Oppo Ace2 Comprehensive Review: A Super Play “dan With Hard To Return” 5g High-performance Cell Phone

Remember the “Ace” model Reno Ace launched by OPPO in October last year? With 90Hz high refresh rate gaming screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus, 65W SuperVOOC super flash charging and other black technology directly “out of the circle,” not only let a crowd of super players excited, high-performance characteristics of this ace model after the market has become a “praise harvesting machine Many super gamers are anticipating the release of Ace2 as the 5G era approaches. Following a period of acclimatization, the OPPO Ace2, the first model of the Ace series after independence, was launched online on April 13, Beijing time. In addition to maintaining OPPO’s distinct design aesthetic, Ace2 maintains a focus on high performance.

How did OPPO make the Ace2 more novel and unique in this 5G era? As one of the main highlights of the new machine, OPPO Ace2 continues the fine tradition of the first generation Ace, equipped with 65W SuperVOOC2.0 super flash charging, according to the official data provided by OPPO, the fastest 35 minutes to fill the equivalent of 4000mAh battery capacity OPPO Ace2. The charging speed of the Ace2 is visible to the naked eye in the editor’s actual charging test, with to After the automatic shutdown and start charging, the phone shows “charging complete” in about 38 minutes, and it can be charged up to 40 percent in 10 minutes, such charging speed can allow users living in a fast-paced city to use fragment time to charge their phones.

In terms of battery life, the OPPO Ace2 is also quite impressive. With WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth, and NFC enabled and the volume set to 50% by default, one hour of continuous listening consumed 3% of the power; one hour of watching TV series consumed only 4% of the power; and one hour of eating chicken consumed only 6% of the power, so this kind of battery life is not necessary to worry about the phone running out of power after a day of heavy use. OPPO’s 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charging solves the problem of incompatible convenience and charging speed, which can be completed in an hour and is comparable to wired VOOC 4.0 charging. It is not only faster, but it is also safer; however, it should be noted that 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charging must be purchased separately, and I believe that using wireless charging will be similar to using OPPO’s true wireless headphones – once used, it will be difficult to return.

If a super Ace combination of 65W SuperVOOC Super Flash 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charging isn’t enough, the OPPO Ace2 also supports 10W reverse wireless charging, providing a full-scene, all-round flash charging experience that is no longer limited to phone charging (line)! OPPO has solved the industry’s problem by improving the efficiency of cell phone charging, while also saving more charging time for the majority of consumers. The new 40W AirVOOC wireless flash charging allows everyone to enjoy the convenience of wireless charging while also experiencing the thrill of filling a cell phone with the speed visible to the naked eye.

The OPPO Ace2’s screen is a COP encapsulated 6.55-inch OLED flexible perforated screen with a further touch sampling rate of 180Hz, allowing hand game players to feel a better visual interaction experience during long gaming sessions.

According to OPPO’s official data, the Ace2’s entire screen component is 0.45mm thinner and 12g lighter than its predecessor. Although the data may not appear to be significant, in practice, the weight of 185g stands out when compared to other 5G phones currently on the market, and the curvature of the back fits the palm of the hand to create a “deceptive feel.” The curvature on the back of the hand creates a “deceptive feel,” making the data appear even thinner than it is. Overall, the Ace2 is now very friendly to hand gamers, and will not feel like a dropped hand when held in the hand for extended periods of time. OPPO Ace2 front camera is placed in the upper left corner, under-screen fingerprint to further increase the screen-to-body ratio, and with the increasing maturity of under-screen fingerprint technology, Ace2’s under-screen fingerprint upgraded to the latest generation of lens-free module, recognition speed is faster and more accurate.

The back design, OPPO Ace2 retains the simple design style, the difference is that OPPO Ace2 uses the mainstream “Oreo” rear four cameras, the flash is arranged in the “Oreo” four cameras on the right; gaze further down is OPPO’s familiar logo, the overall appearance of the feeling is “cold with a bit of dominance,” especially in my hands of the moon rock gray color. OPPO Ace2 is equipped with an ultra-clear quad camera imaging system on the rear, 4800W main camera (IMX586, f/1.7 aperture) 800W ultra-wide angle (119°, f/2.2 aperture) portrait custom lens light leak custom lens OPPO Ace2 is equipped with an ultra-clear quad camera imaging system on the rear, 4800W main camera (IMX586, f/1.7 aperture) portrait custom lens light leak custom lens OPPO Ace2 is equipped with an

Among them, the main camera can synthesize 100 million pixels with ultra-clear picture quality, so even if the sample is enlarged, you can still see the details of the subject; an 8 megapixel ultra-wide angle lens provides users with 119 degrees of wide-angle photography while supporting wide-angle anti-distortion, allowing for a larger composition perspective to capture more content; and portrait custom lens and light leakage custom lens can be found in the portrait mode.

OPPO Ace2 is equipped with a 16-megapixel (f/2.4) beauty camera on the front, and supports Super Night View mode, portrait shooting bokeh effect is also more natural; beauty, OPPO Ace2 provides skin, thin face, big eyes, thin nose, chin, small face, make-up and three-dimensional 8 kinds of beauty, users can set according to their preferences, OPPO Ace2 will also learn the user’s beauty habits, taking more natural pictures;

The OPPO Ace2 video shooting is also excellent, with support for shooting 4K 60fps video, like to shoot vlog record life users in the open super video stabilization mode (it should be noted that the OPPO Ace2 does not have a super anti-shake Pro mode) can shoot more stable video shooting screen, if not shooting outdoor extreme sports and other video, super anti-shake mode function can meet the effect of daily video shooting screen stability. oPPO Ace2 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, which improves CPU performance by 25% over the Snapdragon 855 while consuming 25% less energy. The top hardware configuration allows consumers to easily cope with both multitasking and game hacking.

OPPO Ace2 adopts stereo dual speakers instead of earpiece, the volume is larger, with Dolby Atmos technology, so that users have an immersive audio and video experience, especially the “headset party” hand game players, can just accurately identify each other’s position. Not only does the OPPO Ace2 support SA/NSA dual-mode 5G, but it also supports 5G and Wi-Fi6 overlay, allowing the Ace2 to reach Ace network speeds.

The OPPO Ace2’s Game Zone engine can intelligently adjust system resource allocation based on demand, and optimize for special scenarios such as playing games while watching videos and other multi-tasking with heavy load; 12GB 256GB large memory version, LPDDR5 UFS 3.0 high-speed storage combination, more Hyper Boost 3.0 optimizes the game heat, power consumption Fast and other problems, in order to protect the smooth, frame rate stability, and reasonable c When users concentrate on the game, the Breeno game voice secretary can perform automatic screen recording, turn on/off Wi-Fi, adjust the screen brightness and volume, and so on. It can also support SMS/WeChat/QQ message reminders on the game page in the form of pop-ups, so you can not only receive important messages on time, but also won’t be disturbed by opening reminders, so you can play the game back to the message The two do not miss. It is also very important for cell phone heat dissipation ability for hand game players. OPPO Ace2 use VC even heat plate new thermal buffer material multi-layer graphite cover, can quickly export the internal heat, the phone’s thermal buffer material is like a sponge to quickly absorb the heat, and then slowly release, the user will not feel the phone hot hands as we enter the 5G era, not only the phone hardware should be strong, but also the phone system should follow the trend.

More black technologies are included in the new ColorOS 7.1 to fully support OPPO’s new 5G member, the OPPO Ace2. ColorOS 7.1 expands on the lightweight design concept, with lighter and more beautiful icons, page white space, and animated interactions, delivering an unprecedented light visual and easy interaction experience.

ColorOS 7.1 has a flashback key that displays a countdown to return to games, navigation, and other applications at any time, as well as innovative efficacy. Less saturated colors make colors more muted and minimalistic, which can effectively reduce the fatigue of prolonged use; continuously updated Art artist collaboration wallpapers, and a new global dark mode make ColorOS 7.1’s design more aesthetically pleasing and interaction more intuitive. ColorOS 7.1 includes Super Text, which offers document correction, text enhancement, text extraction, and document format conversion services to assist users in efficiently extracting text from images; additionally, ColorOS 7.1 includes call translation, which supports real-time English and Chinese call translation and automatically weakens the original voice and strengthens the translated voice during calls. The call translation feature supports real-time Chinese and English call translation, automatically weakening the original voice and strengthening the translation voice during the call, allowing users to communicate freely between Chinese and English calls.

It is worth noting that ColorOS 7.1 can be connected with OPPO Watch, which means that in addition to the flagship OPPO Find X2 series, users can also choose OPPO Ace2 to connect with OPPO Watch, which can also record the user’s heart rate, step count, and exercise, and can also set “sedentary reminder” and other thoughtful functions. In fact, battery technology has always been a technical problem in terms of smartphone battery life, but these have not become a bottleneck for further industry development, especially in the era of 5G, a faster network and higher power consumption, OPPO Ace2 equipped with 65W SuperVooc2.0 40W wireless charging combination for the majority of consumers to bring extremely fast charging