Oppo K5 Comprehensive Review: The Teenager Strikes Again Hardcore Is More Than That

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]As user expectations for smartphones rise, many cell phone manufacturers have responded by offering smartphones in a variety of price ranges across the entire cell phone market. Low-cost smartphones have become the majority of users’ preferred option. The new K series, which OPPO launched last year, has received a lot of praise from users for its high cost performance and high value, and has won people’s hearts in all aspects. OPPO launched K3, a “hardcore teenager” strong return, in May of this year, after the market has become the explosive models in the first half of 2019.

After 5 months, OPPO K5 hardcore strike, with 64 megapixel ultra-clear main camera to come!OPPO K5 In fact, for now, there aren’t many smartphones on the market with a rear-mounted 64-megapixel ultra-clear camera, let alone this lens appearing on a thousand-dollar-priced smartphone, or else how would you call yourself “hardcore” it, OPPO K5 preemptively equipped with a 64-megapixel ultra-clear main camera, The OPPO K5 will be released on October 10th, along with the new OPPO Reno Ace, so without further ado, let’s take a look at the OPPO K5 image.

OPPO K5 adopts a four-camera combination of rear 64MP ultra-clear main camera 8MP ultra-wide angle 2MP black and white lens 2MP retro lens, thanks to the 64MP ultra-clear lens, the shooting effect is excellent in detail, even if the sample is enlarged, you can still see the details of the subject; 8MP ultra-wide angle, the shooting effect comparison can also be used The sample photos below give us an idea of the OPPO K5’s quad rear camera capability.OPPO K5 shooting samplesOPPO K5 super wide-angle lens shot sampleOPPO K5 shooting samples

OPPO K5 shooting sample photos The OPPO K5 also performs admirably in low-light situations. The OPPO K5 is capable of taking clear and high-quality night shots by detecting the environment and employing algorithms such as AI noise reduction technology. Whether it is a bright city business district or a pedestrian street with complex lighting, it can quickly take clear, vivid, and detailed night shots using night mode.OPPO K5 shooting sample (without night mode on)OPPO K5 sample photos (with night mode on)

OPPO K5 sample photos (without night mode)OPPO K5 sample photos (with night mode on) It just so happens that Shenzhen recently staged a “National Day Special Edition” light show, starting at 7:30 every night, buildings in all directions instantly lit up with the five-star red flag pattern, accompanied by “I love you China” music, “I love you China” five words slowly presented in the building, the scene More is rich in the atmosphere of the National Day, I also dashed to the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center to witness this Chinese red light show, and I grabbed my OPPO K5 to capture this super burning image.OPPO K5 sample photos

As for the cell phone video shooting, I believe that users who like to shoot video will be very surprised, such as video stabilization is very powerful, do not believe? You may want to look at a small video motion picture that I took in the car. ImageFront The front camera, OPPO K5 has a 32 million front AI intelligent beauty lens, after the beauty of the shooting samples can show a more natural effect, not just skin whitening,

Filter style OPPO K5 image capability from the overall is excellent, daily photos or go on a trip to shoot the scenery if OPPO K5 is a good choice, and in the video shooting also comes with anti-shake function, like to shoot video partners can really go experience, more importantly, OPPO K5 is a thousand yuan machine, in the price is acceptable to everyone.

OPPO K5 back body designOPPO K5 side button detailsOPPO K5 side button details The front of the OPPO K5 features a “waterdrop screen” and a 32MP front camera. The design is applied to the OPPO K5 without any sense of dissonance; it features a new generation of screen fingerprint recognition rate that is higher and faster unlocking.

OPPO K5 “water drop screen” designOPPO K5 under-screen fingerprint In addition, OPPO K5 retains 3.5mm headphone hole, in the era of type-C headphone hole gradually becoming mainstream, smart phones can retain 3.5mm headphone hole have been few, I think retain 3.5mm headphone hole will be much more convenient. Configuration Configuration, OPPO K5 equipped with 8nm process Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor, 8GB 256GB memory and LPDDR OPPO K5 has SLA multi-state network acceleration technology, intelligent switching 4G and Wi-Fi network, dual-channel online at the same time, and is not afraid of group battles when the line drags.

The OPPO K5 is equipped with 30W VOOC4.0 flash charging technology, which combines a custom MCU charge management chip with a BMS battery management chip to increase charging power with a low-voltage, high-current solution. While it is not recommended that users play with their phones while charging, the OPPO K5 does support charging while playing, making charging faster and safer. According to OPPO’s official laboratory data, the 4000mAh high-capacity battery in the OPPO K5 can charge up to 67 percent in 30 minutes, which is 12% faster than the charging time of the previous generation of flash charging technology.

Furthermore, its battery life is very powerful, and if you do not plan to travel during the National Day holiday, you can do so at home. “It is also very good to take a day trip to the King’s Canyon.” Following that,%20I%20conducted%20a%20charging%20test%20on%20OPPO%20K5,%20it%20takes%20about%2075%20minutes%20to%20fill%204000mAh,%20according%20to%20the%20actual%20test%20results%20(the%20phone%20automatically%20shut%20down%20state%20charging%20test),%20the Furthermore, the new ColorOS 6 system will be more secure than previous generations of systems, thanks to three modules that provide different levels of security protection: “virus and protection,” “account security,” and “guardian plan.” For example, if users are subjected to harassment or fraud, OPPO will provide them with comprehensive protection.

In the case of risky behavior and installation issues, OPPO will reduce the risky applications and viruses as much as possible throughout the entire process from downloading applications to using applications, so that the monitoring of abnormal applications can be realized. The OPPO K5 is a smartphone with a price point of 1,000 yuan, but in any case, a 1,000 yuan machine has a configuration that does not lose the flagship models, I believe that the OPPO K5 will set off a