Oppo R15x Comprehensive Review: The Appearance Of Fresh And Connotative Configuration Balanced Price Is Fair

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] OPPO’s output this year has been impressive; only a short time ago, OPPO revealed a new series of OPPO K1, not long after the official start of sales on October 19th. This is not the end of OPPO’s latest model, the OPPO R15x.OPPO R15x The Appearance As usual, I believe the R15x’s appearance is a combination of the front of the OPPO R17 series and the back of the OPPO R15 to form the OPPO R15x, but it is exceptionally good-looking. First and foremost, let us discuss the front. The R15x front is the same as the OPPO R17 series “water drop screen” design, with inspiration drawn from the edge of a lotus leaf.

The water drop is a process, in the process, it has a myriad of forms, in the moment of moving and not moving, showing a soft and smooth natural state of vitality, highlighting the infinite possibilities, and become the most distinguishing feature that distinguishes it from the “beauty tip.”OPPO R15x real photo The “water drop” design shrinks the front sensor area of the R15x, and thanks to the optimization of the screen dispensing process and screen

The OPPO R15x has a 6.4-inch waterdrop screen with Corning’s fifth-generation Gorilla Glass for enhanced drop resistance and better phone protection. Furthermore, the R15x has some hardware that differs from that of the OPPO R17 series. The main event is here, OPPO R15x equipped with light-sensitive screen fingerprint – in fact, we all understand that as a smartphone at this price point, not equipped with under-screen fingerprint, not equipped with the latest technology is also justifiable, after all, the price is here, and to carry these technologies will be very high.

But I must say that this time OPPO really hemorrhaged, do not cost, do not hard work, as long as the user experience with the machine, just for the user a praise is worth it.OPPO R15x real picture OPPO R15x equipped with light-sensitive screen fingerprint technology, light-sensitive screen fingerprint technology is the use of OLED screen self-lighting characteristics, the fingerprint image reflected to the sensor under the screen, and finally achieve the operation of finger Three cool light effects make the unlocking experience more technological. The constant light unlock can expand unlocking application scenarios; for example, when the phone is placed on the desktop, it can be unlocked without lighting up the screen or picking up the phone.

OPPO R15x’s light-sensitive screen fingerprint can also be designed to avoid opening holes in the back cover, making the phone more integrated. It performs the same function as a traditional fingerprint, and there is no threshold for users to use it.

OPPO R15x fingerprint recognition When compared to competing models in the same price range, the R15x has a much better looking back. The R15x has a lot of features that make it a great choice for the newest generation.OPPO R15x real photo OPPO R15x adopts 3D gradient body, gradient body is upgraded again, the addition of condensed light layer gives R15x a sense of value of high-end machines. At the same time, the condensed light pattern was added to the body color gradient form. The light curdling pattern is actually a design with light, the light from different angles cohesion in the back of the phone body, so that the body with the angle and light changes, showing different light column effect, so that the gradient change has a sense of hierarchy, each glance is a new world.

OPPO’s main focus is photography, and the camera technology on this R15x isn’t bad. The oPPO R15x has a front-facing 25-megapixel camera that can recognize 296 facial features and a new three-dimensional custom beauty icon in the selfie interface. Users can make eight adjustments to the five senses after clicking on the icon, including peel, thin face, small face, chin, big eyes, thin nose, make-up, and three-dimensional.

You can see the preview in real time at the same time. The OPPO R15x can combine big data with its own habits to make the “AI beauty” more suitable for you, the more beautiful the shot.Sample photosSample photosSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shots

The rear camera uses an AI intelligent dual camera that can intelligently identify shooting scenes and objects and display them on the screen in real time as labels, as well as optimize the supported scenes for better photo effects. More refined processing and accurate recognition, the total number of scene recognition increases to 21 categories of independent scenes and 6 types of post-processing.Intelligent recognition of shooting scenesSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shotsSample shots

Sample photos The R15x’s portrait mode is known as the “master of photography in the circle of friends,” and it adds more light effects to the R15’s base, making it easier and more convenient to take distinctive photos with the phone’s original camera. Portrait mode on the R15x, dubbed the “master of photography in the circle of friends,” adds more light effects to the R15, making it easier and more convenient to take unique photos with the phone’s original camera. To create a stunning and artistic portrait photography, use the dual camera background defocus, AI intelligent beauty, 3D portrait lighting, and image style. I decided to send it to my friends later, in the hopes of forming a small network of friends in the near future.Sample photosSample photosThe addition of RAW HDR allows for a wider dynamic range, a transparent image with higher levels, more background detail retention, and clear backlit portraits.

The full pixel color reconstruction can accurately restore the scene color, then determine whether and how to color reconstruction through AI recognition of the scene, and finally enhance the color expression through color reconstruction. Sunset, backlight, backlit portrait, low light, and low light portrait will be specifically mapped to achieve the best expression.

Unlike HDR, which uses compressed photos for compositing, RAW HDR uses uncompressed source files directly for compositing, preserving more complete details and more restored images. The background of people in backlit shots is clear and layered with better tolerance. The AR sticker is more suitable for everyone’s selfie way, OPPO R15x comes with AR sticker, no need to download more than N third-party APP, directly use OPPO R15x AR camera to take pictures, quirky, quirky and cute, play more and more interesting.

Shooting Sample System The OPPO R15x’s system has been upgraded to ColorOS 5.2, which is more intelligent and efficient. The “smart negative screen” displays 18 different types of card data, such as common services, stock quotes, events, my favorites, quick functions, weather, schedule, express information, trip management, public WLAN one-click connection, sports pedometer, sticky notes, favorite contacts, photo albums, hot information, smart car search, and so on. It also learns the user’s habits and intelligently predicts which applications the user will use next.Intelligent negative screen The camera can scan and recognize barcodes, entities, and text, as well as provide multilingual translation, content extraction, image optimization, scene service, information query, and other multifaceted recognition services, using OCR recognition, object recognition, and AR technology. Among these are many functions such as word translation, photo translation, document scanning, intelligent knowledge of things, scanning questions and answers, intelligent code scanning, and so on.

I concentrate on broad questions and answers, which are not the author’s in the study period. The author in mathematics can be said to be a little talent is not, do homework always write a pass, the process is incorrect, the answer is incorrect outrageous; examination is usually to see which option is more pleasing to the eye to choose which, the score is frequently stuck in 60 points With the advancement of technology, there are actually sweeping questions to answer, and the author’s heart is a little complicated.

Smart Sidebar can be opened globally as a floating window to view and respond to WeChat, QQ, and SMS messages; quickly switch to system default settings or user-defined frequently used applications; and quickly share recently used pictures, files, scrapbook text, and favorites, significantly improving user efficiency in multitasking operations. The storage space is larger and easier to use with a 6 128GB storage combination.King of glory game GIF OPPO and King of glory deep collaboration, to achieve intelligent scene recognition, R15x can detect the scene and state of the game, such as game start; resource loading; normal mode and high frame rate mode recognition, is not in the group battle, and so on. As a result, the phone’s performance can be deployed more intelligently and comfortably as needed.

Even with the high frame rate mode enabled, the R15x’s game frame rate can always be kept relatively high, with less lag in the game and more power saving, making your team battle more smooth. The R15x has a 3600mAh battery, with guaranteed battery life.

After the R15x had finished powering down automatically, I performed a charging test. After two minutes of charging, the power was turned on at 2%, and a record was made every 5 minutes. The test results are as follows.

Summary of charging test results OPPO R15x, as a mid-price smartphone, equipped with screen fingerprint recognition allows users to have a faster and more convenient unlocking and payment experience; in addition to carrying a high-tech configuration that is not inferior to the flagship, OPPO full price range coverage, giving users more options To be honest, the new OPPO products released this year have left my wallet empty; after all, I am a member of the Association for the Pursuit of Beautiful Photography; what will you choose instead?