Oppo K3 Comprehensive Review: A Smartphone That Can Rely On Face Value But Prefers To Rely On Strength

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] Many people will have a strong impression or experience with the OPPO K1 in the K series. Last October, OPPO unexpectedly announced the launch of a new product line, the K series, to fill a void in the low-end market demand at a price point of $1000. Despite the fact that many users believe that the thousand yuan machine will be lacking in appearance or configuration, the OPPO K1 has achieved good results since its release and has won people’s hearts in all aspects.

Time passes, and in May 2019, OPPO announced via its official microblogging that the “hardcore teenager” OPPO K3 was on its way, and it was officially launched in Beijing on May 23.OPPO K3 Appearance The OPPO K3 is available in three dazzling gradient colors: nebula purple, secret black, and morning white, and I received mine in secret black. The overall gradient transition is very natural; each light will present a different “S-shaped” light column, while the secret black adds a touch of mystery.

OPPO K3OPPO K3 Furthermore, the dual rear camera is placed in the center, and below it is the gold “DESIGNED BY OPPO” font and the new OPPO LOGO, lending a sense of nobility.

The OPPO K3 is no exception in an era where full-screen displays are all the rage. The K3 has a 6.5-inch OLED panoramic screen and a new light-sensitive screen fingerprint recognition technology, with a 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom and a Type-C data port. The new light-sensitive screen fingerprint recognition technology uses a unique compensated light projection scheme, making the entire area of the screen fingerprint brighter and more uniform, increasing the K3 unlock speed to 28.5 percent. In practice, the K3 unlock sensitivity is indeed much higher, and daily use of both unlock and payment is safer and faster.Light sensitive screen fingerprint experience Photo shootingFront To improve the screen ratio, OPPO K3 adopts the light prism lift structure to put the front 16-megapixel AI intelligent beauty camera inside the body, with a centered arrangement to avoid the image distortion caused by the side placement, so that the selfi According to OPPO’s official data, the OPPO K3 employs a light prism lift structure to achieve a lift life standard of more than 200,000 times.

In terms of camera design, OPPO made the front camera transparent, paired with a rounded curve design that highlights the noble texture; the camera is surrounded by a small hidden circle that protrudes even further. OPPO K3 At the same time, OPPO analyzed the user’s portrait aesthetic trends, research and study a large number of samples, based on the previous light effects and filters, redesigned exclusively OPPO portrait mode 2.0, in the continuation of the beauty of the shot, but also can use the front lens to shoot professional portrait blockbuster. The face recognition algorithm has been upgraded once more, and the portrait optimization has been refined, resulting in more realistic and clear portrait works. Front portrait mode 2.0 shooting sample photos

As you can see from the sample comparison above, the OPPO K3 with the new Portrait Mode 2.0 allows the camera to take more focused shots of the subject, with the background image being defocused and more layered, bringing the center point to the user for a more aesthetically pleasing shot. Photo shootingrear OPPO K3 uses a 16MP 2MP AI smart dual camera combination on the rear, and the large aperture bokeh algorithm.

It supports Ultra HD Night Scene 2.0 mode, and several sets of sample pictures taken in Night Scene mode are also very appealing, despite the fact that they are only some very common scenes, but from the sample pictures, we can see that the details in the dark areas can be clearly reflected, and overall it is very good.

For camera protection, the K3’s camera is made of sapphire mirror material, which is hard, so even if you put it directly into your pocket, you won’t have to worry about scratching out traces; and the material is crystal clear, which makes shooting clearer.

OPPO previously revealed through a short video OPPO K3 equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor, using 10nm process, lower energy consumption and less heat; to achieve a number of flagship-level advanced features, so that the Snapdragon 710 both excellent performance and excellent energy control.

Through the AnTuTu score test results, the OPPO K3 scores 157203 points, CPU score reached 61280 points, GPU score is 48915 points, comprehensive current price point models to see the OPPO K3 belongs to the normal level. The single-core score of the OPPO K3 in GeekBench was 1767 points, while the multi-core score was 5606 points. Furthermore, the OPPO K3 comes with up to 8 128GB of LPDDR4x UFS2.1 high-speed memory combination, which makes the game run more smoothly and responsively, greatly improving the gaming experience.AnTuTu score test resultsGeekBench score results

The OPPO K3 runs ColorOS 6, OPPO’s highly customized system based on the Android kernel. ColorOS 6 has been favored by young users who are very demanding in terms of system fluency and design aesthetics since its release in 2013. ColorOS 6’s new generation has improved both the interface and the functions.

ColorOS 6’s interface features a new borderless design with gradient color, and the fonts have been finely debugged and typeset to make the phone’s overall interface look more concise and fine.