Oppo Reno2 Z Review: Comprehensive Strength To Upgrade The Name “beastly”

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]On October 21, OPPO official online shelves new OPPO Reno2 Z, causing people to sigh OPPO new machine iteration speed is getting faster and faster, on the one hand, reflects the OPPO to user needs, to create different prices, different configurations, different needs of the product; on the other hand, the aesthetics of the current young group is changing, the demand for products The OPPO Reno2 Z has a 6.5-inch AMOLED panoramic screen and a 16-megapixel front-facing camera hidden inside the body via an elevated structure; it also has the new light-sensitive screen fingerprint 3.0 recognition technology, allowing the screen-to-body ratio of the OPPO Reno2 Z to reach 91.1 percent, with a 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom. The bottom features a 3.5mm headphone jack as well as a Type-C data port.OPPO Reno2 Z

The OPPO Reno2 Z has a new optical screen fingerprint 3.0 with new RGB filter anti-counterfeiting technology, a new unlocking fill light design using a more fitting optical fingerprint lightening method, and when combined with the latest hardware anti-counterfeiting technology, unlocking is more secure. The OPPO Reno2 Z has a 4.3 percent increase in unlock recognition rate and a 12.5 percent increase in recognition speed, and in my experience, the OPPO Reno2 Z is much more sensitive to unlocking and is safer and faster for daily use.OPPO Reno2 Z unlocking experience The unique nano gradient coating process achieves the natural transition of colors, the color band and luminescent texture superimposed to achieve the gradient luminescence effect, and the intertwining of the sky and sea changes, resulting in OPPO Reno2 Z presenting a dynamic and variable natural beauty.

The OPPO Reno2 Z has a very unique rear quad camera in addition to the color scheme that adds a gentle touch of nature to the cold technology product. The rear quad camera is located on the central axis, as was the case with the OPPO Reno2 released in September; however, the OPPO Reno2 Z’s rear quad camera does not have a bulge, and the integrated body has a stronger aura. The symmetrical center axis design allows the rear quad camera and the pure glass back to blend into one; the visual and feel is also smooth and fluid; underneath is the “DESIGNED FOR RENO” font and the new OPPO LOGO, bringing a nobility.OPPO Reno2 ZOPPO Reno2 ZOPPO Reno2 ZOPPO Reno2 ZOPPO Reno2 ZOPPO Reno2 ZOPPO Reno2 ZOPPO Reno2 Z A quad camera combination with a 48MP HD main camera, an 8MP wide angle lens, a 2MP black and white style lens, and a 2MP portrait style lens allows you to take clearer and more complete samples.

OPPO Reno2 Z The Reno2 Z offers excellent detail thanks to the 48-megapixel main camera, and even when the sample is enlarged, the details of the subject can still be seen; the 8-megapixel wide-angle lens provides users with 119 degrees of wide-angle photography, and the comparison of the shooting effect can also be described as “stunning”; the 2-megapixel black and white style lens is based on the existing portrait style filters to complement t The following sample shots demonstrate the OPPO Reno2 Z’s rear quad camera capability.Sample shot (original image)Sample shot (super wide angle)

At the same time, Reno2 Z is quite good at night photography; it uses environment detection and AI noise reduction HDR technology, as well as other algorithms, to shoot clear and high-quality night photos, greatly reducing the processing time of the night shooting mode. Whether it’s a bright city shopping district or a pedestrian street with complicated lighting, Super Night View allows you to quickly capture clear, vibrant, and detailed night photos.Night Sample Shot

Night view mode is not enabledOpen night modeSuper wide angle night mode Similarly, the new Extreme Night Mode on the OPPO Reno2 Z is capable of capturing highlight moments in extremely dark environments. When the ambient brightness is less than 5lux, the OPPO Reno2 Z will automatically activate the extreme night mode, which uses an AI noise reduction network that works directly on the hardware by AINR to reduce noise and achieve a better noise reduction effect; at the same time, it uses frame taking in front of the image to improve photo processing speed, and it uses dynamic exposure adjustment to adapt different exposure times to achieve the best effect.

Screenshot of OPPO Reno2 Z Extreme Night Mode When the night mode is turned on in a very dark environment, the OPPO Reno2 Z will automatically recognize the brightness of the surrounding environment and take ideal sample pictures.Sample shot without night mode (left) and with night mode extreme night mode (right) onThe sample effect of shooting without night view mode (left) and with night view mode extreme night mode (right) With the Ultra Steady video stabilization mode enabled, you can capture super stable video even while driving.

As for the front camera, the OPPO Reno2 Z has a 16 million front AI intelligent beauty lens, and the compact lift structure will have dazzling lights when the camera is raised or retracted, which becomes the finishing touch of the entire machine.OPPO Reno2 Z The photo samples after the beauty can show a more natural effect, not just skin whitening, after the beauty effect of the portrait face rosy, fair skin, looks very eye-catching characters, large ape

OPPO Reno2 Z portrait mode The OPPO Reno2 Z’s image capabilities are excellent in general, and the OPPO Reno2 Z is a good choice for daily photos or to travel to shoot scenery, and it also comes with anti-shake function in video shooting, so you can really experience it if you like to shoot videos. OPPO Reno2 ZConfiguration Configuration, OPPO Reno2 Z is equipped with MTK P90 platform, compared to P70, P90 In the hand game, OPPO Reno2 Z through FrameBoost system real-time intelligent prediction of the phone state, predict the possible lag, timely to meet the performance needs; through TouchBoost system-level optimization program to improve cell phone touch performance, increase the sampling frequency, and optimize the underlying response processing mechanism, so that the touch response faster, more tidier The game assistant can also be used to multitask and respond quickly to phone calls, SMS, WeChat, QQ, and other messages, to take screenshots and record screens, and to play games without being interrupted. Furthermore, the 8GB 128GB storage combination can accommodate more APPs, game masterpieces, videos, photos, and other files, allowing you to take pictures of games whenever you want.

In terms of battery life, the OPPO Reno2 Z is equipped with a 4000mAh high-capacity battery and flash VOOC 3.0, the new VFC fast charging algorithm to accurately control the voltage and current, charging faster and safer. In practice, the OPPO Reno2 Z’s 4000mAh large capacity battery takes about 85 minutes to show “charging completed,” which is not a bad performance.

OPPO Reno2 Z charging test Summary In general, the OPPO Reno2 Z is still quite strong, as a new Reno2 series, its image has improved, especially in the extreme night mode photography, the rear HD main camera ultra-wide angle shooting more clear, and black and white style and portrait style can play the user’s creative ability, “black and white misanthropy” or “vintage film style” is a unique flavor The super image ability to go strength, unique gradient design high value to go idolatry, comprehensive strength to go “beast school,” after the official online on October 21, this model will open the full reservation mode, October 25 officially opened for sale, 8GB 128GB large memory combination for only 2499 yuan, and there are more offers waiting for you, come and experience it!