Oppo Reno Photo Review: 10x Hybrid Optical Zoom Has A Look

I heard that the OPPO Reno can achieve 10x zoom? Or is it a hybrid optical zoom? What level of photos can be taken?OPPO 10x Hybrid Optical Zoom First, let’s define hybrid optical zoom. It differs from digital zoom, which is a feature available on all smartphones on the market today. Simply put, it is the operation of zooming in on a picture while shooting with two fingers, and the processor increases the area of each pixel in the picture to achieve the purpose of zooming in.

However, this zoom method severely reduces the picture quality of the photo, resulting in a poor photo effect. The optical zoom method is to change the focal length by changing the pitch of each lens in the middle of the zoom lens.

Simply put, optical zoom is the movement of the lens to zoom in and out of a subject; the larger the optical zoom multiplier, the greater the proportion of distant subjects in the image; and finally, hybrid zoom. Hybrid zoom is technically another type of digital zoom, as it is a digital zoom followed by another lens to supplement the details lost after the zoom, thereby reducing the loss of image quality after the digital zoom; in other words, the quality of hybrid zoom photos is somewhere between digital zoom and optical zoom.

Optical zoom is commonly used to change the focal length by changing the pitch of each lens in the middle of the zoom lens, but because high zoom requires a large enough mobile space, while smartphones require thinness and portability, the combination of body thickness and zoom capability has become a technical difficulty that plagues the entire industry. Finally, OPPO’s first “D-cut” optics reduces the thickness of the telephoto lens module even further, providing the highest quality optical structure in a slim body.D-cut optics Theory first, let’s experience the actual OPPO Reno equipped with 10 times the hybrid optical zoom technology after the shooting effect in the end how Today, I visited a Shenzhen netizen hotspot, the old railway station on the Shenzhen Luohu Qing Shui River. First and foremost, let us examine the OPPO Reno’s rear triple camera shooting capability.

1X shooting sample

10x shooting sample1X sample10x sample shot As you can see from the sample image above, the details of people’s expressions can be controlled very well after the 10x zoom magnification, even though the weather was rather cloudy, and the results are still very good. Aside from people, OPPO’s 10x hybrid optical zoom technology captures fine detail when photographing buildings.

1x sample shot 10x sample shot 1x sample shot

10x shooting samples In addition, I tried to use 20x zoom, the effect is amazing, from the sample can be seen from 1x original picture to 10x zoom to 20x zoom, the sample effect can be very well presented.From left to right: 1x, 10x, 20x shooting samplesFrom left to right: 1x, 10x, 20x sample shots This is an unprecedented experience on a smartphone, and it gives consumers a broader creative ability to shoot from wide angle to telephoto with just one phone, which is sufficient to meet the photography needs of the majority of cell phone users.

OPPO’s 10x hybrid optical zoom technology employs the “ultra-wide angle ultra-clear main camera telephoto” triple camera solution to solve the problem of multiple focal lengths and zoom in 10x, with three cameras responsible for different focal lengths to achieve 10x zoom in a baton style. The Reno’s 48-megapixel rear camera and telephoto lens have OIS optical stabilization, which is 73% more accurate than the previous 5x lossless zoom technology. This is why OPPO’s sample shots are still clearly visible after 10x zoom.OIS optical stabilization The OPPO Reno has a 48 megapixel ultra-clear main camera and a 120 degree ultra-wide angle telephoto lens on the back, which is a rare combination in the industry today. Let’s start with some sample photos to show off Reno’s powerful shooting technology.

Portrait Mode 2.0 is an exclusive feature redesigned by OPPO after analyzing the aesthetic trends of users’ portraits and studying a large number of samples, customizing three most versatile and sustainable advanced portrait styles (Japanese magazine, textured black and white, and film time), which can easily shoot magazine-level portrait blockbusters. Different beauty treatments are created for different people with the help of AI intelligent beauty in order to achieve customized beauty from person to person. The large aperture bokeh algorithm has also been improved to recognize only the main character’s face even in a crowd, allowing you to take accurate bokeh photos with the best bokeh effect.

In addition, the OPPO Reno supports super-clear night mode, and several sets of samples taken in night mode are also very appealing, despite the fact that they are only some very ordinary scenes, but from the samples you can see that there is no highlight overflow phenomenon, and the dark details can also be clearly reflected, overall very good.

1X Shooting SampleSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shots

10x shooting samples 3D LUT is a popular color grading technique in film. As a pioneer in cell phone imaging technology, OPPO takes the lead in breaking through the dilemma of coexisting high zoom and slim profile of cell phones, and brings 10x hybrid optical zoom technology that “can get both fish and bear’s paw,” which is an unprecedented experience in smartphones and brings consume