Oppo R17 Pro King Custom Edition: The Hidden “organism” Under The Dark Pattern The War Power Upgrade King Strong March

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] “The glory of the king” is one of the most popular hand games in recent years, with many players enjoying it. Many cell phone manufacturers seize the user’s psychology, in addition to strong enough cell phone performance, in the cell phone appearance design to add some “King of glory” unique elements, which is unquestionably a plus. OPPO recently released the R17 Pro King’s Custom Edition to help improve the gaming experience.OPPO R17 Pro King’s Customized Edition real shot picture The OPPO R17 Pro King’s Custom Edition has added the “King’s Honor” logo to the back of the R17 Pro’s condensed green body. The flowing lake inspired the condensed green version, which combines the nobility of turquoise with the freshness of green, symbolizing life and hope.

The serene dark green glass is added to the gel layer, and the gel green body seen from different angles is like a lake with waves of light spreading outward with ripples, deep and full of life, fully demonstrating OPPO’s unique insights and innovative aesthetic exploration.

The “Honor of Kings” logo follows the principle of simplification, and uses silver as the main color, echoing the OPPO logo, displaying the characteristics of “Honor of Kings” without losing OPPO’s unique aesthetic design. There is also a dark pattern beneath the “Honor of Kings” logo that represents the power of “organism” to enhance your gaming experience.

In fact, the organ element pattern and the game style are interrelated and very representative in the various interfaces of “Honor of Kings”; thus, in the OPPO R17 Pro King Custom Edition, OPPO has specially extracted the elements in line with the organ concept and used them on the back of the phone, choosing simple lines to outline the dark pattern containing the “organ art” theme and the color of the back cover. The R17 Pro has a dark pattern that is consistent with the color of the back cover; in the light, the dark pattern containing the “organism” appears; in addition, OPPO has hidden the “glory of kings” logo into the phone’s back case, becoming the summoner’s exclusive seal. This clever design allows the R17 Pro King custom to be perfectly integrated with unique custom elements while still maintaining the phone’s overall aesthetic.OPPO R17 Pro King of Honor Customized Edition real photo

The King Custom Edition features three rear cameras, including a main camera with F1.5/F2.4 variable aperture technology, which means the system will automatically switch between different apertures based on the current ambient light to achieve the best shooting effect. When shooting night scenes, activate the ultra-clear night mode, and the dark details are clear and bright, the lights are delicate but not exposed, clearly capturing every moment worth recording.OPPO R17 Pro King’s Custom Edition real photo The OPPO R17 Pro King Custom Edition features a 6.4-inch waterdrop screen on the front, with only the front camera remaining on top of the screen, and an innovative light sensor hidden beneath the screen on the right side of the waterdrop, th Furthermore, the “TP under-screen infrared” solution conceals the distance sensor inside the phone, perfectly addressing the issue of a small space in the water drop area that cannot accommodate traditional distance sensor stacking. As the best full-screen solution, the OPPO R17 Pro King Custom Edition also uses light-sensitive screen fingerprint recognition to unlock and pay for the phone, making it more integrated.

In real life, the OPPO R17 Pro King of Honor Custom Edition is a customized version of the “King’s Honor” phone. The OPPO R17 Pro King’s Custom Edition has been optimized in terms of configuration and performance. The OPPO R17 Pro King Custom Edition is optimized by OPPO’s self-developed Hyper Boost acceleraton, which was developed in collaboration with “King of Honor” and Qualcomm to optimize the launch of “intelligent scene recognition” and “multi-core multi-threading” technology, the global continuous output of ultra-high-definition graphics, stable in The OPPO R17 Pro is the best choice for the game.

OPPO Hyper Boost acceleration engine The Hyper Boost game engine is optimized for today’s most popular games. The Vulkan version of Honor of Kings, which has since been released, runs extremely smoothly on the OPPO R17 Pro, with the game process being very stable at 60fps; and in the Abyss Smash mode, which has more intense group battle outbreaks and more complex special effects in the game, the average frame rate can still be maintained at 60.01 fps, and with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor, the powerful game space to open multiple

To give users a better experience in the game, OPPO collaborated with “King of Honor” to bring users ultra-high-definition picture quality, picture interaction to enhance the effect, so that users can enjoy the game experience while also enjoying an unprecedented visual feast. To allow users to get closer to their heroes, OPPO launched the King AR camera and led the way in adapting it to the R17 series models, and Open “King of Honor” and go to the “Heroes” page in the game, then choose your favorite hero and click the AR camera button in the bottom left corner to take a photo with the King of Honor hero.

The R17 Pro King Custom Edition is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 mobile platform with a 10nm process, which consumes less energy and generates less heat; this makes Snapdragon 710 both excellent performance and excellent energy control; the 8GB 128GB storage combination comparable to flagships running multiple large applications or games at the same time can let you fire up; and ColorOS 5.2.1 system adds intelligent detection and optimization. When the system receives a game application in a team battle scenario, the system will automatically mobilize the maximum amount of CPU and GPU resources to ensure that the program in this scenario can get enough computing resources. oPPO R17 Pro King Custom Edition is equipped with an equivalent 3700mAh large-capacity battery, allowing for a game of nearly 15 minutes of “King of glory” but with a power consumption of only about 7%, ensuring heavy play power. Simultaneously, it supports SuperVOOC super flash charging, which can charge up to 40% in 10 minutes, allowing you to play games without worry.

On the road of aesthetic design, OPPO is getting closer and closer to the aesthetic standards of today’s youth with the OPPO R17 Pro King’s Custom Edition charging test. This time, OPPO released the R17 Pro King Custom Edition, which conceals the “organism” dark pattern, echoing the style of the “King of Honor” and highlighting the overall beauty of the phone. The iconic King logo becomes the exclusive seal of the summoner, allowing users to carry an aura in the process of the game; strong performance allows users to fire in the game; the game does not disrupt the function to support the caller hovering display, the game is uninterrupted, and the group battle is more enjoyable; at the same time support floating window quick reply, key messages without delay; Overall, the OPPO R17 Pro King Custom Edition has a kingly atmosphere from the inside out, allowing users to upgrade their battle power and enhance their gaming experience while playing.