areas.

Aside from portrait video, the OPPO Reno5 Pro’s crystal diamond process, 64MP water portrait quad camera, 65W super flash charging, 4350mAh battery, ColorOS 11.1, and other features all perform admirably.