Oppo R17 Pro Appearance Experience: Stunningly Beautiful To The Extreme The Value Of The New Peak

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel]”Wow, what kind of phone is this? How good-looking!” The OPPO R17 Pro, the latest OPPO R series, fully demonstrates OPPO’s unique insights and innovative exploration of aesthetics, refreshing everyone’s understanding of aesthetics.

I believe that the first thing that draws people to the phone is its color scheme; the appearance is one of the most important factors in attracting users. With the release of the OPPO R17 series, the R17 series came to the attention of everyone. As with the R17 fog gradient color, the R17 Pro’s fog gradient color is in the condensed light layer via a special matte etching process, so the glass surface forms a frosted texture, bringing a unique hazy look similar to light through fog, while achieving a silky smooth feel. The matte gradient version also employs a sandblasting process to achieve a frosted gradient in the middle frame, resulting in consistency in texture and feel.

The OPPO R17 Pro employs a new matte gradient and 3D matte glass, which can be seen in different light and angles with a phantom color gradient effect comprised of multiple light bands. The color scheme is bolder than previous ones, and even the gradient colors on the left and right sides of the body are clearly different, emphasizing its color style for young users seeking individuality, as the saying goes.OPPO R17 Pro fog light gradient

The matte gradient color design is not a quick fix; the designer has worked hard to achieve the matte glass, going through 15 steps, including the etching and polishing processes to make the glass appear fine matte texture, and then the surface of the glass electroplating process to increase the feel and make it anti-fingerprint. In this process, it is necessary not only to meet the visual effect of the hidden, seemingly transparent color effect, but also to meet the delicate and soft feeling in the hand, which is actually a bit contradictory. So, in the reaction process, the reagent ratio, reaction time, and even a fraction of a difference all affect the final result.

In order for you to see the look now, OPPO R17 Pro fog light gradient before and after hundreds of process adjustments, trial production, and finally in the color and feel to find the perfect balance. In fact, I had not heard that the R17 Pro version will also have a second color until recently, when the green version of the condensation was unveiled at the Guangzhou Tianyi exhibition, attracting the attention of many users, the new appearance of the color scheme makes people shine. The design of the R17 Pro’s green version is inspired by the surface of a lake flowing with waves, and tends to be the turquoise green used by Chanel and other luxury brands in autumn.

When the phone is gently shaken, the curve will change, just like the waves of light on the lake surface, which is deep and full of life, fully demonstrating OPPO’s unique insight and innovative exploration of aesthetics, refreshing everyone’s understanding of aesthetics. The first “light-glare gradient process” restores color flow’s rhythm and beauty. The addition of a light-curdling layer to the dark green glass allows the phone’s back to converge into an S-shaped curve in the flow of light and shadow, making the new R17 Pro even more colorful in terms of performance.

OPPO R17 Pro condensed light green As one of the OPPO R17 Pro’s highlights, its rear triple camera configuration is a bit unique. Three cameras are placed vertically in the middle of the back of the OPPO R17 Pro, the top one being a TOF 3D stereo camera, the next two being a 12MP Sony IMX 362 camera and a 20MP camera. The main camera has F1.5/F2.4 variable aperture technology, which means the system will automatically switch between different apertures based on the current ambient light to achieve the best shooting effect.OPPO R17 Pro rear lens

The OPPO R17 Pro has a waterdrop screen design that was inspired by falling water drops on the edge of a lotus leaf, restoring the most natural state of water drops, with infinite possibilities in the moment of moving and not moving, removing the rigid beauty and displaying a soft and smooth natural state of life. Life in its natural state The “water drop” design shrinks the sensor area of the R17 Pro, and thanks to optimization of the screen dispensing process and screen packaging technology, the R17 Pro’s bezel width on all four sides is further reduced, and the overall screen-to-body ratio reaches 91.5 percent. At the same time, the distance sensor is hidden inside the phone using the same “TP under-screen infrared” program as the OPPO Find X, perfectly solving the problem of small space in the water droplet area cannot meet the traditional distance sensor stack.OPPO R17 Pro front camera

The R17 Pro features a 6.4-inch waterdrop screen protected by Corning’s sixth-generation Gorilla Glass, which can withstand 15 drops from a height of 1 meter to a rough surface, more than doubling the performance of fifth-generation Gorilla Glass. Corning’s sixth-generation Gorilla Glass, as we all know, has a new, chemically strengthened glass material with a higher surface compressive stress than Corning’s fifth-generation Gorilla Glass, which further improves damage resistance. The OPPO R17 series, in particular, is the first to carry Corning’s sixth-generation Gorilla Glass; the higher the screen to body ratio, Corning’s sixth-generation Gorilla Glass can effectively reduce the possibility of broken screens; and the R17 Pro has several hardware and previous OPPO are not quite the same, including the addition of NFC, the removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack, the use of TYPE-C headphones, TYPE-C port support USB

The OPPO R17 Pro also has a noticeable feature, which is the under-screen fingerprint scanner. In this day and age, where full-screen is the norm, under-screen fingerprint recognition has emerged as the best solution. The OPPO R17 Pro, like the OPPO R17, uses a light-sensitive screen fingerprint recognition solution, and the phone is more integrated.OPPO R17 Pro light-sensitive screen fingerprint technology is with the OLED screen self-lighting characteristics, the fingerprint image is reflected to the sensor under the screen, and finally realize the operation of fingerprint recognition, but also to solve the contradiction between fingerpri OPPO has put a lot of thought into the light-sensitive screen fingerprint to bring users a faster and more accurate unlocking experience, which ultimately makes the fingerprint recognition achieve a fast and accurate experience effect.

The unlocking experience of the OPPO R17 Pro also includes three cool unlocking light effects: void force field, mirror flower and water moon, and energy beam. The phone is unlocked when the user presses the fingerprint icon displayed on the screen, in response to the cool transitional animation light effect. It improves the aesthetics and technology of light-sensitive screen fingerprint recognition in the unlocking process.

OPPO R17 Pro unlocking light effect In addition to unlocking, light-sensitive screen fingerprint is also used in WeChat fingerprint payment and Alipay fingerprint payment, payment, encryption, and other scenarios, whether it is fingerprint unlocking, WeChat and Alipay fingerprint payment, fingerprint application encryption, or private safe. When the screen is resting, the fingerprint recognition uses the fingerprint icon to show the recognition area, and the location can be accurately found in the dark environment for unlocking operation, and the fingerprint icon will be automatically hidden when the screen is lit, which does not affect the screen and makes the experience more technological. R17 light-sensitive fingerprint recognition technology is more in line with consumer unlocking and payment habits than rear fingerprint recognition and face recognition technology.GIF display image

In fact, a fog light gradient can make us hot debate for a long time, and then appear in front of everyone’s condensation green can only be amazing to praise, I have to say that the gradient color can also play a fancy is also OPPO. In an era when bangs screen with a new shaped full-screen design stand out, gradually becoming a new guide to the design of the smartphone industry is not easy, I believe that OPPO can bring us better products in the future.