Oppo R17 Photo Experience: Photo Technology Upgrade Record In The City A Little Bit

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] Humans are the most emotional beings on the planet. Emotion influences almost every aspect of human cognition, behavior, and social organization. Emotions are the driving force behind hidden social commitments to others in interpersonal interactions and groups.

For starters, emotions have an impact on people’s perceptions and attitudes. People’s perceptions and attitudes toward things are reflected in their emotions; thus, emotions such as happiness, anger, and sadness influence people’s perceptions and attitudes toward things.

Second, emotions can influence people’s behavior. Positive and pleasant emotions can increase the effectiveness of the organism’s activities, increase the enthusiasm for intellectual activities, and become the driving force behind people’s behavior; whereas negative and unpleasant emotions decrease the effectiveness of the organism’s activities, decrease the efficiency of learning and work, and even become a cause of mental illness. Finally, human emotional expression can be used to communicate ideas.

Human emotions are expressed through language, posture, and facial expressions, so “reading people’s minds” can assist people in determining the thoughts and attitudes of others.OPPO R17 shooting samples However, regardless of the type of emotion, it can demonstrate the complexity of human emotions. Many people in this world leave their mothers and fathers and venture out into society alone, struggling with hope but always crying in the dark because of loneliness. The only consolation left for you in this city is to record your own little bits and pieces with your cell phone.

The OPPO R17, which was recently released, is OPPO’s latest masterpiece, with the slogan “Discover the beauty of the night,” implying that the R17 has overcome the pain points of smartphone night photography, more beautiful and natural night shots.

The R17’s most noticeable changes are in its appearance and photography. With a phantom color gradient design, the R17 comes in three colorways: flowing blue, neon purple, and fog light gradient. The flowing blue and fog gradient add a condensed light layer to the gradient body, upgrading from a uniform gradient to a flowing gradient; the neon purple upgrades from a two-color gradient to a three-color gradient, with different colors of the body under light irradiation, providing different gradient effects; the fog light gradient color appears to The primary sensor is a Sony IMX519 sensor with 16 megapixels and a 1.22m single pixel surface size, which has a more natural and layered portrait mode, a significant improvement over the previous generation IMX398, as well as excellent noise and light sensitivity, with obvious advantages in night photography scenarios. The rear dual camera’s maximum aperture is f/1.7, ensuring a large amount of light intake and an excellent bokeh effect.

Night photography is so beautiful with OIS optical stabilization and AI ultra-clear engine, both hard and soft. The OPPO R17 is not only using Sony IMX519 sensor, but also adding RAW HDR function, ISP upgrade and more advanced AI algorithm is a big help, with intelligent recognition of 21 separate scenes and 800 scene combinations, making the final output of

Intelligent RecognitionSamplesSamplesSamplesSamplesSamplesSamplesS


As can be seen from the samples, the OPPO R17 is capable of accurately controlling exposure and color whether shooting day or night, without overexposure, underexposure, or color bias. The OPPO R17 performs admirably in terms of daytime scenery, with AI intelligent recognition of the sky scene and post-optimization, making the sky in the image more blue and the color of plants more intense, which is quite pleasing to the eye. Where the intensity of the picture exposure is high, the OPPO R17 has no overexposure performance and performs better in terms of picture sharpness.

The performance of the night shooting shooting fountain-like water column is very good. We can see from the photos that the OPPO R17’s background color control is very effective.

The R17 is also known as the “beauty under the moon,” because when the sky is full of stars and the night is quiet, the blossoms open and then close and wither, creating an inherently “blip” effect. The R17 is a very good choice for a photo shoot, but it is a good choice for a photo shoot because the R17 can automatically open the bokeh mode with a large aperture. Sample shots A person has an inexplicable sense of security, but also an inexplicable sense of loneliness, which is previously unaccustomed to, but gradually becomes accustomed to, a person’s wonderful and helpless, which only they understand.

Because of the lack of light at night, the sensor and aperture size of the phone are critical. The OPPO R17 is equipped with a Sony IMX519 sensor with a 1.22 m single pixel area and a large f/1.7 aperture to maximize light intake at night for better dot recording.Sample shots On a summer night, the sky is decorated with glittering stars, like fine quicksand paving the Milky Way lying diagonally across the green sky. The breeze gently blowing gusts, grass and trees with decorative lights illuminated, presenting an empty fantasy colors, each hidden its meticulous point, giving people a dream-like feeling.


Shooting samples As you can see, the OPPO R17 performs admirably in low-light photography, with low noise and high purity, and it has excellent highlight suppression in areas with strong light sources, with no glare. In terms of detail retention, the samples taken by OPPO R17 are rarely smeared, with excellent picture detail and sharpness. In addition to AI intelligent scene recognition, OPPO R17 has a fun little feature of cute shooting, where after using the front camera to recognize the face, OPPO R17 can intelligently turn your avatar into small animals, or add various special effects or props, etc., full of fun.

Since its release, the R17 has piqued the interest of many young users due to its excellent photo capabilities and stunning illusionary color gradient. Furthermore, the R17’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor, with 8 128GB of storage and a 3500 mAh battery, supports VOOC flash charging technology, so users will not lag when running large games and can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. The system has been upgraded to ColorOS 5.2, making the OPPO R17 smarter and more efficient.

The OPPO R17 series is a smartphone that exudes technology and art from the inside out; with its superb photographic ability, it has a large number of young and loyal fans in the domestic market. OPPO is constantly working and innovating to provide users with a better experience and choice, as well as to experience a different kind of beauty.