Oppo Ace2 Test Play Peace Elite An All-around Revolutionary Gaming Experience

[Bestbuy618 cell phone channel]Today, the OPPO Ace2 new product was officially released. During the pre-launch warm-up, the Ace2 to our product positioning is very clear, and the launch confirmed the OPPO Ace2 performance flagship positioning. The OPPO Ace2 features the top Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 mobile platform, as well as the first OPPO’s fastest charging combination – 65W SuperVOOC2.0 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charging 10W wireless reverse charging technology, and a still fast 90Hz gaming screen. Pro League officials, PEL players, and 200 super gamers collaborated to test the Ace2 to create a gaming-grade gaming experience.

Today, after getting the new phone early and experiencing it for a while, we’ll talk about how the OPPO Ace2 performs in the game Peaceful Elite.

First or now look at the performance, is undoubtedly Qualcomm’s most powerful Snapdragon 865 mobile platform, its CPU and GPU cores have a 25% performance improvement over the previous generation, memory also uses the fastest LPDDR 4x and LPDDR5 specifications, LPDDR5 read and write bandwidth increased by 30% over the previous generation, which also means that OPPO Ace2 has super fast loading and reading/writing speed in any game. OPPO Ace2 screen adopts 90Hz high refresh rate screen, which is suitable for the highest 90 fps smooth screen of “Peace Elite”, in order to improve the control and feel, OPPO also equipped with 180Hz touch sampling rate, 180 times per second feedback finger touch screen coordinate information, in actual experience, even if the Ace2 with 90 fps extreme screen, the operat

Screen recording on the OPPO Ace2

Because there is a boundary between the smoothness of the game screen and the touch following degree, if the touch sampling rate is too high, it will cause the screen response to be too fast and unnatural screen jitter. OPPO has compiled 5 different scenarios, 200 players in the internal test played more than 120,000 games to test these 5 levels, and jointly tested with Peace Elite League officials and PEL players to achieve a balance between smoothness, tolerance distance, and filter value. These optimizations were combined in the game and simplified into a “balanced mode” for the best choice of players in the internal test and a “gaming mode” for the PE.

Even with a 4000mAh battery and a 40W wireless charging backplane, the 185g mass is lighter than the 220g 865 flagship phone, and the most obvious benefit is that it doesn’t tire the hands during long gaming sessions, reducing hand burden and muscle fatigue. Furthermore, the “VC uniform thermal plate new thermal buffer material multi-layer graphite” multiple heat dissipation materials added to the body also help the phone to have a comfortable temperature after

In terms of audio and vibration, the OPPO Ace2 uses a Z-axis linear vibration motor, and for shooting class, racing class games for scenes with diverse vibration sense; with support for combined Dolby Atmos stereo dual speakers, bringing a more immersive quality gaming experience, without headphones can also listen to the sound. OPPO Ace2 has optimized a set of game pop-up reminders for QQ, WeChat, SMS, and other popular social software, which can display message reminders on the game page in the form of pop-ups, with the number, speed, and transparency of the pop-ups displayed on the same screen adjustable. It is possible to receive important messages on time while remaining unbothered by opening reminders.

However, the phone’s built-in ColorOS can also provide pre-downloads and pre-updates for game users, so you don’t have to wait until the hack to download the update package. Overall, the OPPO Ace2 has been fully considered for gamers in the game “Peace Elite,” not only has excellent first-tier flagship performance, but in the overall weight control is also better than a large number of flagships on the market, bringing a lightweight and not tired hands long gaming. It charges in 5 minutes and hacks for 1 hour.

For those who enjoy playing handheld games, the OPPO Ace2 is a flagship product worth considering this year.