Oppo R17 Pro New Year’s Edition Photo Review: 18-karat Gold Around The Camera To Highlight The Warmth

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel] OPPO R17 series New Year’s Edition has been stunningly listed, OPPO added warm gold to the R17 Pro New Year’s Edition’s New Year’s Red color scheme, with a gradient effect and soft glow, blending a more textured New Year’s Red, festive with warmth, warmth with fashionable youthfulness, fully in line with OPPO’s aesthetic design, but also to show that OPPO has captured the mindset

The main photo OPPO, R17 Pro New Year’s Edition in the photo has been improved further, with the rear 12 million 20 million dual camera, the main camera using Sony IMX519 sensor, the first commercial TOF 3D stereo camera, which is affected by ambient light is small, all-day undifferentiated work in including dark light, can resist stronger interference. It also has an F1.5/F2.4 aperture that can intelligently switch the size of the aperture based on the light intensity, which can intelligently switch the size of the aperture based on the light conditions and intelligently adjust the amount of light intake. Switching to a larger aperture in low-light situations results in more light, clear, and bright night scenes.

Switch to the small aperture in bright light to avoid overexposure and sharpen the image.OPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition real photoOPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition real photoOPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition real photoOPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition real photoOPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition real photoOPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition real photoOPPO

OPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition real photoOPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition real-life photoOPPO R17 Pro New Year Edition Portrait Mode The OPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition supports RAW HDR. RAW HDR avoids the data loss caused by the compression process and directly uses the original RAW data for the synthesis process, so the final HDR photos are richer in details and better restored, and even the bright backgrounds of people in backlight can be clear and layered, in contrast to traditional HDR photos, where the sensor captures the image to form RAW data and then compresses it directly.

To achieve ultra-clear night performance, OPPO specially created a new AI Ultra-clear engine, which includes an AI engine, an Ultra-clear engine, and a color engine. Throughout the shooting, users can press the shutter to get clear, bright, and brilliant night shots. The AI Ultra-clear engine adds two new features: a new ultra-clear night scene and pixel-level color reconstruction, intelligent color enhancement, and improved nighttime shooting capabilities. Photo clarity is improved by ultra-clear and pure processing, which provides each photo with a full range of software optimization.

Spiritual aperture with optical stabilization, large sensor with full pixel focus, and AI Ultra-clear engine enable you to clearly record the night’s charm and discover its beauty.

Night mode is turned onNight mode is turned onNight mode is turned off

Turn on the night view mode The 25-megapixel front camera uses a Sony IMX576 sensor with a large f/2.0 aperture for better dark-light noise control and color reproduction for clearer selfies in low-light environments, and the AI Smart Face can intelligently identify 296 recognition points on the face to match the user with a more customized selfie beauty effect, which is popular among young consumers. After selecting the icon in the selfie interface, users can make eight five-sense adjustments, including peel, thin face, small face, chin, big eyes, thin nose, make-up, and three-dimensional, and view the preview in real time. The R17 Pro will record your beauty habits, and the next time you take a picture, it will be automatically beautified based on your beauty habits! There are also fun cute shoots, so you won’t have to download as much third-party software!

OPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition real photoOPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition real photo You can also use the portrait mode to blur the background when taking selfies to make yourself stand out and become the center of the photo, and the smart beauty will look even better.OPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition photoOPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition photoOPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition photoOPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition photoOPPO R17 Pro New Year

The OIS optical stabilization is used to improve the quality of low-light shooting, increase the brightness of the image, and make dark details more visible; the aperture is intelligently adjusted to adjust the light on the side. The f2.4 small aperture is used automatically in the case of sufficient light, retaining the bright details while not overexposing the photo, and the f1.5 large aperture is used in the case of dim light, improving the picture brightness and dark details, greatly improving the success rate of night photography, no longer have to worry about night photography being dark, the photos taken to ensure the brightness of the picture at the same time, but still can be botched OPPO has used the traditional hot stamping method on the lower back of the OPPO R17 Pro New Year Edition’s body to create the shape of a golden piglet in auspicious clouds by fusing the piglet representing wealth, making the OPPO R17 Pro New Year Edition festive with warmth and a little cuteness in warmth. In the new year, the Golden Piglet, guided by Monreal’s aesthetic suggestions, becomes the bearer of blessings in charge of this fantasy world; whenever someone in real life sends a blessing, the Golden Piglet will go to the god in charge of the heavens and help make everyone’s wishes come true.

Around the auspicious clouds golden piglet, there are some cloud prints. The cloud prints are inspired by the traditional art of paper-cutting, interweaving and arranging the auspicious clouds and the golden piglet to present the unique rhythm of the New Year.OPPO R17 Pro New Year Edition In fact, the design of this golden piggy is inextricably linked to the aesthetic advice given by Ignasi Monreal, a 90-year-old Spanish visual artist who specializes in combining classical art and realism, adding digital and youthful elements to painting, decoup Because of the waterdrop screen design, the OPPO R17 | R17 Pro New Year’s Edition retains only the front camera above the screen, with the innovative light sensor hidden below the screen on the right side of the waterdrop, via a bent light guide column buried in the waterdrop area to conduct light to the sensor to achieve ambient light recognition.

acknowledgment Simultaneously, by utilizing the “TP under-screen infrared” solution, the distance sensor is hidden inside the phone, perfectly solving the problem of small space in the water drop area that cannot meet the traditional distance sensor stacking.

OPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition The R17 Pro New Year Edition employs an under-screen fingerprint solution, which reflects the fingerprint image to the sensor beneath the screen to finally realize fingerprint recognition operation. With a larger sensor size, larger single pixel size, and higher resolution, unlocking can be completed in 0.41 seconds under the rest screen state, resulting in a faster and more accurate unlocking experience. As the first domestic cell phone equipped with the spirit aperture, the OPPO R17 Pro brings a night scene shooting can be quite powerful, the overall picture is pure and clean, color reproduction and accuracy is quite high, and there is OIS optical anti-shake.