Oppo Reno5 Light Experience: Straight Screen Beauty Video Benchmark

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] On December 10, OPPO released the new Reno5 series. I believe you have some understanding of the series from Bestbuy618’s OPPO Reno5 Pro hands-on review. The series makes further efforts in the field of portrait photography, bringing makeup artist level beauty effect shooting effect to the majority of users.

In comparison to the 8GB 128GB version of the OPPO Reno5 Pro, which starts at 3399 yuan, the standard Reno5 with the same memory specifications is priced at 2699 yuan, which is 800 yuan less and has a lower entry threshold. Then we are curious, the standard version of the OPPO Reno5 in the experience of what changes compared to Reno5 Pro? Intuitively, the biggest change of the OPPO Reno5 is to change the double curved screen of Pro to a straight screen design, otherwise there is not much difference, 6.43-inch straight punch screen, 90Hz refresh rate 180Hz sampling rate, with ColorOS 11 operating system, still has a good interactive fluency.

Curved screen and straight screen selection, the network controversy is also divided, curved screen can indeed add a lot of points to the phone’s value, but if the practicality, it is clear that the straight screen is more advantageous, and will not have the problem of mis-touch. In the hand, we got the standard version of Reno5 Star River into the dream color weight of 180g, compared to the Reno5 Pro full series of 173 weight comparison will be more handy, However, this figure is already a low-key representation of 5G phones. OPPO Reno5’s Star River Like Dream color scheme can still present different colors under different angles and light sources, the surface feels very delicate and smooth, and the advantage over the smooth back is also in its lack of residual fingerprints. This version, which can display multiple colors, is ideal for users who are unsure of which color scheme to use.

Of course, if you compare the Pro version, you will notice that the luminous patch on the top of the phone was removed, as was the rear lens module panel, but if you look at the back alone during the day, both face performance is the same.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G dual-mode 5G chip, 7nm process, integrated dual-mode 5G baseband replaced the chip in the OPPO Reno5. Performance is comparable to Reno4, with an AnTuTu run score of 339,745 points, a GeekBench single-core run score of 2851 points, a multi-core run score of 7335 points, an AndroBench sequential read of 937MB / s, and a Snapdragon generation of God U that can meet the needs of the moment. In terms of games, we tested the relatively performance-hungry Peace Elite, which can also run smoothly at high frame rates under the default setting parameters; additionally, the OPPO Reno5’s 90Hz screen is suitable for many high frame rate games. The 180Hz screen sampling rate ensures that the game follows the fingertips well, and the Snapdragon 765G itself has relatively good energy efficiency and power consumption.

In terms of battery life, OPPO Reno5’s 1 hour of peaceful elite power consumption is about 10%, a charge that ordinary users can use all day with no problem, normal mode OPPO Reno5 battery life strength is as follows. 60 minutes of online music playback consumed 3% of the power.

When the power is running low, OPPO added a super power saving mode for the phone, in which WeChat text chatting for 90 minutes consumed only 5% of the power, greatly improving battery life.

With 65W super flash charging, the 4300mAh battery can be fully charged in about 35 minutes, which is a very good performance for phones in the current 2500 yuan price range. Because of the extremely fast charging speed, users in fast-paced cities can charge their phones in a timely manner using fragmented time. Even if you forget to charge your phone before leaving for work, you can charge it to 23 percent in 5 minutes and be ready to support your company. The front of the OPPO Reno5 Pro features a 32-megapixel water lens, while the rear features a 64-megapixel main camera 8-megapixel ultra wide-angle 2-megapixel retro portrait 2-megapixel macro water portrait four-camera system, on top of which, thanks to OPPO’s self-developed FDF full-dimensiona

The OPPO FDF Full Dimensional Portrait Video Technology System is simply a video portrait optimization system, with two engines: Portrait Perception and Image Quality Enhancement, which are aimed at optimizing the human subject and the overall image during portrait shooting. With the synergy of the two engines, users can take video images with “special beauty for people and scenes,” regardless of whether it is single or multiple people, daytime, nighttime, or backlight. The AI detects the face’s 296 facial features and intelligently identifies the person’s race, gender, age, and other information.

And, in accordance with the actual makeup steps: face evaluation, primer, concealer, shaping, makeup, and matching the best makeup solution.

The new image quality enhancement engine optimizes the overall picture (scenery, environment, and so on). Among them, AI video enhancement is through the video Super Night View and LiveHDR function combined into one, the two functions are optimized for shooting in low light environment and strong light environment (such as backlight), and the anti-shake function, OPPO Reno5 also added front video stabilization, which improves the phone selfie Vlog experience.

In addition to these changes and benefits, OPPO’s new ColorOS 11 operating system has been able to factory adapt on the latest models, in software Reno5 series can enjoy the same benefits as the Find series. There is no doubt that the hardware tilt of the OPPO Reno5 is for the love of photography, love of video, while the design of the higher requirements of this group of users to build, and lower prices are clearly conducive to Reno series to reach more users, so that more people enjoy the convenience of technology to bring shooting.