Oppo R17 Pro New Year’s Edition Appearance Review: Positive Red Plus Warm Gold Hong Luck Proper Head

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]On December 17 evening, OPPO held a new conference that can be described as unexpected, OPPO collaborated with the Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal in the design of the big show venue using a combination of Chinese and Western cultural elements.Ignasi Monreal can use delicate brushstrokes, vividly combine imaginary fantasy, highly aesthetic legendary stories and young, modern, technological life details. Ignasi Monreal is able to vividly combine imaginary visions, aesthetic legends and stories, as well as young, modern, and technological details of life, using delicate brushstrokes. He also specializes in fantasy classical oil painting in order to present products to the public in a realistic manner.

This time, Ignasi Monreal, in collaboration with OPPO, understands the richness of Chinese culture, fuses and recreates the good blessings of the East and the West, and brings us a fantasy New Year with a double blessing.OPPO’s fantasy train In fact, prior to the launch, OPPO had officially revealed that Emma Dumont, the Polaris girl from the American drama “Gifted and Talented,” would attend the show, but it was unclear in what capacity. When the show officially began, the strength of the young meat Li Yifeng and everyone on stage together to watch the launch, and Emma Dumont wearing a black dress printed with koi style opening, full of atmosphere, I also froze for a long time before reacting, this is not Miss Emma! Following the show, OPPO will officially launch its new product, the OPPO R17|OPPO R17 Pro New Year Edition.

OPPO R17 | R17 Pro New Year Edition Red and warm gold for good luck When it comes to the New Year, we must be festive, and every household will prepare some New Year auspicious items such as spring couplets, firecrackers, red lanterns, and so on. Of course, burning fireworks is now illegal, so we’ll have to make do with fairy sticks. These New Year elements represent festivity and warmth, and OPPO added warm gold to the New Year red color scheme, and then with the gradient effect and soft glow, blended with a more textured New Year red, festive with warmth, warm with fashionable youthfulness, fully in line with OPPO’s aesthetic design, but also shows that OPPO has captured the mindset of young people on color requirements, and designed a color scheme suitable for today’s young people

OPPO R17 | R17 Pro New Year Edition New Year’s small gold joy Different and exquisite In addition to the warm gold accented New Year’s red in the body color scheme, OPPO used 18K gold to blend with the warmer gold in the color scheme to decorate the bezel of the OPPO R17 Pro New Year’s camera, making the OPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition’s rear camera more distinctive and sophisticated.

OPPO R17 | R17 Pro New Year’s EditionOPPO R17 | R17 Pro New Year’s EditionOPPO R17 | R17 Pro New Year’s Edition

The auspicious clouds and golden piglet Cloud pattern and printing To coincide with the upcoming Year of the Golden Pig, OPPO has used the traditional hot stamping method on the lower back of the OPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition body, which is a fusion of the piglet representing wealth and the auspicious clouds representing good fortune to create the shape of the auspicious clouds golden piglet, making the OPPO R17 Pro New Year’s Edition festive with warmth, warmth Around the auspicious clouds Golden Piglet has some cloud prints. The auspicious clouds and Golden Piglet are interwoven and arranged to present the unique rhythm of the New Year, and the cloud prints are inspired by the traditional art of paper-cutting.

The design of this golden piggy is also based on the aesthetic advice of Ignasi Monreal, a 90-year-old Spanish visual artist who specializes in combining classical art and realism, adding digital and youthful elements to painting, design, and video creation. Ignasi Monreal uses color and pattern to create his own fantastical works. Ignasi Monreal has created a series of paintings combining nine blessing words, such as God of the Gate (peace), Yang Guifei, through the collision of Chinese and Western cultures. Monreal’s paintings combine Chinese and Western mythological characters, deconstructing and reorganizing Chinese and Western cultures to create a fantasy New Year that combines China’s and the West’s good fortune.

Guifei Yang

Mr. Moonlord

The front of the OPPO R17 | R17 Pro New Year Edition is a 6.4-inch water drop screen, water drop screen design makes OPPO R17 | R17 Pro New Year Edition screen above the front camera only retained, innovative light sensor hidden in the right side of the water drop below the screen, light will be conducted to the sensor through the water drop area buried in the bent light guide column, so as to achieve ambient light recognition At the same time, the distance sensor is hidden inside the phone using the “TP under-screen infrared” scheme, perfectly solving the problem of small space in the water drop area cannot meet the traditional distance sensor stacking. OPPO R17 | R17 Pro New Year’s Edition uses an under-screen fingerprint solution, which reflects the fingerprint image to the sensor under the screen to finally realize the fingerprint recognition operation, with a larger sensor size, larg More accurate unlocking experience: When you unlock the phone, the first thing you notice is the new UI design, which is full of joyful warmth. OPPO customized two wallpapers and redrew 56 icons on the OPPO R17 | R17 Pro New Year’s Edition to create a fantasy New Year’s world in the phone, so that every time the phone is lit up, it is a fantasy world to explore. This not only adds to the festive appearance of the OPPO R17 | R17 Pro New Year’s Edition, but also creates a fantasy New Year’s atmosphere in the built-in.

OPPO R17 | R17 Pro New Year Edition OPPO and Monreal collaborate to create a Chinese New Year with Chinese and Western good wishes based on their understanding of the young generation’s New Year culture. OPPO and Monreal are collaborating to create a Chinese New Year with Western good wishes.