Oppo Enco Free Ao Pink Is New: Made For Smartphones Ultra-low Latency With A Face And Material

The first commercial 5G cell phone OPPO Reno3 was launched in Hangzhou on December 26th, bringing not only the conclusion of the first year of 5G, but also the ultimate thin and light fashion in design innovation and the comprehensive upgrade of black technology in mobile video shooting. At the launch, there is also a lot of focus on the OPPO Enco Free true wireless Bluetooth headset, which is the first TWS headset released since the establishment of OPPO’s emerging mobile terminal division, carrying the technical crystallization of OPPO audio and video for many years, for smartphones, ultra-low latency has become the main selling point of the new product, a number of innovative technologies to lead the attention. oPPO Enco Free not only inherits OPPO’s pursuit of extreme aesthetics in shape and design, but also deeply fits the smartphone, focusing on solving the user’s immediate needs, and opens up the criticism of the use of headphones and cell phone interoperability scenarios.

At first glance, OPPO Enco Free has a similar feel, with a simple white cardboard packaging design and a product pattern that pops off the page. The following features of the new product are listed on the back of the packaging: Bluetooth ultra-low latency upload, ultra-dynamic speaker, AI call noise reduction, and sliding touch control. The OPPO Enco Free’s charging case is small and delicate, with a square body design, small curvature rounded corners, and sandblasted lacquer finish, and can be easily put into your pocket with one hand.

Simultaneously, the charging case’s built-in 410mAh lithium battery, OPPO true wireless headset once fully charged, can achieve 25 hours of endurance strength, easily meeting a full day of use.

When you open the charging box, you’ll see a small and exquisite OPPO Enco Free true wireless Bluetooth headset, with the headset and storage box using a unified quiet white. OPPO Enco Free is the first factor for users to consider when purchasing headphones, and wearing comfort will become the primary factor of daily use. oPPO Enco Free in the headset wearing comfort and stability up and down a bit of hard work, unique to create different size ear caps to switch between half-ear and shallow ear two wearing mode, soft liquid silicone earcup material in the wear to add comfort, half-ear Easy to breathe, shallow in-ear wear more stable, combined with lightweight headset design, the actual use of the process, as long as the head is not a large high-frequency fierce shaking, the headset will work Of course, for straight men, “Ao Fan” is the obvious choice for Goddess Day.

The first issue with using a true wireless Bluetooth headset is the terminal interconnection. OPPO Enco Free fully considers the user experience, achieving extremely fast pairing use, after the first successful pairing, the subsequent opening of the headset charging box can achieve fast connection, greatly enhancing the subsequent experience. In the first pairing process, the cell phone also provides a detailed setup wizard, easy to get started and convenient to use.

The OPPO Enco Free has a particularly good performance in terms of ultra-low latency, with a minimum latency of 120ms measured in the OPPO laboratory environment while connected to the OPPO Reno3 Pro cell phone. Such excellent results are owed to the OPPO Enco Free’s refusal to carry the industry-leading dual ARM core architecture Bluetooth chip, not only in the use of Bluetooth dual-way transmission mode, but also in the original Bluetooth Reno3 Pro cell phone data delay of at least 120ms. It also includes the original left and right ear information error correction capability, which reduces sound delay even further by reducing the number of Bluetooth retransmissions.

OPPO designed a customized Bluetooth codec for the connection between the phone and the headset, further reducing the time of Bluetooth audio signal transmission delay. Furthermore, OPPO significantly optimized the system to handle game audio latency, reducing it to 1/4 of the original latency.

Software and hardware support is to achieve the best effect of the basic quality, and in the actual experience process, we can truly feel the pleasure of zero latency, audio and video not synchronized, game lag, interference disconnection, platform incompatibility, and other problems in the traditional TWS in here to get a comprehensive experience o

The OPPO Enco Free comes with super dynamic speakers that produce more surging bass and richer details. It also supports Dolby Atmos for OPPO phones, so watching videos can provide even more jaw-dropping audio enjoyment. In the actual experience, OPPO true wireless Bluetooth headset three frequency performance is more balanced, that is, there will be no low frequency distortion nor the lack of high frequency, in the drum dense music can listen to the compact and not dull rhythm, in the pop performance of the human voice and music to achieve effective separation, in the fi Among them, AI algorithm automatically identifies and separates noise and human voice using machine deep learning technology by analyzing the power spectrum of common noise, so that even in a noisy environment, the other party can hear the call clearly and talk easily and comfortably. In actual experience, whether it is a crowded subway or a noisy market, a clear call experience can be achieved, allowing for smooth and easy communication.

The OPPO Enco Free features convenient sliding touch operation, with the left ear defaulting to control volume and the right ear defaulting to control previous/next song; double-tap touch is double-tap touch defaulting to control play/pause. At the same time, OPPO true wireless headphones support wear detection, which means that when you take off any headphones, the music will automatically pause, wear, and then play. OPPO Enco Free, the first TWS headset released after the establishment of the OPPO Emerging Mobile Terminal Division, submitted a satisfactory answer sheet, Bluetooth ultra-low latency from the fundamental solution to the user’s just need, AI call noise reduction, surging listening effect, intelligent sliding touch, fashionable design, and other aspects of the product po The price of 699 yuan gives it a significant advantage over comparable competitors, not to mention the new “Ardent Pink Edition,” which is popular among men and provides unique personality and fashion options. So, if you want a painless true wireless Bluetooth headset, the OPPO Enco Free is an excellent choice.