Oppo Find X Photo Experience: Youth Like A Painting Years Like A Song Colorful World To Write A Colorful Life

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]Time is passing, and we are maturing. People refer to youth as “the age that can be squandered at will.” We often think about youth: what is youth? It is the season of fire in life; what does youth write? Write a long, long poem; what does youth leave? Leave a regret without regret. We must understand that youth is not a flower, it is not a red apricot and green willow, it is not a rich ivory tower, it is a stage of life, it is the process of life gradually maturing. We build our own youth, we weave our own dreams, we talk with the majestic mountains, we talk with the sacred mother nature of the Yellow River.

Oh, this is our youth, we have no complaints, no regrets, we strive to be the first, to reap the benefits. Youth is like a painting, and the long river of life’s interplay is more vibrant and dynamic.

OPPO Find X shooting samples Life, like a work of art, has its own wonderful meaning in the process of life, no matter how long or short it is. My life may be only for a journey, a landscape, or a love, and this is the beauty of life. The more beautiful things that are recorded, the more beautiful things that should be recorded, the much-anticipated “future flagship” OPPO Find X has been on the market for nearly three months, the original dual-track periscope structure makes Find X screen ratio of 93.8 percent, ultra-high visual impact has attracted the attention of many users.

The dual-track periscope structure of the OPPO Find X

The dual-track periscope structure is responsible for the 93.8 percent screen-to-body ratio of the OPPO Find X. The design incorporates 3D structured light, front and rear cameras, a distance sensor, a light sensor, and an earpiece. When unlocking or taking photos, the structure rises automatically and takes about 0.6 seconds to rise before retracting automatically after use. It is worth noting that the dual-track periscope structure will automatically retract when pushed by external forces while in use.

For example, if the phone is dropped while taking a picture, the structure will retract to avoid damage to the internal device.

OPPO Find X dual-track periscope structure The focus, of course, is the OPPO Find X photo function, with its rear equipped with 16 20 megapixel AI dual camera, AI intelligent scene recognition up to 21 independent scenes and 800 kinds of scene combinations, support 3-HDR 2.0 and RAW HDR and OIS optical stabilization; front camera equipped with 25 million Sony IMX576 sensor, can be based on facial information It can create a 3D model of the user’s face and then use AI technology for intelligent analysis, such as the three-dimensional contour of the face, nose shape, eye depth, chin, cheekbones, and so on, to finally present a more refined beauty effect. Furthermore, it has an f/2.0 aperture, improved control of dark light noise, improved color reproduction, and clearer selfies in low light.

Photographs taken with the OPPO Find X.

Photographs taken with the OPPO Find X.