Oppo K9x Experience: Cool Appearance Highlighting Hardcore Attributes

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] Among OPPO’s product lines, the K series has drawn a large number of customers due to its stylish design, tough performance, and low price. The previously released K9 series is no exception, and it has received widespread acclaim from users. Today, I’d like to share the K series of new OPPO K9x, this product specific performance, we take a look. OPPO K9x continues the K series’ hardcore temperament, with two cool colors of silver purple super dream and obsidian warrior.

In my hand is the Obsidian Samurai, ink black ink to bring the ultimate cool pure black, as if the ancient cold warrior, the hardcore temperament directly pull full.

The back cover of the body was created using micron-level splicing technology in the flow of crystal diamond technology to achieve a light and matte body effect. The glossy surface is vibrant and packed with technology, while the matte surface is starry and shiny, and the overall touch is delicate and smooth, with non-stick fingerprints. The “09-Kx” and “Super Performance” character designs inherited from the K9 series, as well as the track texture design, all highlight the K series hardcore style in the upper rear triple camera module area. On the front is a 6.5-inch LCD screen, with the front single-hole camera hidden in the upper left, with a relatively low presence.

The generous and simple body is given a tough feel by the center frame’s straight edge. In terms of key design, it retains the 3.5mm headphone jack in addition to the “fingerprint power button” two-in-one design. The OPPO K9x is a thin and lightweight device that weighs 194g and has an 8.81mm thickness.

In addition to the frosted texture, the touch is quite delicate, grip is more comfortable to take advantage of, hard-core temperament to show.

The OPPO K9x is powered by an octa-core processor, the Tiangui 810, built on a 6nm process and featuring two A76 flagship cores with a maximum frequency of 2.4GHz. When compared to the previous generation OPPO K7x, the overall performance of the OPPO K9x has significantly improved. Furthermore, in order to reduce system lag caused by insufficient memory, the OPPO K9x supports memory expansion technology, which can be temporarily used as the same size of running memory by calling part of the storage space, offering ” 2GB,” ” 3GB,” ” 5GB,” and ” 2GB.” The K9x comes in three sizes: “2GB,” “3GB,” and “5GB.” To test overall performance, I let the OPPO K9x run the popular hand game “King of Honor.” WiFi test environment, 60Hz refresh rate, “high frame rate ultra-high resolution HD graphics” After an hour of testing, the game frame rate remained relatively stable at around 60 fps throughout the game, with no lag or frame drop, and the body temperature did not rise significantly.

There are two main reasons why the OPPO K9x has provided me with such an enjoyable experience. On the one hand, it stems from the fact that it can ensure the overall machine’s smooth operation. On the other hand, it is the role of the XunLeng Smart Cooling System, which consists of three kinds of high thermal conductivity cooling materials, graphite tube, graphite sheet, and copper foil, to form a total cooling area of 13850 square millimeters, which can undoubtedly greatly control the temperature and reduce the power consumption of the phone. As a result, in terms of performance, the OPPO K9x continues to put in a lot of effort to provide a hardcore gaming experience through system-level optimization.

The OPPO K9x has a triple camera system with 6400W pixels as the main camera on the back, and because of the high pixel count, it can capture more image details. We can see the author’s sample photos, which were taken directly from the back of an OPPO K9x without any post-retouching. As evidenced by the samples, the image detail retention is, as expected, quite rich. The overall color, especially in night shots, is naturally saturated and does not appear distorted by the algorithm.

Even during the rainy night, the color of the sample images did not lose much color, but became more transparent, allowing them to withstand the test of rainy days. This demonstrates that the manufacturer’s design for the image algorithm has been adapted and calibrated numerous times in order to consistently output these clear images.

On the front, with the 1600W pixel single camera and the AI Glow Beauty feature, it is able to recognize the user’s face skin tone, gender, and age information with AI, and provide a concealing effect for the user while preserving their natural beauty. As a result, the skin is more delicate and natural, and the person in the image has light in the eyes and a glowing complexion.

The OPPO K9x is powered by a 5000mAh battery, which is a rechargeable battery capacity. To test its battery life, I placed it in the following conditions: WiFi environment, Bluetooth and positioning off, sound 30%, brightness 50%, 90Hz refresh rate, 1 hour of video playback, 1 hour of music playback, 1 hour of gaming, and 8 hours of standby, and obtained the following endurance graph. During the one-hour game test, the endurance performance was better, with only 9% power consumption, which undoubtedly improved the gaming experience. In terms of charging, the OPPO K9x has a 33W super flash charging port.

I charged it from 9% and checked the power situation every 10 minutes to obtain the charging rate graph shown above. As the graph shows, the charging rate is also moderate, taking about half an hour to charge to 60% and about an hour to fully charge.

In terms of battery life and charging, the battery life is relatively excellent and can support users for an extended period of time. The battery life experience is naturally excellent with the 33W super flash charging technology, even if you play games for a long time, there is no fear of power anxiety, so say goodbye to power anxiety. The OPPO K9x is a good choice for the same price range.

Aside from its cool appearance, it also has a number of hardcore performance configurations that provide users with a smooth gaming experience, making it an excellent choice for game enthusiasts.

The OPPO K9x 8GB 128GB model costs 1499 yuan, while the 8GB 256GB model costs 1699 yuan. Huan Tai Mall, Jingdong, Tmall, and Suning, the four major e-commerce platforms, are officially open for booking from now until January 1. If you’re looking for a phone at this price range, I’d recommend the OPPO K9x.