Oppo Reno5 Pro+ Game Experience: The Combination Of Software And Hardware Ecology Is The Root Of Fluency

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] Many people believe they can’t get on the king because the phone is too card. Aside from game technology reasons, the phone is too card to trace the factors, which are also very complex. To keep the game smooth, the phone should first have a large and fast enough memory (RAM ROM), but also a good enough processor (SoC), as well as the human eye display screen (refresh rate Hz) that cannot be dragged down, and finally there is the underlying optimization of each cell phone system for game adaptation, this series of hardware and software to create the smooth game experience we pray for. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC flagship chip with triple-cluster architecture, a 7nm process, both performance and power consumption, and is paired with up to 12GB RAM and up to 256GB ROM.

Reno5 Pro has a 6.55-inch dual-comprehensive flexible perforated screen on the front with a touch sampling rate of 180Hz, excellent finger following performance, and a faster touch experience, as well as a high refresh rate of 90Hz, which significantly reduces the stuttering feeling of the game screen.

Many people, however, are concerned about the Reno5 Pro’s lack of a 120Hz screen. This is understandable; Reno5 Pro’s 90Hz screen not only improves the smooth look and feel of the previous 60Hz screen, but also in power consumption can be lower than 120Hz, reducing power consumption, 90Hz to meet the needs of gamers for refresh rate, is a big trade-off for the OPPO experience. For example, the Reno5 Pro’s lightning start feature allows it to significantly improve the speed from game launch to entering the battle lobby, almost in seconds. This feature allows users to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for games to load, removing annoying waits and allowing players to “hack” with friends at any time.

The open world rendering of “Original God” is very much a cell phone performance, and we still had a good smooth experience with “extremely high” visual effects; since it can smoothly drive “Original God,” it should be no problem for OPPO Reno5 Pro’s performance to drive other large mobile games without a problem.

The Reno5 Pro is also outfitted with OPPO’s latest ColorOS 11.1 across the board, and the system’s benefits elevate the overall experience of the Reno5 Pro. This time, OPPO has launched an AI self-smooth system to address the commonly criticized lagging problem of Android systems. With the help of AI technology, Reno5 Pro can have a smoother system experience.

According to data, the OPPO Reno5 Pro has improved 38% in application launch response speed, 21% in response to touch, and 15% in interaction fluency.

OPPO this time iterated the game optimization core technology Hyper Boost to version 4.0, the phone has further optimized GPA technology, according to different game demand, automatic and accurate processor frequency, and thus control the power consumption during the entire game, and thus control the power consumption during the entire game. Officially, the Reno5 Pro has a 9.8 percent reduction in average power consumption when playing peaceful elite games with this technology enabled, and can last longer on a single charge. To simulate the real experience, we turned on the hotspot, GPS, Bluetooth, and volume to 60 percent in the state of 100 percent power, and after 7 hours and 42 minutes of continuous uninterrupted use, the phone’s remaining power was 23 percent, indicating a good surplus of power.

The current cell phone circle believes that the combination of software and hardware is the best way to create a good experience in today’s cell phone market. In this regard, the actual performance of OPPO cell phones has impressed us. This time, Reno5 Pro not only combines software and hardware in the game, but it is also highly integrated in the field of imaging and system daily experience, which we expect you to discover gradually. This series of attentive experience upgrade also confirms OPPO products’ good reputation in the market.