Oppo K9s Review: Hardcore Configuration For A Fully Immersive Gaming Experience

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel]Autumn is the busiest season in the cell phone industry. With each successive launch, a plethora of new cell phones have emerged, dazzling, and most consumers, including the author, are easy to see. So, many people try to find the right cell phone product for them through a variety of review data, and today I want to share with you a newly released new product – OPPO K9s. OPPO K9s in the overall appearance is quite thin and light, with three colorways phantom purple quicksand, obsidian warrior, neon fantasy silver sea, and the author’s hands this is more delicate and smooth obsidian warrior.

Its 8.52mm thickness and 199g weight give me an overall sense of thinness and lightness, and the phone’s back cover is a 3D curved design with matte coating process, giving a more delicate and thin visual effect and a different kind of premium texture. The upper portion of the camera module area is a distinct feature of the back design, inspired by an electronic screen on the facade of a tall building in the cyberpunk world. The camera module on the left and the laser typeface on the right, both inherited from the K9 series, are positioned above the laser stripes of the grille texture, emphasizing the aesthetics of speed in one go and appearing under the light mapping.

This not only makes the phone instantly recognizable, but it also gives it a distinct sci-fi feel.

The current OPPO K9s has a 6.59-inch LCD screen with a single digging hole for the camera located in the upper left corner of the screen, which has a minor impact on the phone’s look and feel. Furthermore, a screen-to-body ratio of up to 90.8 percent provides a more immersive experience. The use of side fingerprint unlock, the power button and fingerprint unlock in one on the right side of the screen, in line with most people’s habits, is the biggest change in terms of appearance.

The configuration is the eternal topic and the focus of the review of a good or bad phone. For me, the most intuitive experience is in the game’s performance. We can start with a quick look at the specifications: the OPPO K9s is equipped with a 6nm process Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G, as well as support for three-step adjustment of virtual memory expansion technology.

It also has a 120Hz six-speed variable speed gaming screen and a touch sampling rate of up to 240Hz, among other features. Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G is the use of four A78 high main frequency large core, the highest main frequency up to 2.4GHz, which is quite good in terms of processing speed and power consumption.

I ran the Rabbit score test, and the results are more in line with the author’s expectations, with nearly 540,000 points being sufficient to provide users with a smooth experience with the machine.

The performance in the game, with the above configuration, OPPO K9s is sufficient to run most popular hand games, and I will use the glory of the king as an example for some experience. Using a 120Hz six-speed gaming screen and a touch sampling rate of up to 240Hz, it provides 30/48/50Hz video gear, 60Hz balanced gear, 90Hz game gear, and 120Hz extreme gear, resulting in a smoother screen display, no dragging, and easier operation with the hand. I can say that the display of the screen throughout the game is quite smooth, and the color rendering is more natural. The fully immersive gaming experience is thanks to its X-axis linear vibration motor and Hyper Boost game acceleration engine, which brings 4D vibration, game sound change, full immersion mode, pop-up notification, game filters, and a series of small game features.

When you play the game, you will receive messages from QQ, WeChat, and other communication software, which will not only block the view and affect the operation, but you may also accidentally touch to jump to the message interface, but you will be unable to completely close the background, missing the important message alert. When the phone receives a message, it will cross the game interface in the form of a pop-up screen, and users can set the transparency, pop-up speed, and number of notifications on the same screen, and there will be no accidental touch, which is a good way to improve the user’s gaming experience.

Temperature before the game begins Temperature after one hour of play Based on the images above, the temperature before the game begins is 26.4°C, and the temperature after one hour of play is 39.2°C, a temperature difference of around 13°C. The temperature rise is not exaggerated in such a high-intensity test, indicating that the OPPO K9s’ heat dissipation ability is adequate. So, in the course of the user’s daily game, the phone will not appear too hot and “hot” situation. Furthermore, OPPO K9s has OPPO’s exclusive game lightning start, support for jumping the game opening studio animation, 1s directly to the game lobby, as well as stepless frame stabilization function, can reduce the temperature caused by the lowering of the image quality, the screen lagging perception, to avoid the game a significant lag.

Users’ demand for image aspect has been increasing, making image capability one of the most important selling points of cell phones, and some cell phone manufacturers have even launched phones marketed as photo phones. OPPO K9s is quite good in terms of image performance, as evidenced by my tests. OPPO K9s is equipped with a set of 6400W pixel 800W pixel wide-angle 200W pixel macro rear camera module, and 1600W pixel front camera, with a variety of play and features such as ultra-clear night scene, neon portrait, AI video enhancement for a variety of scenarios.

We can see that with AI beauty turned on, the images are brighter overall, the skin tones of the people’s faces are clearer and more detailed, and the people can be distinguished from the background, highlighting the people rather than blending them together.

Next, we return to the rear camera, which I tested in both day and nighttime conditions. Even when shooting in cloudy conditions, the pictures are still quite impressive for capturing various details, and the color levels can be clearly presented; and during night shooting, the performance of the OPPO K9s surprises me. The images below show that pictures taken in normal mode are generally cooler, whereas pictures taken in night mode are generally warmer.

The light control performance is improved, and the color rendering is richer, thanks to the powerful AI algorithm, and the details of each part of the image can be seen clearly even at magnification. Shooting in normal mode Shooting in night view mode

As a result, I believe the OPPO K9s is quite good in terms of image performance, and for most users, the image capability of this phone is adequate for daily photo taking. Furthermore, the OPPO K9s has AI ID photo, movie mode, macro, super text, and many other modes of play, allowing users to easily capture the beauty of everyday life. Finally, let’s look at the charging and battery life.

The OPPO K9s comes with a 5000mAh battery and 30W VOOC flash charging. In terms of charging, I turned off Bluetooth and positioning in the WiFi environment, opened 120Hz refresh rate, screen brightness of 50%, volume of 30%, 1 hour of short video, 1 hour of music playback, 1 hour of video playback on B station, 1 hour of game of glory of kings, and obtained the following battery life graph. I am more satisfied with the 1-hour game test, with a power consumption of only 13%, which can be quite appealing to gamers.

For the charging test, I charged the phone from a low charge of 3% under the same conditions and obtained the charging rate graph shown above. As shown in the graph, the battery can be charged to about 50% in half an hour and fully charged in about an hour. Based on the results of the above tests of the OPPO K9s charging rate and battery life, we can conclude that the performance in terms of battery life is relatively excellent, not only because of its large capacity battery of 5000mAh, but also because the cell phone manufacturer’s tuning for all aspects of the phone is also relatively excellent, users can completely sa I particularly enjoy the game’s performance, which includes a number of small humanized features that contribute to a fully immersive gaming experience. If you are a demanding user of all aspects of the game, I believe this phone will provide you with an exceptional gaming experience.