Oppo Air Glass Experience: In Addition To “light” There Is “pro”

[Bestbuy618 Mobile Channel] In the age of intergration, many smart accessories have emerged, and manufacturers are constantly improving the ecology of their brands and committing to the creation of a digital twin world. Smart glasses, as one of the AR products, can improve human-computer interaction, and they have naturally become a must-have for some strength manufacturers. OPPO showed the public its new generation of smart glasses OPPO Air Glass a while ago, and I had the opportunity to experience, how specific performance, we can take a look.

OPPO Air Glass has two colorways, Silver Wing and Black Mirror, and the one I have is Silver Wing colorway, which gives me a first impression like a white feather. The oPPO Air Glass has a monocular split design, the body follows the curve design style of the OPPO Find X series, the logo and touch area lines are at the same level, and the CNC process makes the overall body smooth and integrated.

The lens part is different from the traditional round or oval lens; the overall shape is more akin to a cicada wing, with gradient screen printing and increased light sensitivity.

The OPPO Air Glass is also very light in the hand. The glasses weigh less than 30g and have a lens thickness of only 1.3mm, making them the lightest monocular waveguide glasses in the industry. The OPPO Air Glass has a magnetic suction design on the back of the body that can be used for charging as well as attaching to a standard eyeglass frame.

This means that users can select regular eyeglass frames and lenses that are precisely suited to their myopic or non-myopic requirements. In addition, a speaker is embedded in the body’s tailpiece, providing a new experience for users to interact with.

I believe the reason for the OPPO Air Glass’s monocular split design is to allow users to apply it to a variety of scenarios. For example, when users need to use OPPO Air Glass, they can take it out and attach it to their glasses to use its various functions; when users do not need to use it, they can take it off at any time and from any location, effectively eliminating time and space constraints. This not only reduces the user’s burden when using smart glasses due to its light weight and volume, but it is also easy to carry, which is unmatched by many smart glasses.

That’s it for the lightness of appearance; now let’s take a look at the actual features. The function of smart glasses is straightforward, in fact, very straightforward, complex, but also complex. “Simple” refers to the fact that it is only a secondary screen used to assist users in displaying information; “complex” refers to the collaboration of a number of functions, which will collide with the extraordinary interactive experience. In terms of configuration, OPPO Air Glass is outfitted with Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 wearable device platform, integrated with self-developed Spark micro-optical machine, Micro LED, and custom light waveguide technology, which not only enhances the features of OPPO Air Glass, but also brings a clearer and brighter display.

Overall, OPPO Air Glass supports four types of interaction: touch, voice, gesture, and head movement control, with functions such as weather, health, schedule, navigation, teleprompter, and others covered.

These functions are essentially presented on the glasses in the form of cards, with the font color being green, which is easy on the eyes. Users can switch cards by touching the mirror body, as well as by activating the voice assistant, gestures, and head movement control. For example, when a message is delivered, the user only needs to gently nod to open the notification message, and then gently tilt the head, the notification can be put away, the entire operation is quite smooth, efficient, and convenient.

The oPPO Air Glass has a built-in Baidu map for navigation; users can set the destination in the phone as they would any other setting, and after wearing the glasses, the glasses will prompt the user for each step of navigation based on its own satellite positioning. After putting on the glasses, the glasses will prompt the user for each step of navigation based on its own satellite positioning, without requiring any other actions.

Furthermore, thanks to a strategic partnership with Baidu Map, OPPO Air Glass not only supports Baidu Map for walking and cycling navigation, but also allows users to explore the surrounding environment information via Baidu Map.

One of the standout features of the OPPO Air Glass is the teleprompter function, which is even more tailored to speakers. Users can simply copy and paste the speech content into the cell phone terminal APP, which can then be projected onto the glasses to present it. Help users in speech, meeting, and other scenarios by allowing them to clearly see the content of the speech, eliminating the need to worry about interrupting the content or referring to an additional teleprompter, and allowing them to speak and present more easily and naturally. Of course, the function can also be customized based on the user’s personal needs to present the content form, such as font size, display position, control mode, and so on.

OPPO Air Glass is a one-of-a-kind piece of eyewear that is closer to people’s daily lives. While most people are aware that AR glasses can be used for games and entertainment, they lack a solid understanding of many of its functions and features. It is deeply embedded in people’s daily lives; in a nutshell, it is more people-friendly.

Overall, OPPO Air Glass provides me with the experience of two words: “light” and “pro.” “Light” refers to the weight and size of the device; “pro” refers to the function of the people, bringing smart glasses closer to people’s lives, which is also a significant step forward for OPPO Air Glass, allowing smart glasses to progress from toys to tools. As Liu Chang, director of OPPO Research Institute, stated: “In the future, smart glasses will become the most important ‘third screen’ in personal life after cell phones and watches.” We are very excited to introduce OPPO Air Glass, a smart glasses that is truly affordable to consumers.”